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For Donald Trump the power of his brand 'his name' and all that encompasses, was the his source of his so called 10 billion dollar empire. Prior to these elections and its revelations people idolized Donald Trump as a saavy astute successful business man. Donald Trump was to them the epitome of the American success story, a handsome irreproachable citizen, with the drop dead gorgeous wife, jet set life and palatial homes. But that was before Trump the egomaniac forced the spot light on himself.

Now Donald Trump is known as a six time bankrupt , a huckster, a fraud, who has for most of his life gamed the system, cheating not only his own government and his country, but small businesses who trusted the worth of his name. People now associate the name of Donald Trump with that of a serial sexual predator. Donald Trump the American poster boy for all that's wrong with the rich and powerful in American society. Trump will be remembered for his 3 am tweets, his poor limited vocabulary his dumbed down rants. Donald Trump will become the reason why many Americans think they need to re examine their one sided sociopathic capitalist system.

So what awaits Donald Trump after he loses this election. There is the small problem of a charge of rape of a 13 year old, a sworn affidavit of a witness to back it up, due to resume in court this December. With the damning video now seen by most of the world his bragging because he's so rich and famous, he can do whatever he wants, even "grab them by the pussy", the mutiple victims of his sexual assaults, who have now stepped forward, will be no doubt lawyering up. His 'brand' the source of his financial worth has been virtually destroyed. Lenders who one time banked its confidence now realize it no longer exists. Hotels barring his name are losing customers and business hand over fist. His creditors who have lent him plenty, may now be taking a hard 'second look' as a possible liability, probably fully aware that women half the US population, who control the purse strings will not be buying anything associated with name Trump. His TV reality show will no doubt drop Trump like a hot potato. He'll be shunned in most New York polite civilized society . He'll be now viewed as an outed aging sexual predator, anti women, hard core racist.

Trump will been seen as a man so full of himself his ego consumed him, the man who preached intolerance, racism and violence. In the end it'll be Trump Destroyed.

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

Thom plus logo The one thing that scares Donald Trump more than anything else is impeachment. Impeachment will lay bare all of his crimes, including his crimes before he came into the White House.