Obviously most of us agree that corporate mainstream media dances to the tune and the whims of the rich and privileged, so they are NOT a source of balanced information.

If you want to hear the rest of the story when it comes to the news or what's happening around you, you have to become more creative and supportive, unless you like turning on your radio's and hearing 1000 plus right wing radio programs coast to coast. These sources need your financial support inorder to survive. You can buy podcast memberships from left wing sources like













Put up or shut up. These above suggestions are the ones i like, but there are many many more that need your financial sponsorship either in the form of a yearly podcast purchase or a yearly donation. Without your financial help these news sources cannot survive. So it's up to you , put up or shut up.


DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 34 weeks ago

Trump said he wasn't sorry for anything he said, why? Because he won. This is not the first time the End justified the Means...

Since the most impoverished and lowest IQ group is Rural Caucasians. Maybe its just Cosmic Justice that they will reap what they sew with Trump. I've always noticed Progressives protest better with a GOPer to protest. That is the gist of it all. Caucasians are paranoid of color and believe maybe rightfully. That those they have enslaved for 500 years may want to seek vengeance. So as the numbers rise the paranoids dig in. Everything is about keeping the status quo Good ole Boy Network. Cages to killing.

It also shows the lack of integrity and cowardice of the republican party leaders and stupidity of the gop voters. As gullible as side liners voting 3rd party or the inept staying at home pouting. Ralph Reed nailed it when he admitted Christian voters don't vote for candidates, they vote party line. The Germans could have said the same thing after Hitler was elected. I just call them Hypocrites. I don't think many know the definition because they don't seem to be offended by it.

Media bias is nothing new to reformists trying to give the people a plant alternative to the fossil fools, pharmaceuticals, booze, dead trees and chemical cotton. It continues and the DNC continues to be cowards and even side with these GOPers plunging American lives into the dirt while they profit on prohibition. To me, both party's can be known from this day forth as Dumb and Dumber. With the DNC having the later title due to trying so hard to be GOPervert Lites.

Why Do Democrats Defend Nixon's Drug War?

"Another weapon I discovered early was the power of the printed word to sway souls to me. The newspaper was soon my gun, my flag- a thing with a soul that could mirror my own."
-- Adolf Hitler

Alphabet Channel Alternatives

The Corporate Muzzle

90% of American Media Controlled by 6 Corporations

Corporations That Own Our Media

The Myth of "Liberal Bias" in the Media

The inbedwith dis-infotainment: Gaza to Iraq

Trolls of Fascism


RT, Abby Martin Breaking the Set Crisis of Civilization
Abby Martin Breaks the Set with Dennis Kucinich

TomDorr's picture
TomDorr 2 years 34 weeks ago

I subscribe to Sirius/XM. This gives me two progressive stations and 3 "moderate" ones, as well as two conservative and many news stations. You don't need a car to get Sirius/XM.

Subscription gets talk, music, news, comedy, traddic, etc.

Oceanbreeze1 2 years 34 weeks ago

I reiterate, until the Democrats adequately and continually fund their own TV network and radio empire to, again, counter the duplicitous, cancerous agenda of the “1%” ( to the absolute detriment and shock of the “99%”), then the Democratic – or more fittingly, the “Progressive” – agenda will NEVER, effectively reach the 99 %, to a consequential extent. I repeat – such an endeavor would not be “rocket science”, and to continue to let the GOP “own” the airwaves, un-contested- for another 20 years, is not only insane and utterly irresponsible, but also a recipe for “party/political” suicide.

Indeed, most of those who “are” politically astute out there are keenly aware as to how dark and Orwellian the GOP (and their diabolical penchant for an all-out “Corporatocracy”) can make the “human experience”, in what’s left of this fading “democracy”. Remember, in 1933, a sizable portion of the Germans thought Hitler and his extremely heavy-handed, and self-glorifying approach was “the answer” to years of “establishment” rule. Well, I think it would be fair to say that such a choice didn’t work out too well for Germany, now did it?

To be sure, and as “zapdam” succinctly put it, it’s truly time for America’s Democratic “Progressives” to either “put up or shut up”, as the remaining number of “chances”/elections, etc. that we actually have, to effectively counter and stem the evil, divisive tide and agenda of the Oligarchs and Corporatists, before they permanently entrench themselves via their trade mark “dirty tricks”, outright deceit, and even amending or re-writing the US Constitution (it's not a joke, people!), are “dwindling and fading fast – especially due to the intoxicating and powerful effect of “mammon” in today's, un-principled political realm.

Just think - wouldn’t it be nice if, maybe, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, mark Cuban (or some combination or consortium of Democratic-friendly billionaires) could, sooner than later, come together and commit to jointly, and perpetually, funding and/or financially-fortifying, as well as intelligently “re-vamping”/marketing an existing network such as “FSTV”, to the extent that it could, for once, truly and legitimately rival FOX News- at least as far as the television medium is concerned? Hey, starting such a critical, political endeavor “twenty years too late”, is far better than not starting one at all. Right?

P.S. As to “DdC’s” cogent commentary – you are also “spot on”. Well said!

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 2 years 34 weeks ago

I think we all agree, minus TmDorr of course. ,that until we find an effective media counter weight to the one sided corporate charade of impartiality, nothing in America will ever change. You can bet the rich fraction of one percent that own all the money are counting on perpetual gridlock, making government ineffectual.

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