America's governments can't really do anything positive or progressive , they're to busy chasing money (bribes) from the corporate moneymen , i think in America these shysters are euphemistically called 'lobbyists', when in reality its nothing short of legalized bribery. The rich establishment who own all the wealth and corporations, use this as a method of controlling government , 'every government'.

Under America's political system of 'pay to play', without the constant influx of establishment money, all these politicians would be sent packing and unemployed to small town America. What's even more sad but hilarious, the establishment wealthy who pay these bribes, get to write off most if not all this money as tax deductions, so ultimately you and i, pay these bribes which undermines and parallelizes our political system, making it disfunctional and ineffective. Don't believe me, just look at the last 8 years of Congress.

Of course there are simple solutions, ban all lobbying, make it a criminal offense to offer money to a politician. Set limits on political finance spending, set tough time limits for electioneering, create and enforce only publicly financed elections. But of course that will never happen , because the rich establishment own all the forms of information that Americans tap into daily and if you think 24/7 Trump is unbearable , try taking the establishment government control away and just watch as the shit hits the fan. America you haven't got a chance, short of a revolution and the overthrow of the rich subversive establishment, it's never going to change.


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zapdam. 2 years 6 weeks ago

I so wish i could access my post without loosing it, because my spelling error correctly spelled 'paralyze' or 'paralysis' is driving me mad.

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TomDorr 2 years 6 weeks ago

I agree that we are in a truly precarious position now in the US. I think that the voters of this country have one chance for change, and that is after this election.

However, f0ir that to happen, the petty divisions between citizens has to be put aside so the polarization can stop.

There is a majority of citizens yhat want change in this country, but there is going to have to be compromise in demands in order for a competitive "populist" party to be developed.

I'm not particularly optimistic, but neither am I so fatalistic that I give up hope.

Lots of people are disgusted at the choices we have, and we realize, I hope, that it is our fault. We have been seduced by corporate media because it is sexy and entertaining. We chose Hannity over (a) Cronkite (predecessor). We have chosen short term bubbles over long term security.

We are still at a point where corporatism and globalism can be lessened and contained, but it won't be easy, and the point of no return is fast approaching.

We have to stop voting for those who promise to give us stuff, and get out of our state of denial. None of us has lived through a true depression or a war that truly threatened our existence. We believe that nothing terrible can occur because it hasn't in our direct memory.

Our corporate seducers will soon turn into our enslavers if we don't stop fighting over the TV remote while the kitchen is on fire.

We need to heed a Cassandra, but we choose instead to emulate a Kardashian..

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Springman 2 years 6 weeks ago

The Republican incumbents in Congress are actually all extremely vulnderable. Their constutuents need to know that they sent people to Congress who repeatedly voted to turn Medicare into a voucher system and most have supported cuts to Social Security benefits. 90% of all voters oppose that.

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citizen1956 2 years 6 weeks ago

Why would it change? The Republican and Democratic Parties love the "arrangement" they are in.Politiciians recieve the money they need to continue their careers and their doners get their leverage.We are in a positive feedback loop of corruption.Election campaigns costs can only be handled by the well financed major parties giving them a monopoly in government.The Two parties then compete for favor with the INVESTOR-CORPORATE CLASS that have the resources and a need for political leverage.Then THEIR representitives in government write the legislation that favors the doners,giving them more resources.SIMPLE

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humanitys team 2 years 6 weeks ago

Power is alway given it is rarely taken. When enough people have had enough of the current system it will change .Change comes when a critical mass of people will no longer tolerate something and chose to do something about it .Folks have relinquished their power to others could be for safety security or even survival .The founders of your country sacrificed themselves for this ....give me freedom or death !

I'am not suggesting that we need a another violent revolution but we do need a revolution but the most gentlest and peaceful one .An Evolution Revolution.

A good start the

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zapdam. 2 years 6 weeks ago

Nationalism the last tool of the despot, is continually used as a weapon against 'inquiring Americans' , those brave enough to question the legitimacy of a very visible sick society.

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zapdam. 2 years 6 weeks ago


"None of us has lived through a true depression or a war that truly threatened our existence. We believe that nothing terrible can occur because it hasn't in our direct memory." ADD to that the biggest problem facing mankind, 'climate change' , we are in a shit storm of trouble just lying below the horizon. Virtually not one candidate except Bernie has mentioned climate change and of course the circus know as the American media has quite successfully deflected the subject from this election cycle.

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