Omar Khadr now thirty just received ten million cheque from the Canadian government along with an apology for the suffering he endured at the hands of the Americans at GITMO.

Just after 911 George W Bush got word that the leader of 911 Osama bin Laden might be hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan, this info supplied by the Afghan government who offered to arrest and detain Bin Laden, but the Bush government refused, instead sent American military to the location.

It was on one of the search sweeps while looking for Osama , that the US military encountered a compound full of what appeared to be well armed hostiles. It was in this compound , that fifteen year old Omar Khadr a Canadian who had grown up in the Toronto area had been taken by his heavily orthodox religious Muslim father.

3rd Platoon of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion was dispatched to investigate the situation. Upon arrival they sent Afghani fighters to tell the occupants, that US troops wanted to search the compound, that's when a firefight broke out. US explanation was the occupants opened fire that resulted in the exchange.

It was during this firefight that 15 year old Omar Khadr it is said took up arms to repel the invaders. During the murderous firefight exchange everyone in the compound was killed including Omars family and friends, Omar was seriously wounded and near death. Sgt Christopher Speer was killed in the exchange and the only surviving fifteen year old Omar Khadr was said to have killed him.

This is where the accusations of abuse of this young fifteen year old begins. Apparently Delta Force troops had opened fire, shooting all three of the shots into Khadr's chest, after Khadr was seen to be holding a pistol and facing the troops. These claims all directly contradict OC-1's version of events as the only eyewitness. OC-1 did agree however, that something was lying in the dust near Khadr's end of the alley, although he couldn't remember if there was a pistol or grenade by his body. Below is a picture of fifteen Omar Khadr seriously wounded.

"The unconscious Khadr was airlifted to receive medical attention at Bagram. After he regained consciousness approximately a week later, interrogations began. He remained stretcher-bound for several weeks. Col. Marjorie Mosier operated on his eyes after his arrival, though fellow detainee later claimed that Khadr had been denied other forms of surgery to save his eyesight as punishment for not giving interrogators the answers they sought. "

After partial mend Omar was moved to GITMO, "In February 2003, Canadian Foreign Affairs intelligence officer and an official from the (CSIS) Canadian Ssecurity were allowed to interrogate Khadr. For three weeks prior to the Canadian visit, the US guards deprived Khadr of sleep , moving him to a new cell every three hours for 21 days in order to "make him more amenable and willing to talk". " "The following month, a briefing from the Foreign Affairs department summarized Canada's security agent findings, stating that Khadr was a "thoroughly 'screwed up' young man. All those persons who have been in positions of authority over him have abused him and his trust, for their own purposes."

2003, Khadr an underage teen was told "Your life is in my hands" by a military interrogator, who spat on him, tore out some of his hair and threatened to send him to a country that would torture him more thoroughly, Khadr was kept in the hole by himself for long periods of time and denied adequate medical treatment, Having been chained and left bound, in harsh positions until he soiled himself. Khadr's lawyers allege that his interrogators "dragged [him] back and forth in a mixture of his urine and pine oil" and did not provide a change of clothes for two days in March 2003.

"In all, Khadr (still under 18)was interrogated by Canadians six times between 2003 and 2004, and ordered to identify photos of Canadians believed to have ties to terrorism. When he told the Canadians that he had been tortured by the Americans into giving false confessions, the Canadian authorities said he was a liar. Khadr cried. He later recalled that he had "tried to cooperate so that they would take me back to Canada."

Later Omar was convicted in a military court in the death of the US soldier and sentenced to a long jail term.

" In April 2009, the Federal Court of Canada ruled again that Khadr's rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms had been violated. It concluded that Canada had a "duty to protect" Khadr and ordered the Canadian government to request that the U.S. return him to Canada as soon as possible In August 2009, the Federal Court of Appeal upheld the decision in a 2–1 ruling. Finally, in January 2010, in a unanimous 9–0 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the participation of Canadian officials in Khadr's interrogations at Guantanamo clearly violated his rights under the Charter."

"the Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and former U.S. national security adviser, expressed opposition in 2010 to the plan to prosecute Khadr by a tribunal. He said, "Anyone prosecuted for offences they allegedly committed as a child should be treated in accordance with international juvenile justice standards providing special protections. Omar Khadr should not be prosecuted by a tribunal that is neither equipped nor required to provide these protections and meet these standards."

Omar was finally transferred to Canada to serve his jail sentence where he was finally released after a total ten years in detention. On release his lawyers sued the Canadian government for compensation and won, along with a gvernment apology, that's where the 10 million comes from.

PERHAPS IF George W Bush hadn't been VACATIONING a month prior to 911 and if he had listened to his security advisors who over and over again warned of an co-ordinated imminent attack against America, 911 WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, those 19 terrorists would not have boarded those planes with box cutter knives.

While OMAR was fighting for his life in Afghanistan, the source of the 911 funding, 15 of the 19 terrorist attackers , its ring leader Osama bin Laden ALL Saudis. YET while the Bush government enforced a NO FLY policy after 911, THREE Saudi 747 planes filled with elites and wealthy citizens were ALLOWED to fly out of the US by the Bush government BEFORE the FBI could question any of them as to what they knew about the attackers.

To this day, an OFFICIAL US government report on the source of the funding for the 911 attack ,the Saudis, are STILL blacked out by the Bush family and the US media refuse to discuss the fact George W Bush, who through negligence caused the 911 attack, had his first two businesses financed by the Bin Laden family twenty years prior to 911.

The Canada's CBC FIFTH ESTATE investigated 911, their conclusion 'conspiracy theories weren't that far fetched.'
This is a program every American should watch, investigative Canadian reporting at its best.




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zapdam. 2 years 6 days ago

Has anyone from the US tried to click on the link i provided and if so does it work? IF no, go to type in 'Conspiracy Theory. CBC The Fifth Estate' in the youtube search bar.

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