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zapdam. 3 years 17 weeks ago

IN another cop shooting of a black man, Ricky Ball a passenger in a car pulled over by police was shot dead . "Ball was a passenger in a vehicle on Oct. 16 which was pulled over by the three cops for “careless driving, no light above the license plate and lack of insurance.” Ball fled the scene but was chased down and shot, and then collapsed about a block and a half away from the traffic stop. He died at the hospital from blood loss.

Canyon Boykin, the officer believed to be the shooter, stated in his report that Ricky pointed a gun at the officers. A CPD press release did not include that statement, only saying that “Officers attempted to arrest Ball which resulted in gunfire.”

The three cops involved—Canyon Boykin, Johnny Branch and Yolanda Young—violated department policy by not turning on their body cameras prior to engaging Ball. They also had an “unauthorized civilian” riding with them in the patrol car."

“Eyewitnesses have made it known in the community that a CPD officer was seen dropping the gun beside Ricky’s body after they pulled him from underneath an eyewitness’ home.”

According to our source, the officer who owned the gun was off-duty the night of Ricky’s death but was first on the scene after the shooting. It was also said that cops pointed their guns at witnesses and told them to go inside."

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TomDorr 3 years 17 weeks ago

Zap: I saw the Brown video. I don't know who is narrating this but it appears to me that the item "flicked" could have been from the officer on his knees ove Brown. It was reported a gun and a holster was found at the scene. This could have been the holster being flicked from the body, and not a "planted" gun. But i don't know. Better forensic evidence is needed. It is interesting to note, however, that no one from Brown's "camp", lawyers or family members, has stated Brown did not own or possess a gun. (Which would have been illegal as he was a convicted felon).This will come out, but for now, it is too early to draw conclusions.

Also, the October 2015 casedoes not explain why, as merely a passenger in the car that was pulled over, Ricky Ball chose to run from the police. This could very well be a case that was initiated by Mr. Ball running. Why did he run? The web site did not say why.

Although both cases need to be thoroughly investigated, it is too early to draw conclusions. Yet.

ronsears 3 years 17 weeks ago

Let's start with three facts.

First what's shown "flicked down" in the attached video looks like a black crime sceen glove. It flops around changing its shape on the way down and collapses into a heap exactly where it hits the ground. A gun would have maintained its shape and bounced a bit when it hit the ground. Also, no one in their right mind throws a loaded gun down on a hard surface.

Second, look as the inside edge of the red shirted cop's left foot. That black blob at the inside edge of his shoe is the reported gun. We know this because...

Third, that same gun is shown in another video being kicked away from Mr Scott's feet by that same policemen in the red shirt into the position just next to his foot in this video. The explanation offered is that it is proper procedure to get a gun out of reach of a potential shooter (even one clearly bleeding out) and then control it, hence the red shirted policeman standing with it under foot.

The important video is the one of Mr Scott just before he was shot by police. Whether he had a gun in his hand or not, the partial video provided by the police so far shows his hands clearly at his side and him backing away from the police. In that picture, it appears he is holding a gun in his left hand. What is most important here is the editing out of the actual shooting and exactly where Mr Scott's hands were at that time. It would seem the police don't want anyone to see the actual event yet.

The cold reality is with that many guns pointed at Mr Scott, plus the mistaken belief he was the dangerous criminal they had been sent to arrest, plus their shoot to kill training, plus a large black man with a gun standing in front of them (common prejudice), it was inevitable one policemen or another was going to let his fear get the best of him, twitch a bit, and fire. Few of us would agree that pointing an unfired gun at the ground is justification for being killed, regardless of what is now standard accepted police practice, and that is what I am guessing the complete video will eventually show, and that is why it has not been released.

The obvious likelihood here is the police made a mistake from the start. Mr Scott was not the dangerous person they were looking for and they mistakenly used excessive force on an innocent and mentally confused man. But Mr Scott did not help. He was not cooperating with the police and video shows he seems to be holding a gun in his left hand.

Current shoot to kill police policy regarding suspects holding a gun legally only works if a policeman's suspicion is justified in the first place. The real cover-up here will be the claim, without any possible contradictory evidence, that the plain clothes policemen saw a gun and a bag of pot in Mr Scott's car. Based on their irrefutable claims, their escalation will be judged legal and they will never be charged. Whether they had the right to shoot Mr Scott for holding a gun pointed at the ground will never even be discussed.

Shoot to kill events for suspects with guns is just normal police policy. Perhaps that policy is where we need to begin?

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zapdam. 3 years 17 weeks ago

Well lets start with the facts. The initial crime scene photo's and video's of Keith Lamont Scott downed prone body showed NO gun near the body, but somehow in later photo's a gun somehow miraculously appears near the feet of Scott's dead body. Could it be that a dead Mr Scott somehow incriminated himself?

Look very carefully at the crime scene video of Mrs Scott , there is NO gun to the right of the dead body of Keith Lamont, but in later police pictures a gun appears.

In the first video at approx 22 -26 seconds as the cop cam views the dead body of Scott, there is NO weapon on the ground. In fact freeze frame the video at frame 23 and you'll see no gun on the ground.

Even the person presenting this video misses the combined views of the video and that there was no gun in the first video as the cop rounds the corner and comes on the scene.

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