In three of these photo's there is no gun. The 4th photo the gun appears with a cop standing over it. During all these photo's Keith Lamont Scott lay dead.


Where's the GUN
Where's the GUN
Where's the GUN
Where's the GUN


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TomDorr 2 years 1 week ago

Wait for the complete forensic evidence. Hopefully, the DOJ will get involved. It is interesting to know that his family did not claim he didn't own or possess a gun, even though as a convicted felon having one would be illegal. The videos taken seem to be adequate to determine forensically, if he had a gun, when they are analyzed. I'll hold judgement until then.

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TomDorr 2 years 1 week ago

Zap: By forensic results, I mean the US Justice department analysis of the videos, and DNA on the gun.

Having one's car break down is no justification for grabbing a gun (if that is the case). He originally was not pulled over, the officer was just checking out a disabled car.

While it may be true that 1 in 31 Americans are involved with the penal system, the majurity of thoseare not felons. While the "if it bleeds, it leads", entertainment and controversy driven media portray the US as a violent place that hunts down minorities, that is not the case. The vast majority of the violence in this country occurs in relatively small pockets of very high crime areas. And the vast, vast majority of blacks killed in this country are killed by other blacks or in gang wars over "turf".

I live 15 miles outside Philadelphia, having worked in the area for 40 years. Almost all of the violent crime in the region is isolated in pockets of neighborhoods where disorder and chaos prevail. The rest of the region is extremely safe, but the news media focuses on the few lawless areas where young kids get caught in the crossfire of criminals, where schools are so violent the school buses have to have "matrons" in them to keep the students from beating each other, and where single parent families are in the vast majority.

Felons are no where near the majority of persons in the US. Most importantly, they have no business having guns, and they know it.

This guy was a convicted felon who spent a long time in jail, and not for jaywalking.

Rational human beings deal with a car breaking down without threatening police; irrational ones can be very dangerous, and thus cannot always be dealt with by "please" and thank you.

Convicted felons of any color with guns are dangerous and most probably don't have them for their collector value.

The days of slavery and Jim Crow are over. Blacks in married family relationships that don't commit crimes. like all Americans, thrive along with their children.

I've worked for 40 years with extremely respo

nsible, family-first co-workers of all races and backgrounds to the extent that I have no time for those who say the race was "rigged" after shooting themselves in the foot.

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zapdam. 2 years 1 week ago

Trigger happy?

" In short – very rare. Police officers in England and Wales opened fire just five times for the year 2011/12. Out of these incidents, two people were killed.

In the four years to 2012, armed officers officers opened fire 18 times - nine fatally. No-one was shot dead by police in 2012/13."

Germany with 800,000 blacks in the population, there were a total of 7 fatal police shootings in 2014 , blacks were a very small minority of those 7 killed.

There are 2 million blacks in England and Wales,800,000 in Germany , so the US stereo type that its the black culture of crime and violence, that likely deserved to be gunned down by police ,doesn't hold water.

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zapdam. 2 years 1 week ago

Thanks for the heads up TomDorr, thought i had written an interesting piece on the shooting of a blackman, but it turned out to be fiction. So many shootings of black men in America I can't keep track. You are now hired (without pay lol) to be my official editor, proof reader.

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