Americas 'silent majority' have risen from the hinterland of America and what they have shown us all is they are mostly white, they lack analytical intelligence, are irrational, are devoid of morality and are severely racist. They would sooner put their lives and their country in the hands of white right wing fascists and bring on the darkness tyranny, than try to live in harmony with the new emerging brown and black skinned rising majority.


tada 1 year 50 weeks ago

I understand why you came to your conclusion, but I believe you are mistaken.

I believe that most Trump supporters have been victims of right wing propaganda.

Google Obama's Swamp of Crazy speech to hear Obama affirm my analyses. In this speech, Obama humorously points out that if he listened to Fox News, he wouldn't vote for himself.

The right wing propagandists make people afraid and/or angry. People who are afraid and angry lose their ability to think analytically. They repeat lies and half-truths over and over. It's a scientific fact that this propaganda technique works. A big lie repeated over and over results in many people believing the lie. It's how our brain works. There is also a lot of faux news stories on the internet that many people believe to be true.

A good book that documents the way in which" ropaganda is being used to confuse people is Ari Rabin-Havt's "Lies, Incorporated". A documentary that explains this is "Requiem for the American Dream", which is available online on

I believe that unless Americans are educated to be aware of propaganda and able to discern truth, the fascists/oligarchy/plutocracy/right wing will remain in control.

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zapdam 1 year 50 weeks ago

Direct TV , Dish Network , Comcast and AT&T all owned by right wing billionaires, who facilitate Americas access to right wing programming like Fox News, by giving companies like Fox news preferential positioning on the programming dial. It is not by accident that Fox News is at any one time available to almost a 100 million households.

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TomDorr 1 year 49 weeks ago

Even without Fox news or Right Wing talk radio, middle Americans were smart enough to see the Dems abandoned them with a far-left agenda and priorities ( The ACA, DAPA, trade agreements, job killing attacks on fossil fuel, refusal to institute "card check" for unions, etc.) that harmed them.

The middle class in the US is not stupid. Far from it. They are not low information voters. (The lowest information voters are the idiots that didn't vote).

There will be no "darkness of tyranny" for the mainstream middle class. Other fringe groups, and illegals, may not fare as well as they might have in a Hillary administration, but I believe the majority of middle class workers will fare far better due to the results and "wake-up call" effect of this election.

If the economy improves for the middle class, if the ACA and immigration policies are improved to help mainstream Americans, it really doesn't matter if a handful of delecate hyper-sensitive college students are perturbed by "microagressions", if Cuba sinks into the Ocean, or if significantly disturbed and confused males get to use the Ladies' room.

The reason so many far left social engineers are apoplectic is, I believe, not because the next four years might be terrible for the mainstream middle class. It's because they had the ability to shove a far-left agenda down the throats of the mainstream, and the "silent majority" of the "hinterland" stopped it cold. And US politicians finally will wake up and compete for the mainstream, not the fringes.

Legend 1 year 49 weeks ago

We need Tomdoor to explain his opposition to "Card Check". Per the Wiki article the ones that are against it (Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Party) are for destroying Unions. He claims to be a Union Brother and former officer in a Union yet he is always promoting anti union stands and supports the Republican Party which is against Unions. Looks to me like Card Check would help to Unionize Walmart and McDonalds. Is Tomdoor really a Union Brother or a Troll? Hopefully if he does respond he will use some facts and references which he has yet to do once.

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zapdam 1 year 49 weeks ago


He is either a fraud dressed up as a long time unionist representative or his memory is to foggy or perhaps now to selfish, to realize the unionist force that made his life so much better than 80% of American workers who aren't union members. His life made better by collective bargaining with powerful bottom line corporate owners, democracy in the work place, his higher than average income, his security of employment, the safety of union enforced government legislation, his retirement pension, his add on like dental, medical, ALL these unavailable to non union members unless they are at the mercy of the kindness of a benevolent company owner.

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Robindell 1 year 49 weeks ago

When I listen to progressive talk radio shows, the topics covered are often very narrow and limited in scope. If some of these talk show hosts have any pretense of wanting to educate people on the issues, many of the issues, such as a lack of rights for workers other than low wages for some of them, or retreating rather than going forward on health coverage expansion and improvement, are left out more than they are mentioned. In a way, this follows the low caliber of the so-called mainstream or corporate media, as talk show hosts more often than not base their topics on current or recent news stories. If a topic or issues is hardly ever reported on in the media, the talk show hosts usually won't mention them either. Gay marriage, the environment, and racism or police shootings of African-Americans are favored topics, whereas economic problems faced by the working class are not often discussed on many of the progressive shows. But the main thing I have felt in listening to Chicago's Progressive Talk is that there is quite a lot of criticism of Republicans, but not much information on how to organize, strategize, inform, and put pressure on the Democrats to be more vocal about domestic economic issues such as job loss or holes in the coverage under the Affordable Care Act as well as in the other two government health coverage programs. In criticizing Trump, it would have only taken a few seconds to point out that it is irrational and illogical to be upset with the elites while supporting a rich, well-kn own, economically and otherwise antagonistic elite. If you don't like elites, then where is the common sense and the logic in being for an even richer, more arrogant and condescending elite? Many people don't know how to think critically. I have been a critic of American education from the time I questioned the instruction I was receiving in junior high and high school, as one who had an undignosed neuropsychological disability. I read some passages from books written back in the 1960s by critics of education. The problems of education are not entirely the fault of teachers. Republican governors and state legislators have cut the funding for teachers and materials. But teachers and administrators should be held at least somewhat accountible for allowing the educational system to be limited by unqualified politicians and by parents who expect their views to be respected, even when they are ethically or factually incorrect. That is what teachers partly do: correct and subtract points for mistakes. If people had taken just a few minutes to contact their state lawmakers and call or write to their local principal or superintendent of schools and complain and ask questions about what is being taught other than math, and to complain about the lack of adequacy in social studies, English, and art and music, ilmprovements might have been possible. Now that we have a right-wing administration, how do you get people to come together and oppose what they will try and do when it is based on lies and tries to limit transparency and human rights, in a far more extreme manner than anything that Hillary would have done?

