In an earlier post i had mentioned that the so called billionaire 'King of Fracking' Aubrey McClendon had killed himself by running his SUV into a concrete overpass at 80 mph.

As far as i'm concerned death isn't good enough for this manic money grabbing SOB. If there is a hell, i hope the pr*ck burns for an eternity.

For this son of a bitch who offed himself, pissing on his grave wouldn't be good enough.

Thanks to Bush/Cheney and the corporatist crowd, guys like this 'Fracking Cowboy' , with government blessing have been allowed to pump toxic poison into to the ground right next to our ground water,in the form of over a million fracking wells, their asses covered with environmental exemptions granted them by none other than then vice president Dick Cheney. As a result we're eventually going to be forced to buy drinking water as this poison migrates and contaminates all our ground water, rivers lakes and creeks.

What's worse, the poisoned ground water isn't even fit for use on livestock or crops and when that happens, then what . This isn't short term catastrophic environmental damage, but will linger forever. This gold rush of short term stupidity has doomed us all to a toxic stew bubbling up beneath our feet. Hundreds if not thousands of years of sick generations , poisoned by these present day capitalistic sociopaths, these quick buck artists who bribe and lie their way into our society.


Instant-RunOff-... 3 years 24 weeks ago

Notable that the Sierra Club was being secretly financed from by Aubrey McClendon. A disgusted whistleblower in the Sierra Club leaked that they received $25 million from 2007 to 2010 to fund their anti-nuclear and anti-coal campaigns. With another $30 million to follow. This was largely through personal donations of the CEO of Chesapeake Energy, namely Aubrey McClendon. And of course, during that time Sierra Club supported natural gas as "a bridge fuel" while being vehemently opposed to nuclear & coal. With some solar & wind to greenwash the natural gas.

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zapdam 3 years 24 weeks ago

These people under the disguise of businessmen, are actually subversives, economic terrorists.

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