' For 40 years, the horrific activities of "Unit 731" remained one the most closely guarded secrets of World War II. It was not until 1984 that Japan acknowledged what it had long denied - vile experiments on humans conducted by the unit in preparation for germ warfare.

Deliberately infected with plague, anthrax, cholera and other pathogens, an estimated 3,000 of enemy soldiers and civilians were used as guinea pigs. Some of the more horrific experiments included vivisection (against captured American Servicemen) without anesthesia and pressure chambers to see how much a human could take before his eyes popped out.'

Before Japan’s surrender, the site of the experiments was completely destroyed, so that no evidence is left.

Then, the remaining 400 prisoners were shot and employees of the unit had to swear secrecy. The mice kept in the laboratory were then released, which could have cost the lives of 30,000 people, since the mice were infected with the bubonic plague, and they spread the disease.

Japanese Unit 731 were responsible for some of the most horrendous acts of barbarity in the history of mankind ,for for these crimes at the end of the second world war the United States put these monsters on US payrolls to gain what knowledge they had gathered from the butchery and allowed them to walk away scot-free. Many of these war criminals with the aid of the US gained full employment at some of Japans most prestigious universities ,hospitals and industry, their past covered up with the aid of the United States of America."

Shocked that your country do these things in the name of protecting freedom. Well hiring the monsters of Japanese unit 731 wasn't the only deplorable act of America , besides dropping two atomic bombs on civilians, killing over a quarter of a million, children, elders, familes of the Japanese military, the US also hired and protected and eventually aiding the escape and relocation of Nazi war criminals, the same people involved in the murder of 6 million Jews. It was called 'Operation Paperclip'.





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