America if you've ever wondered why the hell a Canadian would be so involved in the affairs of the United States of America, well the same corporate forces that are destroying your country are at work here in Canada trying to destroy our country.

The future of our half century old publicly run health care system is at stake in a major new trial . Private for profit clinics’ have started a constitutional challenge, with the aims to end government ban on extra billing. Extra billing means the doctors want the right to bill extra charges to patients over and above those charges set out by the Canada Heath act, which now under law forbids extra billing . Most of private clinic operating in Canada are based out of the United States, these private clinics contrary to the Canada Health act , were allowed to get footing in our country by the previous right wing conservative government, who have been trying to subvert our public health care system since its inception in 1965. This will the thin edge of the wedge in the destruction of our publicly paid for health system and the ushering in of 'private for profit' US style health system. You can believe me when i tell you no matter what the courts decide any attempts to unravel our single payer public health system, will be met by a Canadian revolution.

Our newly elected youthful liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after lending his ear to the US pipeline corporation Kinder Morgan has been testing the waters of the public stating "I am very interested in the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the Trans Mountain pipeline that is making its way through. I certainly hope that we’re going to be able to get that pipeline approved.” This pipeline is the link to the climate and environmentally damaging tar sands projects in Alberta Canada.

This is the US based company found guilty in the United States of endless crimes. Kinder Morgan has been named in numerous air and water acts of pollution in the US. In 2003, according to dockworkers, company officials bribed a ship captain $1,100 to haul 159 tons of a toxic fertilizer component out to sea and dump it. Nearly five years later, Kinder Morgan finally pled guilty to violating the Ocean Dumping Act and settled withthe US Attorney’s Office, agreeing to pay $240,000.

In another case settled in 2007, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fine Kinder Morgan $613,000 for violations of the US Clean Air Act after regulators discovered that the company had been illegally mixing an industrial solvent—a dangerous hazardous waste described as a “cyclohexane mixture”—into unleaded gasoline and diesel. The company distributed 8 million gallons of to contaminated fuel to the public.

TThe most tragic Kinder Morgan mishap occurred in November 2004 when an eexcavator ruptured a pipeline carrying gasoline in the town of Walnut Creek, CCalifornia. When a welding torch ignited the fuel,the pipeline erupted in an ex explosion, killing five workers.The courts convicted the Kinder Morgan subsiduary that operated the pipeline on six felony counts related to the explosion and ordered the firm to pay $15 million in fines. If you or i even had a drunk driving charge against dating back ten years , neither of us would be able to even enter each others country, but somehow the US corporation can be convicted of 6 felony deaths, serious toxic chemical dumping violations and virtually hundreds of more environmental violations and because the are a corporation skirt our laws and set up business here in Canada.


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TomDorr 3 years 20 weeks ago

Zapdam: I'm not very familiar with the details of the Canadian Health Care system. However, I do believe that supplemental insurance policies are now common in Canada to fill in the gaps of what the single-payer plan does not cover.

If a private, for-profit clinic system wishes to charge a premium for services to the patient, and not the Canadian taxpayer, wouldn't they have to provide something worthy of this extra money from the patient? Like more convenience, less wait times, more modern equipment, specialties not properly provided otherwise by the Canadian plan?

Wouldn't it be the choice of the patient whether or not to get the "free" care or pay a supplement, or even specific "clinic insurance?".

Our Medicare allows supplemental policies, and they are very popular. They fill in gaps, reduce prescription costs, and enhance convenience.

What would be the harm of allowing the same voluntary options for Canadians and their families? It wouldn't cost the national system more, as my limited understanding predicts.

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zapdam. 3 years 20 weeks ago

Tom Dorr

"The evidence from Ontario's experiments with taxpayer-funded, for-profit ... clinics shows there are significant dangers," states the report by the Ontario Health Coalition, which opposes privatization of health services.

"These include worsening of staff shortages in the public system, higher costs, loss of rural and small-town services and loss of public accountability."

This is the same that happening in the United Kingdom under the present conservative government. Brick by brick these right wingers have been destroying the UK's publicly run National Health Service by delisting services and turning those services over to a new 'for profit system' . This is a world wide right wing subversive strategy .

According to the report:

A for-profit cancer treatment centre at Sunnybrook had received

$4 million in public money to open

in 2001 and was paid $500 more per procedure than other cancer treatment centres. It was closed in 2003.

Seven for-profit MRI/CT clinics opened under the last Conservative government, offering higher wages that lured technicians from hospitals, which then had to cut services.

Diagnosticare X-Ray facilities, which received provincial and municipal grants and fees paid by taxpayers, closed their doors in smaller towns citing insufficient profit, leaving residents without services."

The health coalition worries that voters, who may like the sound of Tory's promise to speed up surgeries, won't think about the details.

"It's completely manipulative to say that for-profit ownership has anything to do with wait times," Mehra said. "These for-profit clinics feed two-tier health care and it's inaccurate for John Tory to say, `look, you pay with your OHIP card so the system won't change.'"

Tom Dorr you must understand that these right wingers opposed single payer publicly run health from its inception in 1965 and ever sice have been doing their best to subvert the system and replace it with 'private for profit' system that lines the pockets of their financial backers, without an once of regard for the welfare of the citizens. Does it sound familiar to you as an American.

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TomDorr 3 years 20 weeks ago

If a private clinic came in and did not take government money, but still charged patients for service, and also sold its own supplemental insurance, would you still object?

I know, as someone with good insurance, I like the options afforded.

If these clinics use no taxpayer money (a big if), and provide more choice, couldn't this reduce delays for treatment and provi de specialist options?

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zapdam. 3 years 20 weeks ago


What this will amount to is bait and switch by these private clinics, which has already been tried. At first they come in with well financed glossy offices, promise the world and at first do a good job at money losses, then once they have entrenched themselves , then the for profit money mechanism kicks in and health care for all Canadians starts to suffer. Because any system based on profit cares only about the bottom line, not the people they are supposedly serving. Life and death aren't an optional purchase.

Legend 3 years 19 weeks ago

Medicare in the USA requires that you pay $121 per month for the Mdeicare and 20% of a bill that is at least 5 times higher than it should be. That means that you basically are paying 100% if it was priced properly. And they do that to us with a smile. Thus you need supplemental from private for profit companies at great expense. I signed up for a Kaiser Permanente Advantage Plan that at least makes a little more sense. Everyone that votes Republican votes to screw themselves.

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zapdam. 3 years 19 weeks ago


This is the same right cult of conservatism that is trying to destroy Canada's half century old single payer government run health care. Canadians in a fit of madness allowed the right wing to run our country for 5 years as a minority government, meaning in Canada's Parliament our seat of government , the other two opposition parties had the votes and power to topple this conservative government. What was happening behind the scenes though was a direct attempt by these right wingers to subliminally subvert our health system, a system they have opposed from day one of inception and have every year of the 51 years tried their best to undermine the system.

America and Canada aren't the only countries under an attack by these right wing subversives. In the United Kindom, the elected conservative government that runs the country has been deliberately underfunding the UK's 70 year old government run health care system, additionally they have been delisting services that were once part of the health care service and forcing the British to go find for profit insurance plans to supplement these delisted services. The result of course has been an explosion of new for profit private companies, who are at odds and now directly competing with the government system, which is slowly being starved to death by right wing policies.

You're correct anyone that votes right wing conservative is a pin head self destructive f^<king moron.

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