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zapdam 1 year 49 weeks ago

The bottom line RobinDell is the these rich right bastards that back all the subversive organizations are willing to dump tons of money and patiently take their time with a well planned ground game, something the left wing wealthy have never done to the same extent. That's why Limbaugh spewing hate makes 50 million and left wing shows like Thom Hartmann, Democracy Now have to go hat in hand to the public.

rs allen 1 year 49 weeks ago

Robin, it's all good questions. But where to start when appox. 25% don't know that the sun doesn't revolve around the earth and about 45% believe the earth is 5000 years old? That is the US demographic, so where does one start?

I would argue that the monied interests have worked hard against any real education from the very beginning of the 'public education' concept as an educated public is the very last thing they need. What THEY need are obedient workers.........thinkers need not apply.

Legend 1 year 49 weeks ago

Robindell, America does not realize that it needs to compete with the rest of the world in Education. An Educated population is part of a strong infrastructure. When I worked in South Korea the workers use to kid me about how Americans only go to school 9 months per year. Many countries go year around. By the time they reach 12 grade they have 36 more months of Education. We need to compete with other countries. We have this elitist attitude that we are number 1 in everything and we are far from it. I worked in 9 other countries and would consider most of those countries to be better educated. We are 29th on this list:

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Idlehands78 51 weeks 5 days ago
Quote zapdam:

Americas 'silent majority' have risen from the hinterland of America and what they have shown us all is they are mostly white, they lack analytical intelligence, are irrational, are devoid of morality and are severely racist. They would sooner put their lives and their country in the hands of white right wing fascists and bring on the darkness tyranny, than try to live in harmony with the new emerging brown and black skinned rising majority.

It's very apparent everyone living outside the state's has no idea what the truth is in my country!!!!! The vast majority doesn't actually agree with much of the bs going on in our country.... There has been laws passed and things forced on to the rest of us by a smaller group that has gained power thru scandalous ways......Our media is bold face liars and have been for over 20 years.....White people are taking the blame for things that really has nothing to do with the majority....I am curio which makes me a mixed race..... Although I am a red head with white skin, I still get to listen to be coming out of others mouths that truly has no clue or even remotely has a idea...... The bottom line people are being brainwashed into another war over the color of skin!!!
The very sad part is that history will repeat itself and it will not be good for any human being on this planet....... Also our nature will never allow complete peace thru out the world that is a pipe dream that will never happen... I'm sure their will be several people who will get all offended for their lack of knowledge and history, going by made up bs created for others agenda........ If you don't believe me try really looking at the world and the real history.... I'm not talking about the bs you learn on tv or in the books your given in school because both have been twisted to suit certain people's agenda and are far from the truth.....

rs allen 51 weeks 4 days ago


I suggest the next time you want to say something you keep the kitten off the key board, in that way maybe what you want to say might make some sense.......though doubtful.

I live in these united states and I'm here to tell you idlehands that the us. is racist through all it's internal policy and throughout it's actions outside of it's borders. To try and put the blame for the present on the shoulders of few usurpers now holding the levers of power is avoiding the obvious point that SOMEONE allowed it to happen and voted to put in place every single one those town board seat members, every congressional chair and then all the way to the oval office.

But they all found it acceptable to hand it off to one,

"The focus on one subsector of Trump voters—the white working class—is puzzling, given the breadth of his white coalition. Indeed, there is a kind of theater at work in which Trump’s presidency is pawned off as a product of the white working class as opposed to a product of an entire whiteness that includes the very authors doing the pawning. The motive is clear: escapism. To accept that the bloody heirloom remains potent even now, some five decades after Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down on a Memphis balcony—even after a black president; indeed, strengthened by the fact of that black president—is to accept that racism remains, as it has since 1776, at the heart of this country’s political life. The idea of acceptance frustrates the left. The left would much rather have a discussion about class struggles, which might entice the white working masses, instead of about the racist struggles that those same masses have historically been the agents and beneficiaries of. Moreover, to accept that whiteness brought us Donald Trump is to accept whiteness as an existential danger to the country and the world. But if the broad and remarkable white support for Donald Trump can be reduced to the righteous anger of a noble class of smallville firefighters and evangelicals, mocked by Brooklyn hipsters and womanist professors into voting against their interests, then the threat of racism and whiteness, the threat of the heirloom, can be dismissed. Consciences can be eased; no deeper existential reckoning is required." unquote.

The First White President;

Don't try to pawn some economic bullshit off as deep thinking. This is a racist country.

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