Below are a collection of posts that i used to try and shame Canadians into being more ecologically responsible , i posted them on our publicly owned national broadcast comment section, our Canadian Broadcast network,

This ISN'T just about short term economics.BOTH poles are melting and that's just from man made CO2 build up as the planet warms, BUT that's just the prelude to trillions of tons of frozen heat trapping METHANE about to be released into our atmosphere, which when it happens will be UNCONTROLLABLE.

The TAR sands create LOTS of permanent jobs in Alberta, don't ever let anyone tell you different. Long term health care jobs for the surge in cancers and neurological diseases , caused by the poisons used in extraction leaking into the ground water that travels from Fort McMurray Alberta to the Arctic Ocean. Lots of POND patrols, constantly scooping up dead birds that are unfortunate enough to land in the tar sands toxic holding ponds. Then there's all those jobs created by all the environmental damage these oil multinationals are causing , because both provincial and federal governments are allowing them to dump their pollution on the ground. Quite the deal these big oil have swung, they get to pay us, pennies on the dollar for OUR oil, then externalize their costs by dumping their waste on the ground for the Canadian tax payer to pay to clean up.

EACH year the tar sands use the equivalent fresh water of what six million people in the greater Toronto region use for free and turn that immense amount of water into unrecoverable toxic sludge, that these Big Oil companies are allowed to just dump on the ground untreated. The Tar sands region where the extraction process is happening, looks like a moonscape or a future end of life dystopian world.

WHY are we allowing this tar sands extraction anyways, when you factor in the climbing cancer and neurological diseases caused by the toxic slew used in the process, add in the environmental damage that MAY NOT be reversible no matter how much money the Canadian tax payer throws at it, add the transportation risk of this harmful product AND this whole process turns out to be REVENUE NEUTRAL.

IS ANYONE aware that these tar sands products DO NOT give Canadians energy independence , ALL the oil extracted is shipped to refineries outside our country, then sold to the highest bidder AND Big Oil get to pocket ALL the profit. We get to keep the few cents on the dollar this oil is worth and all the health risks and environmental damage.

It's utter insanity that our Canadian provincial and federal governments are allowing the tar sands extraction to continue. Midwest United States is frying, temperatures so high that planes can't fly. Europe hitting record breaking hothouse temperatures. Already this year Bangladesh has had temperature readings of 54 degrees Celsius.

IF this fossil fuel extraction and use continues, planet temperatures will force us all to live underground like moles,due to soaring temperatures. Climate refugees will crash borders world wide in the northern and southern regions as they try to escape the oppressive killing heat. At that point the world will continue to sizzle and fry and kill off all life on earth.


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c-gull 1 year 15 weeks ago

Hello Zap: Henry David Thoreau said " Conservatism discards prescription, shrinks from principle, disavows progress- having rejected all respect for history, it offers no redress for the present, and no preparation for the future. Any fool can make a rule and any fool will mind it".

Down here in the states there are people who will always agree with the hierarchical order. I don't think they know why other than not to agree with the powerful is too scary for them and they want to do something so they take the easy path. They just agree with the loudest surface rhetoric and start attacking.

So if this form of repression keeps up we will see crime, hunger and diseases rise which will keep the lower class citizenry increasingly occuppied with their own survival and give the corporate elite even more power. This is what happened to American Indians. Now it's our turn.

The America I knew when I was growing up is gone. Flushed down the toilet so to speak. Even the novelist Frank Herbert wrote that the "highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequences".

But the republican hordes continue to subject our planet to a slow and agonizing death.

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zapdam. 1 year 15 weeks ago


Part of that hard core republican right is no doubt drawn from Americas psycho's who comprise 4% of the US population or 1 in every 25 citizens, ALL 13 million of them. Psychopaths and sociopaths aren't compassionate and therefore don't vote liberal.

That quote you posted was so dead on, i stole it to post it on my days rant at the Canadian Broadcasting network, our

I don't want anyone down there to think I hate Americans, what i hate is their blind unquestioned loyalty to everything from the corporate phony US media, to their overtly corrupt right wing party, although lately even the left has been severely tainted by uncaring self serving greed. Plus i hate all the wars, the millions killed for nothing. I hate how Americans accept the whitewashing of their history.

If you could ONLY somehow get rid of those corrupt war mongering corporatist republicans, what a progressive , peaceful, compassionate America it would be.

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