From 1933 till 1969 America allowed only ONE Republican to become President and even that Republican President Dwight D Einsenhower ,by todays right wing standards , would be labeled a left leaning socialist.

During those 36 years from 1933 till 1969 just to name a few, the Democratic party gave Americans, Seniors Pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, the 40 hour work week, Minimum Wage laws, Civil Works Program putting Americans back to work, Unemployment insurance, Federal deposit insurance to protect their money, Federal home loan program, the GI bill, Guaranteed student loans, School Lunch program,the Peace Corps, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, again just to name a few.

While Democtratic Party was enacting all the programs i mentioned above during the 36 years from 1933 to 1969, the Democrats also overseen the America through the Great Depression, (which followed 12 years of Republican Administration, 1921 to 1933). The Democratic party lead America through WW2, and through the greatest growth of the middle class in the history of the world during the 50's and 60's. Finally the Democratic Party was responsible for showing the world the greatness of American ingenuity and technology , by landing men on the moon.

In the 46 years since 1969 we've seen 5 years of Nixon, 3 years of Ford, 8 years of Reagan , 4 years of Bush one, 8 years of Bush two , 28 years of Republicans and America has been socially , morally and financially circling the drain.


Legend 4 years 14 hours ago

After Bush 1 Clinton was elected in 1996. Fox News started in 1996. That also began the 365 day campaigning. I agree the Republican Party from Nixon on has been nothing but bad. Clinton had the only balanced budget. Bush 2 tanked the economy and destroyed our standing in the worlds view.

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