As of 2 weeks from today Justin Trudeau, the son of Canada's 15th Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau , will officially take the reins of power in Canada as the 23rd Prime Minister and i couldn't be happier.

Prime Minister Trudeau at 43 becomes one of the youngest persons to ever lead Canada

The right wing politics of fear and division have been soundly rejected by the Canadian electorate. Trudeau in his acceptance speech , reminded Canadians that "Conservatives aren't the enemy, they are your neighbors."

The youthful, handsome, intelligent Trudeau for the next 4 years will become the face of Canada and I couldn't be prouder.


Instant-RunOff-... 4 years 14 weeks ago

And the liberals have promised this will be the last election with the idiotic, anti-democratic First-Past-The-Post excuse for an electoral system, which sadly both the USA & Britain share. If the Liberals replace FPTP with Instant Run-Off Voting, the conservatives will have no chance of winning an election for the forseeable future, unless they move to the left big time.

If Canada moves to a preferential ballot, hopefully the Americans and British will realize the tragic error of their nutty electoral systems and follow suit. It's amazing that electoral reform is not a major issue in this US election. Undoubtably due to the corrupt corporate media having a total news blackout of any discussion of that very important subject.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 4 years 14 weeks ago

US corrupt corporate media indeed. Without Canada's CBC, the 'publicly funded' news source, we would be you. We would be continually reading , seeing and hearing the constant tailored propaganda message pumped out daily by corporate media, a corporate media owned entirely by that richest of rich fraction of a percent that own the vast majority of Americas wealth and want you to hear only the news they deem fit for your ears.

It's no wonder in 2015 Americans are divided, polarized and generally uninformed. There is a definite 'black out' of relevant news, its much to dangerous to the status quo. If I were an American , I'd watch RT News before I'd listen to 10 minutes of corporate propaganda dressed up as news.

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