This is my abreviated 'take' on recent US elections as i replied to blogger TomDorr.

TomDorr I agree Hillary was the wrong choice by the left wing electorate and it wasn't because of those bloody emails. She and Bill just had to many questions hanging over their heads as a couple and i know the lefties will tell us that Bill wasn't running for the presidency she was, but the fact remains they as a family had accumulated a lot of baggage.

The real problem with Hillary was Hillary, she showed very bad judgement in advocating destroying Libya and the brutal murder of Gaddafi. She was vengeful towards both Snowdwen and Assange, both who were risking their lives and freedom to warn the world of an America that was becoming daily more sinister. She was no doubt a hard line warmonger, that certainly is why Russia may have so dead set against her being elected, it was in the own self defense. The continued smoozing with Wall Street and the banksters and topping it off by offering them the ability to carry on if she was elected , if you were to read between the lines. Looking back i find it quite amazing she managed 25% of the electorate and out did Drumpf by 2 million votes.

Having said all that Donald Drumpf is absolutely the most despicable character to every be elected president and that's saying something considering the rogues gallery of racists , crooks and mass murderers that have lived in your White House. Truth is Drumpf received less votes than Hillary and barely 25% of the electorate, hardly a triumpth of democracy and certainly not a mandate to carry out some of the most radical decisions and programs in Americas history.


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zapdam 2 years 43 weeks ago

Like many Americans, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) was not happy with the two major parties’ presidential nominees.

But instead of moaning about it or abstaining from the political process, the former supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid is introducing the None of the Above Act. The bill would allow voters to choose “none of the above” on a presidential ballot if they do not like the other choices.

If more voters chose “none of the above” than any of the individual candidates, there would automatically be a do-over in which the parties present new nominees.

“We make them do it over until they get it right and give us candidates who we want to vote for, someone who we feel would actually do a good job in leadership and make the country a better place,” Grayson said in a speech about the bill on the House floor on Wednesday.


Legend 2 years 43 weeks ago

Hilary won the popular vote thus proving that we are not a Democracy. Second time in 16 years.

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Dianereynolds 2 years 43 weeks ago
Quote Legend:

Hilary won the popular vote thus proving that we are not a Democracy. Second time in 16 years.

You are correct. We are a Republic.

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TomDorr 2 years 43 weeks ago

Hillary and Trump were both very flawed. Each provoked a visceral sction against them, but neither party would back off and replace them.

It became a game of chicken where one side had to win, and one lose.

The problem with the Dems was they would not sacrifice their support for illegals and the fringe elements of society to represent the mainstream middle class.

The reason the "winner" did so with less than 25% of the eligible vote is the fact that voters were turned off by their choices.

The reason Trump won is because he got the majority of the electoral votes. These are the rules. If there is a movement to change the rules, and it is successful, then maybe popular vote will decide. There are strong arguments for either case.

If nothing else, this shows that the Hispanic vote does not need to be feared by those who want significant immigration enforcement that frees up jobs for Americans without having to "negotiate" some type of amnesty with the i"llegal" sympathizers.

Also, we can finally put the stakes in the heart of Hillary's presidential ambitions, and have her ride off into the sunset with Bill. (A fitting punishment for them both.)

The next four years will be an exciting ride, with great promise and great peril.

But yhe U.S. has survived much worse crises.

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Robindell 2 years 41 weeks ago

Yes, if there is a "silver lining," it is that a Clinton will not be involved in running for office. The problem with the Democrats is that they are in the minority not only in Congress but in the statehouses. A younger, unknown candidate could always emerge early on in the election season, but the Democrats do not have any truly chrismatic leaders who could appeal to both progressives as well as to more moderate voters. If candidates turn down financing from corporations and from wealthy people, how can they afford to get their message out, buy advertising time on T.V., travel around a district or state or nationwide? Bernie Sanders was featured on Democracy Now! and said that Democratic candidates and office-holders will not have time to meet with small groups of contributors, because they are going to have to start talking to working class people who were not given their due in this 2016 election by Democratic candidates.

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zapdam 2 years 41 weeks ago

I have doubt in my mind , if Bernie Sanders hadn't been ignored for half of the primary election cycle, by the 6 main media outlets that control 90% of all information Americans receive each day and if his own party through Debbie Wasserman hadn't conducted a conspiracy to undermine his election, that Bernie Sanders would have been our next President.

i'd even suggest Wasserman should be investigated to see if she had received bribes, either from the Hillary camp or even the south Florida republican party. Instead of being shunned by the democratic party for brazen interference in the electoral system , Debbie Wasserman was hired, rewarded by the Hillary people.

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