OIL corporations that hid from the world for four decades what their own science had found, that using their product was degrading the survival of our planet. Not only did these oil corporations hide for four decades their own science that told them using fossil fuel would seriously raise heat trapping CO2 levels in our atmosphere,but they embarked on a criminal disinformation campaign of lies denials and coverups, so they could sell more product, knowing full well these actions were placing our planet in ecological danger of collapse.

What concerns me deeply is our present Canadian government and its two faces of dealing with the coming catastrophe. One Prime Minister Trudeau swears Canada will abide by and promote the protocol's of the Paris agreement, then when at home for political expediency Trudeau gives a green light to more oil pipelines and tells the Alberta tar sands its business as usual.

Deny Deny Deny. Both Poles are melting , our North Pole has lost half its reflective cooling ice cover. Florida at high tide is NOW being swamped by sea water and is spending billions in pumping mechanisms admitting at best they are buying perhaps another 40 years before the sea engulfs all of south Florida. Pacific islanders are losing land mass to rising seas, while inland salt water is bubbling up beneath their feet, some have plans to move whole communities to other islands and higher ground.

Scientists say at best we can right now expect a rise in sea levels of one and a half meters or almost five feet. Other scientists have warned at the current heat and melting levels ,the ice cover on both poles will disappear, when that happens the oceans will rise 260 feet, swamping every major coastal city in the world .Vancouver will be under 26 storeys of sea water ,as will London, New York ,Hong Kong and every other coastal city world wide.

What's most terrifying, is there are trillions of tons of frozen heat trapping methane deep in our oceans and northern and southern tundra regions if our planet that are 80 times more potent than heat trapping CO2 and as the planet continues to warm these methane deposits melt and release into our atmosphere and once that starts to happen in earnest, its game over for ALL life on our planet, because these methane leaks will be uncontrollable.

What we have seen in Europe over the last few years in a few million people flooding countries trying to escape the ravages of war, will pale in comparison as hundreds of millions climate refugee's flood the northern and southern regions of our planet as they try to escape the killing heat of our equatorial regions. Regions of our planet as they become unlivable due to heat, will place extreme demands on what's left of food growing regions of our world, resulting in mass starvation world wide and the violent conflict that erupts as a result as people fight for their lives, no country will remain untouched.

At best scientists now believe we have perhaps 50 years as a species before our overheating planet results in world wide panic , starvation and regional wars as people literally run for their lives to escape the killing heat. This as the Pentagon already knows will result in total economic worlwide collapse , your personal wealth will become worthless.

Then there's the present day egomaniacal wealthy who control power, so consumed by the pursuit of money they refuse to even entertain the thought they are part of the planet warming problem. Of course there is no other better example than Donald Trump, whose actions as president of the economically most powerful country on earth , also result in the USA continuing to be the worlds number one CO2 emitter if you concede much of China's pollution is the result of becoming Americas factory. So we have the worlds number one polluter in total denial ,refusing to curb or even adjust its way of life for a minimum of four years. This as temperatures continue to rise where this year alone cities in Bangladesh have reached 55c , back home in America its been so hot, planes can't fly due to thin atmosphere.

CHEAP energy, so how CHEAP is CHEAP energy if you factor in the coming climate crisis, the coming catastrophic overheating of our planet, the rising seas that at a minimum initially will force us to to fortify our coastal cities from encroaching rising sea levels. The eventual world wide mass migration of hundreds of millions seeking refuge from the killing heat, the regional wars that result.. AND ultimately the total world wide economic collapse, robbing us ALL of ALL our personal wealth. So tell me again about CHEAP OIL and those temporary good paying jobs in the oil sector.

I GET IT now, if you're over 40 you won't be around to suffer the consequences of your selfish short cited misguided actions, you'll bequeath that to today's children and the unborn.

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