PEOPLE DIED because of the COWARDICE of the ORLANDO Police Department

"Approximately 2 a.m.: Omar Mateen, carrying a handgun and an AR-15–style semi-automatic assault weapon, opens fire at patrons inside the Pulse nightclub, where an estimated 300 people are inside.

An off-duty, uniformed police officer who is working security at the venue 'bravely responds' to the shooting, and a short gun battle—apparently outside the club and possibly involving two other officers—ensues. Mateen then retreats back inside club, effectively creating a hostage situation for those clubgoers still inside.

It wasn't until Approximately 5 a.m.: Police set off two controlled explosions to distract the gunman while they use an armored vehicle to gain entry to the club. (There are conflicting reports as to whether the vehicle smashed down a door or broke through a wall.) Mateen begins shooting at the officers and SWAT members return fire, killing him. According to police, 11 officers in all fire shots at the suspect, and 30 people are ultimately rescued from inside."

While police sat outside for 3 hours , there is no doubt Mateen continued to execute unarmed gay patrons. For those who were shot and critically injured , the 3 hour delay in their rescue , no doubt sealed their fate. Many badly shot up gay patrons who could have been saved if intervention had happened sooner, quite simply bled out and expired. A number of patrons who were finally saved and had managed to hang on for that 3 hours, died in transit to the hospital, time had run out on them also.

If you were one of those shot patrons, watching your life bleed out on the floor as this deranged shooter continually threatened to end you once and for all , if waiting 3 hours was an unreasonable response time by the police knowning this was a mass murder shooter intent on inflicting as much damage as possible as quickly as possible, before he either he was forced shoot himself or was shot by police.

I call cowardice and incompetence on the part of the Orlando Police, and considering the gravity of the pressing time their response time was shameful.

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