Just yesterday Thom was mentioning on his show, that if America went to government run single payer health care ,cut out the middle man, the American health care system could save 500 BILLION dollars a year ,(thats 500 thousand million dollars , just to put it in better perspective, every year). Imagine how many lives could be saved in just the first two years of single payer, at a TRILLION dollars in savings, cutting out the death and sickness profiteers, cutting out all profit, cutting deliberately high operating costs of the republican created HMO for profit system.

I can think of almost a half of million uninsured Americans who have died in the last ten years of treatable illness, who would most likely still be alive today. You would think thats all your corporate owned media would talk about daily, half a million Americans deaths, not killed in action in some far off shore, but who have died from neglect and lack of treatment by a system that puts financial profit above all other considerations. This while all and any attempts to change the system are stonewalled by the bought and paid for republican party.

You can add to this death total the 22 American veterans who through lack of proper care and treatment kill themselve each and every day. You want to know whats wrong with America, its things like this thats wrong with America.


Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 2 years 15 weeks ago

It is not just Republicans, Zap. A dozen top Democratic senators cast the deciding votes to keep preventing Americans from buying Canadian drugs, which are safer and much cheaper than American drugs.


Gibbon 2 years 15 weeks ago

Z, I was unplugged for a while & just had the idea re: "premature deaths" and submitted a sentence (pending release) before I read your piece. Great Minds my friend.

The USA is going places, unfortunately in a handbasket.

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