So some cops drag a bleeding woman awaiting surgery for a brain tumor away in shackles from a hospital to jail. Who cares America, isn't that right. No one will be held accountable. Your country has killed a million civilian Iraqis, no one will be held accountable , so what's one illegal worth. In Afghanistan the US war has killed over a quarter of million Afghanis, but if you ask an American they haven't a clue. In Vietnam you slaughtered an estimated 3 million people,mostly civilians, ask an American, again no clue. No one ever mentions Obama's criminal drone program that's killed thousands of innocents in a dozen countries. Remember there's no accountability. You Americans really lustful murderous violent bunch. You've become murder incorporated, exporting and profiting off your learned violence, its become your number one industry.

At home you kill each other at an alarming rates. You daily shock the world with your number of home grown mass murderers. You have a 'history of violence', of mass murder, extermination, slavery, you've even slaughterd each other by the hundreds of thousands in a civil war. You are the first and only country to use of nuclear weapons killing a quarter of a million civilians, ask an American , duh.

On top of this extreme violence, you treat each other daily with contempt and cruelty. One half of your country hates the other half, families can't even sit together. Yet you hold yourselves up to the world as a paragon of civilized society, American exceptionalism. Should the rest of the world aspire to be like you, i think not, unless we have all lost our sanity.


Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 1 year 32 weeks ago

This is nothing new, Zap. The Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation exterminated and enslaved the Pequots, and we still celebrate this "Glorious Victory" on Thanksgiving. Malice has always been a major factor in American history.


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zapdam. 1 year 32 weeks ago

Roland thank you for your comment, I know what I'm posting is not new, but its important to repeat these things over and over again. With regard to the Pilgrims, they would not have lasted their first winter without the help of local natives,who were rewarded for their kindness by being driven out of their tribal lands or killed. Such is the beginning the predawn of the so called great experiment called the United States of America.

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