Hindu mythology celebrates the fearsome god Shiva, the purifying destroyer. An embodiment of all wisdom and knowledge, Lord Shiva lays waste to the world in an act of sacred renewal.

Donald Trump is not Shiva . But the destruction he is wrecking on the U.S. political establishment may one day be seen as a purifying moment in American politics.

For years the Republican party and their billionaire backers have seen tactical utility in fomenting public ignorance, unleashing an army of lobbyists and directing elected officials to jam the gears of government.

Republican voters have been so methodically misinformed that they have become a kind of zombie army animated only by wedge issues. This dangerous strategy, funded largely by dark money, assumed that no one beyond party control would gain access to the Republican Star Chamber.

Onto the stage strides Donald Trump, king of the zombies. With his own billions to draw on, he can legitimately ridicule his opponents for being stooges of Republican bagmen.

Regardless of the outcome, a brushfire is burning through the deadfall of American politics, its cleansing flames sparked by someone widely regarded as a racist, braggart and phony.

God forbid that Donald Trump would ever become president. But perhaps the world might one day look back with gratitude on when that awful man ran for the highest office.

(The above copied from one of the finest online independent news sources in the world.)



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