This is a part of history that is NEVER taught in school, how a band of black revolutionaries saved the United States from destruction.

France under Napolean had a foothold in the Americas on the island of Haiti. The Haitian revolution began in 1791 , fueled and encouraged in part by the French revolution, that seen the overthrow of the French aristocracy, but mostly driven by the cruelty of the French slavery, the blacks of Haiti rose up and began a bitter bloody hand to hand rebellion against their oppressors. In short order the blacks of Haiti, the slaves had defeated Frances army and hold on their island and the French fled back to France.

This is where the United States becomes involved in the black overthrow of Haiti. As Secretary of State in 1795, Thomas Jefferson, as a slave owner of over 200 humans, fearing that the black uprising of 'freedom' in Haiti might spread to the United States, Jefferson gave $40,000 (a princely sum) and one thousand firearms to colonial French slaveholders in Haiti in an attempt to defeat what turned out to be a successful slave rebellion. As president and slave owner, who used 150 slaves as collateral with a bank to build his mansion at Monticello , Thomas Jefferson supported French plans to retake and resume power in Haiti , Jefferson lent France $300,000. IN 1804 Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States , refused to recognize Haiti as a sovereign republic after its slave military victory, over France. Two years later, he imposed a trade embargo crippling the new free black territory of Haiti, plunging the country into poverty and desperation, crippling any hopes of normalcy and prosperity, for the new liberated Haiti . IN the ironies of ALL ironies, Napoleon's defeat in Haiti at the hands of black slaves , actually saved America. Once a French army had subdued the slave army in Haiti , Napoleon had intended to move his forces to the North American mainland, basing a new French empire in New Orleans and settling the vast territory west of the Mississippi River. Napoleon fought about 60 battles and lost seven, mostly at the end of his reign, during which Napoleon had conquered much of Europe.


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