The Canadian head of the United Steel Workers Union Leo Gerard is correct in his assessment of right wing politics in Canada. The Conservative Party in Canada since the mid 1990's are very much an amalgamation of the US style TEA PARTY and a right wing US style Republican politics, with born again creationist fanatics , even down to refusing to accept science, global warming or the earth is billions of years old. They are racists , underlined by their leader Stephen Harper's recent 'dog whistle' comment about 'old stock Canadians'.

They are gun crazy and as irresponsible as US Republicans and have actually cancelled a multi million Canadian gun registry as soon as they were put in power in 2004, destroying all gun records. They also made it 'easier' to aquire a gun in Canada through legislation they passed.

These Conservatives have been against our Publicly funded health care from it's inception and have opposed it every year for the over half century its been in existence. When in power they put incompetents in positiions of authority in the health care sector, to deliberately undermine the system, and are constantly underfunding it creating bottle necks in service, then the right leaning corporate media almost on cue, publish big exposes on how poorly our health care service is performing, until public backlash forces them to do something and reverse the destruction. They would start the 'beginning of the end' of our public health service if they could get away with it, by continually delisting health services, turning them over to the 'for profit' sector, just like what is presently being done to the Public Health Service in United Kingdom , under Conservative David Cameron.

Like in the US after 150 some odd years , the Conservatives suddenly became 'concerned' that Canadians in droves were illegally voting in Canadian elections and these right wingers have put in place restrictiions making it harder to vote ,further discouraging participation. Plus like in the US these right wingers have been caught cheating on elections , some who have recently been jailed for their efforts. The truth was of course the like in the US , these right wingers know that as voting participation drops, right wing chances of winning go up and conversley go down ,as voting increases as shown by their resounding defeat in this last election in which over 60% of Canadians voted.

As for government run seniors pensions, these conservatives opposed this also from its inception. Just recently defeated Conservative Stephen Harper had raised the retirement age from the traditional 65 to 67 forcing 'tired' Canadians back to work, with suggestions being floated by his government it should be 70, cheating seniors out of thousands dollars of pension income, forcing even grandma's into Walmart as check out girls at 65 ,66 cheating them of their time to rest.

These same conservatives have had an active attack on Canada's 150 year old Public Postal Service, because of course as in the US and UK , these are unionized workers, the arch villian of the right wing envisioned peasant society. Conservatives have tried to reduce and hamstring the postal service, in an effort to make Canada Post uncompetitive, of course with the long term plan of turning our Public Postal Service over to the 'for profit' private sector again, giving away tax payer infrastructure in the process free to their conservative financier friends, Just like the Conservative Party of David Cameron has recently done by privatizing Great Britians 500 year old ROYAL MAIL.

So don't believe a word of anyone telling you these Canadians Conservatives are benign right wingers , democrats dressed in conservative black suits and ties. This is a world wide right wing conspiracy, to dismantle Public Government Services and Institutions and turn everything over to 'for profit enterprise', including tax payer infrastructure for free. The right wing utopia , where everything is run and controlled by corporations , of course owned by their rich powerful friends, a society run by credit cards, where from the time you are born till your death , you are nothing more than a profit mechanism for the corporatists and in their eyes your total worth.


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