All the tar sands oil shipped from Canada through the Standing Rock pipeline is to be shipped world wide to the highest bidder and all the profits are to remain in the pockets of Big Oil. This pipeline DOES NOT help make America energy secure. This is US federal and state governments using your tax money to violently oppress First Nations Peoples objecting to a pipeline that was originally slated to pass through Bismark North Dakota, but after white protests is now being diverted through tribal lands.

Torture and Degrading Treatment of Water Protectors

Those arrested were held at the Morton County Correctional Center in 10-by-14 foot cages, some in dog kennels. They reported being forced to wait for access to food, water, bathrooms and medical attention. Some charged with misdemeanors were strip-searched. Women were left naked in their cells and male guards harassed them. Some people were zip-tied in stress positions for hours.

Water Protectors who had locked themselves to some construction equipment reported being waterboarded. Waterboarding has long been considered torture, which violates the UN’s Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, ratified by the United States.

Reports directly from DAPL protestors at Standing Rock that the US Government are using Crop Duster planes to fly over protestors and spray them with chemical agents during the night.

Amnesty International, which has sent a team to Standing Rock to investigate the human rights abuses, stated that some of this treatment violates the prohibition on cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. (In addition to ratifying the Convention against Torture, the United States has also ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which outlaws cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.)

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c-gull 35 weeks 1 day ago

My comment focuses on the dangers of petroleum product transport which go largely unreported in the mainstream media. If we are to 'speak truth to power' as Chris Hedges suggests then we have to find the truth. I suggest the following in reguard to petroleum transport by pipeline.


Wikipedia has cataloged a wealth of information about pipeline ruptures/leaks/explosions etc.. There have been well over 400 reported leaks/spills since 2000.

Formal Analysis

Professor John Stansbury from the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska has put together a report entitled Analysis of Frequency, Magnitude and Consequence of Worst Case Spills From the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. The document was put together to provide information to decision makers about the risks of Keystone XL petroleum transport. URL case keystone spills report

Union of COncerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists   provides an over view of the contribution that fossil fuels make to global warming etc..

Readers should also know that the stuff that would be transported in the Keystone XL and DAPL pipelines is called "Dilbit" which refers to diluted bituminous petroleum. The agent frquently used as a "solvent" to thin the dense, heavy bituminous crude is naptha which has to be transported to the oil shipping site. Naptha is very flammable and even explosive and is normally shipped by railcar and motor tranport thus adding to the environmental risks associated with these pipeline projects. And lastly ,"Dilbit" , even when thinned, has to be forced through the pipes at very high pressure (around 1400psi) which only adds to risks of rupture and spills.

So yes these pipelines will not make Americas energy future more secure-quite the opposite.

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zapdam 35 weeks 1 day ago

c-gull that's a great post my friend, please keep it up. Canada north is being devistated by this open pit mining of this tar sands oil.

"National Academy of Sciences found that official environmental impact assessments have likely underestimated toxic emissions from tar sands operations. Another recent study found that the Alberta work is polluting groundwater and the nearby Athabasca River.

MacLean previously told Fast Company he hopes his work “will expose why this fuel is so carbon intensive and how the extraction process is polluting both the water and air.”

c-gull this article is 3 years old now and its gotten much much worse.

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k. allen 35 weeks 1 day ago

I'm concerned that folks who stand with purpose and conscience and do not back down simply will be murdered, or somehow, swept away in circumstances beyond their control.

"... when the government employs state violence, using militarised police to act with extreme prejudice against its citizens on behalf of private capital, you can forget the idea that you live under a democracy."

"If tensions escalate, this has the potential to make WACO look like a Sunday stroll."

"This is unacceptable on so many levels, not least that a nation which sees itself as a beacon of liberty and democracy should continue to hold its indigenous people in such utter contempt.

Former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders told Rolling Stone ... America is rapidly headed towards an “economic and political oligarchy”.

"When private profits are put before citizens’ rights and police are employed to operate as a private security force for big oil interests, you no longer have the conditions for either a constitutional republic or a democracy. This is fascism writ large."

Just look at the pictures, people. Is this a fair fight?

Who's in the right here?

... grand ... here comes another turning of the wheel ....

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zapdam. 35 weeks 1 day ago

k. allen quote
"If tensions escalate, this has the potential to make WACO look like a Sunday stroll."
k. allen that will ONLY happen if the world is not watching. As long as there is accountability there will be no massacre. Veterans have stood at Standing Rock as a protectorate and they've indicated they'll return.
Right now there is a legal challenge to the construction., hopefully these challenges will stop the pipeline in its tracks.

What bothers me is this pipeline is being constructed by the Army Engineers, backed by the US government for a product which is owned by private enterprise, multinational corporations , and is being shipped to world markets to the highest bidder and all the profits are being pocketed by big oil. This product therefore plays no role in national energy security of the United States. So understanding who is really in charge of our society.

Legend 35 weeks 1 day ago
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k. allen 35 weeks 10 hours ago

I'm working to keep an open mind here ...

Winona LaDuke - Ojibwe

"Someone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesn't make a corporation a terrorist."

"Whether we have wings or fins, or roots or paws... we are all relatives."

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