JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Now, you talk about Trump Towers, in the new introduction to the book, as basically housing for a rogues’ gallery of felons—


JUAN GONZÁLEZ: —that’s never been really touched upon. Could you expound on that?

WAYNE BARRETT: Well, you know, in the book itself, I added to the list that’s in the book. I have a couple dozen felons who wind up getting apartments in Trump Tower. In fact, one of the remarkable things about Donald is how he has avoided being indicted in the course of his career. One of the tales that I tell there involves a guy named Robert Hopkins, who was then running the biggest illegal gambling operation in the Bronx—and a client of Roy Cohn’s.(Roy Marcus Cohn was an American attorney who became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy's investigations) He’s one of the early buyers, this guy Robert Hopkins, of an apartment in Trump Tower, paid about $2 million for it. And so, at the closing, Ted Teah, who you must remember, Juan—he was the City Planning Commission member from the Bronx appointed by Stanley Friedman, an associate in Roy Cohn’s law firm with Stanley Friedman, and he’s representing this guy Hopkins at the closing. And Hopkins is sitting there, with Trump in the room, mind you, with a briefcase filled with cash.

AMY GOODMAN: This is Donald Trump?

WAYNE BARRETT: Yes, counting the money out, hundreds of thousands of dollars, paying for the apartment in cash. And he (Trump)had partial mortgages, which a guy named Robert Lamagra, a semi-wise guy kind of guy, who gets subsequently prosecuted in the Eastern District of New York—Hopkins was under indictment for murder of another mob guy, which that case wound up going nowhere, but he was convicted in other cases. And that’s just one of the many tenants that were drawn—it was like a magnet for bad guys, Trump Tower.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: "Baby Doc" Duvalier?

WAYNE BARRETT: Yes, "Baby Doc" Duvalier is there. Yes, you’ve got—

AMY GOODMAN: While he was still in office in Haiti, the dictator?

WAYNE BARRETT That’s absolutely right. Yes, he was looking at it as a place to dump some of his (stolen) booty from Haiti. He gets an apartment in there( Trump Towers). And it’s just a long list, an incredibly long list. Joe Weichselbaum, who is an extraordinary side of Donald, he not only has an apartment in Trump Tower, he has one in Trump Plaza. And he’s like a several times convicted felon as a cocaine trafficker, and he flew Donald’s high rollers down to his(Trumps) casinos in Atlantic City. He’s got an apartment there. It’s just a laundry list of bad guys drawn to this—this temple of greed.

AMY GOODMAN: Investigative journalist Wayne Barrett wrote for The Village Voice for 37 years and continues to write as an independent reporter. His 1991 biography of Donald Trump was just republished as an ebook with the title Trump: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Deals, the Downfall, the Reinvention.

Above copied from http://www.democracynow.org/2016/6/30/a_classic_state_capitalist_how_donald

Wikipedia on Baby Doc

Thousands of Haitians were killed or tortured, and hundreds of thousands fled the country during his presidency.

He maintained a notoriously lavish lifestyle (including a state-sponsored US$ 2million wedding in 1980), and made millions from involvement in the drug trade and from selling body parts from dead Haitians ( interesting to find how suddenly they got dead) while poverty among his people remained the most widespread of any country in the Western Hemisphere. ( In the rural areas the average 'yearly income' is $100. or 27 cents a day)

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