LongBeachUnplugged asked the question " What kills us? Tell me again why 57% of our federal budget is geared toward military spending."

7000 nukes ,300 million guns in civilian hands ,hows the chance of an invasion? This is over 50 cents of every tax dollars going to corporate welfare and this is why your roads, airports, bridges, infrastructure is third world quality and why you have a poverty seniors pension system, no single payer health care for all, no free university ,no social safety nets for your society. And this is why young Americans are forced through some misguided patriotism to die half way around the world, not protecting America, but being policemen for US corporations, protecting US corporate interests. Corporations that are owned by a small fraction of a percent of establishment wealthy.

Your government and judiciary infiltrated by paid corporatist moles ,has for 70 years used fear and terror as a lever to justify the transfer of massive amounts of public wealth to corporate America. Now these corporations awash with your money have become powerful and political and are step by step methodically using the strength of their new wealth to undermine your country in the name of doing business. These are Americas real enemy , not Russia , China for these sovereign nations know that they could never overrun your country without devastating personal loss to their respective countries, a decision that would be suicidal. These mammoth corporations are not the mom and pop businesses that these corporatists use to deflect all criticism of their amassed power.

Americas true enemy lays within. Your co-opted government allows these business giants to use the very air you breathe as sewers , allows these corporations to pollute ground you walk on and water you drink with impunity, allows them steal , kill without penalty and place all of us under 24/7 surveillance stealing our privacy. Now we are told that these very businesses are pushing the world to the brink of ecological collapse and these bought and paid for corporate government stooges look the other way and twiddle their thumbs, while our precious planet continues to overheat and burn. I wonder if any of these corporate CEO's have every wondered or cared to wonder what all their wealth will be worth on a dead or dying planet.


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TomDorr 2 years 41 weeks ago

Corporatists don't care about anyone but themselves. If you've sold your soul to the devil, you believe philanthropy and conscience are futile.

Environmentally, they either don't care about their children and grandchildren as much as their corporate Gods and masters, otr they actually believe their wealth will provide their families protection from environmental disaster.

Breaking the cycle won't be easy, until average people in large numbers decide to use political (voter) and economic power to force change. As long as people buy at Walmart and vote for the status quo, things won't change.

My optimism shrinks daily, especially after watching the first Presidential "debate". I wouldn't trust my dog to either one of them, let alone this nation.

As an attempt to show how multi-cultural I am, I will speak to you in Canadian. " Some world we live in, eh?"

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zapdam. 2 years 41 weeks ago

TomDorr quote 'As an attempt to show how multi-cultural I am, I will speak to you in Canadian'. " Some world we live in, eh?"

Tom Canada is officially bilingual French and English , so to be a true Canadian officially you'd have to say that in both languages, " Some world we live in, eh?" ,'Certains monde où nous vivons, hein'

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