America's 'Clear and Present Danger' isn't the Muslim boogeyman Trump claims, its his billionaire buddies, like the members of his new cabinet, people who are now in charge of making the rules, who are prepared to destroy America to protect their extreme wealth and are using their new found 'tax money America never collected' to undermine and subvert a free and open democratic society at all costs. America's founders warned of the destruction of 'this great experiment' coming from within. America 'your tax money' is being used against you, to keep you the captive of a rich and privileged few.

IF a Google CEO' who runs off to Monaco, he's still an American and is subject to US tax laws, no matter where he lives. Americas best most stable times of the twentieth century, the rich still prospered under a 90% tax rate, so they'll be just fine.

Anyone who controls a thousand thousand million dollars, a vastly disproportionate amount of economic power, must be considered a possible danger to society and treated as such. This is not an empty threat, nearly half of Mexicans live in abject poverty in a shill democracy where 26 plus wealthy families control the country and pick the 'next democratic' president.

As for the voters 'never' approving new tax extremes, America, the world, said the voters would never elect the crude semi illiterate ,'pussy grabber' Donald Trump. Never underestimate the American voter.


Legend 17 weeks 4 days ago

Mercer is Trumps Koch. If you think that a bunch of billionaires are going to help middle class America you are dead wrong.

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