"Three years later, the New York Times made him the subject of a gushing profile that sexed up the 30-year-old developer—"he looks ever so much like Robert Redford"—and parroted his claim that he was worth "more than $200 million."

"Donald was thirty-four years old and very brash, just beginning to make copy and loving it. He was already fodder for the dailies and the weeklies, but he was desperate for national attention. “Did you see that The New York Times said I looked like Robert Redford?” he asked me."

" Not all of Trump's disbursements were to other charities. Sometimes, he buys gifts for himself, like a 6' tall portrait of Donald J Trump ($20,000). Other times, he makes illegal political contributions, like the $25,000 he gave to "a campaign group affiliated with Florida Attorney General Pamela Bondi (R)," for which he was fined by the IRS.

Trump’s foundation appears to have repeatedly broken IRS rules, which require nonprofit groups to file accurate paperwork. In five cases, the Trump Foundation told the IRS that it had given a gift to a charity whose leaders told The Post that they had never received it. In two other cases, companies listed as donors to the Trump Foundation told The Post that those listings were incorrect..."





He's so VAIN he PROBABLY thinks this SONG is ABOUT HIM


Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 2 years 34 weeks ago

And your point is?

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 34 weeks ago

DianeReynolds obviously you missed the point, it just flew over that pointed foil covered head of yours and since you are such a blind indoctrinated right wing zealot, i could spend the rest of this month trying to pablum feed you reality to no avail.

TomDorr's picture
TomDorr 2 years 34 weeks ago

Trump is incredibly vain and narcissistic. The fact that he got elected should give pause to both parties. How did this happen?

There is also promise, too. A vain person's weakness is his ego, and his desire to be liked and admired. The House and Senate can play on these traits to get legislation that will help middle, mainstream America, if that is what they choose.

Trump is not a Rasputin-like figure than can use his l genius to get what he wants. He is also not evil, like Vlad the Impaler, who can cow his enemies into submission.

Unlike other Presidents, he seems malleable, as he didn't come in with a realistic agenda.

It will be interesting to see how he governs, and what can be accomplished under his presidency.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 2 years 34 weeks ago

I'd like to think that Trump will somehow surprise us all and become a caring benevolent right wing ruler, but so far there's no evidence of any chance of that, so far it's looking quite the opposite. He's stocked his 'administration' with hard right extremists , prinkled with some very unstable to crazy people like Micheal Flynn as National Security Advisor.

Truth is if he does his full 8 years ,if he lives to survive it, at 78_79 overweight with high blood pressure and the wear and tear of the position, he'll most likely finish up ,clean out his desk and drop dead . Trumps really kind of screwed the end of his life, because before his giant ego compelled him as a lark to seek out the presidency , his life was opulent to say the least and now he's trading that for life in a glass pressure cooker and slumming it in the White House. Again bets are that if he survives 8 years in office , in short order he'll most likely just drop dead. At least that's what the actuarials are telling us.

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