IMAGINE if Bernie hadn't been obstructed from winning democratic nomination, because the six right leaning corporate media outlets owned by the richest one percent ,conspired to ignore, black out his campaign. There were American voters half way through the election process still saying 'Bernie who', because their area's had effectively been blacked out by the corporate owned media. That combined with the head if the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz being finally caught and fired in the late stages of Bernie's campaign, for deliberately trying to sabotage Bernie's brand. What if Bernie had won?

The Koch's of America and their like ,would be running for cover afraid that Bernie would quite rightfully restore the Eisenhower 90% tax of the 1950's on the wealthy. Those so wealthy that the power of their wealth poses a 'clear and imminent danger' to society and democracy, would get their comeuppance and have their excess wealth confiscated.

The 'to big to fail' Big Banks would be broken up, the crooks jailed. America could empty its jails of non violent offenders to be retrained and put back into society as productive citizens. America would shut down most of its treasury draining military installations in over 160 countries and bring home their military and vow to never again interfere with a nations business outside of US borders, especially for no other reason than increasing corporate expansionism and profit. The US military complex would be ordered to turn their swords into plowshares and begin a new chapter earning a friend of America by giving assistance to poorest of the world , creating a whole new industry of based on kindness and compassion, compelling US corporations involved in endless wars to use their resources and brightest minds to create new innovations for advancement of humanity. Domestically Americas number one focus would be free and continuing education for all to meet the world demands of the future, education of its citizens would take a priority.

New legislation would compell the Fox news of America, all media outlets, to tell the truth or be subject to their broadcast licenses being revoked. Large mega media corporations would be broken up, fragmented in a thousand pieces serving their local communities, instead of wealthy shareholders. All governmental protection agencies would be renewed and restalked with government officials that would carry out their mandate protecting Americans from harm in whatever form it may present itself. The domestic surveillance apparatus would be shut down, only court ordered surveillance would be allowed. Individual privacy would be restored.

Finally America would rebuilt its infrastructure to include a renewable energy power grid and put a stop to this madness of the destruction of our planet for the profit of a very few. Within a year there'd be coast to coast Medicare for all , with all the insideous legislative obstructions and financial penalties removed, HMO's would be legislated out of business. Drug companies would be forced to compete for Americas drug needs or told to take a hike . Governmental task force would be set up to explore a minimum income for all citizens, to overcome the shrinking work place due to a future of expanding population, dwindling jobs and automation.

It would be the beginning of the end for the extremist right wing as the demographics in America would come on line as voters. The 'me generation' would become we. America would enter a renaissance, a rebirth of the ideals it has expounded since its birth, but never really put into practice.


Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 42 weeks 23 hours ago

Maybe Canada could spend more on its own defense rather than depend on the good 'ol USA. Canada spent $19.4 bil in 2015 and $20.3 in 2016 on defense. Canada ranks 23 out of 28 NATO countries on defense spending. However, if anyone invaded Canada, heaven forbid, who would the Canadians turn to? The USA, of course.


zapdam's picture
zapdam 42 weeks 20 hours ago

Kilo, you're a typical right wing nutter. Who other than a fellow right wing nutter, could Invision an invasion of a country with 7000 plus nukes and 300 million armed to the teeth citizens. You've got a trillion dollar a year military, not because there's any chance of an invasion, your bloated military is nothing more than a corporate subsidy, muscle for American corporate economic expansionism. Your military is redundant, a useless trillion dollar a year relic of the past, that exists because of a propaganda campaign from your corporate owned government. Americans spend more on a standing army than the next seven military powers combined, and brain washed ,paranoid stooges like you make it all possible, at the expense of social programs like single payer health care. A half a million Americans have died from lack of health care in the past ten years, not from battlefield injuries, in fact when it comes to US military, the number one cause of death is suicide not being killed in battle. Stop watching Fox nuz . You haven't the brain cells you were born with, you're a waste of space and a danger to the survival of your own country and a rabid danger to the survival of our planet. Go back to sucking back your 24 beers, watching reruns of Donald Trump and the staged Apprentice and leave reality to the grown ups.

Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 42 weeks 18 hours ago

How many have died in Canada in spite of free health care?

Zap, it still doesn't alter the fact that Canada is number 23 out of 28 Nato countries in defense spending. Start pulling your own weight and stop mooching off your neighbors to the south.


zapdam's picture
zapdam 42 weeks 17 hours ago

Quote Kilo "How many have died in Canada in spite of free health care?" The answer ZERO, if your asking whose died in my country due a lack of treatment.

As for Canada refusing to spend its wealth chasing the boogeyman, we leave that to the Americans.

Legend 42 weeks 10 hours ago

It's like Canada is surrounded by enemies?

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 42 weeks 7 hours ago
Quote Kilosqrd:Maybe Canada could spend more on its own defense ...


Quote Kilosqrd:... rather than depend on the good 'ol USA.

You have got to be kidding.

Quote Kilosqrd:Canada spent $19.4 bil in 2015 and $20.3 in 2016 on defense. Canada ranks 23 out of 28 NATO countries on defense spending.

Good for them, although 28th would have been better. And out of NATO even better.

Quote =Kilosqrd:However, if anyone invaded Canada, heaven forbid, who would the Canadians turn to? The USA, of course.


The only country likely to invade Canada is the US.


zapdam's picture
zapdam 42 weeks 4 hours ago

Roland that was so well done, you get an honorary Canadian citizenship.

SpaeWoman's picture
SpaeWoman 41 weeks 6 days ago

New here. Never "blogged" before. Think I've found like minded folks here.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 41 weeks 6 days ago


quote, "New here. Never "blogged" before. Think I've found like minded folks here."


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gumball 41 weeks 4 days ago

The level of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the media revealed by wikileaks is shocking, no doubt about it. Putin should get a Pulitzer prize.

zapdam's picture
zapdam 41 weeks 4 days ago

Gumball have you been watching Fox news again? lol

Legend 41 weeks 4 days ago

Typical right wing troll post, no fact or reference.

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