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Trouble is PSYCHOPATHS rule the world , the very small but pathologically aggressive few who through their intelligence, sheer lack of remorse and dis-inhibited, egotistical traits , find the sociopathic nature of capitalism conducive to the mental disorder, which by its design provides a breeding ground and rewards for this dangerous mental disorder.

The fact that one individual possess the disproportional power of billions dollars or more as in the case of the Walton Family of Walmart fame whose net worth is 130 thousand million dollars (130 billion) or the Koch Brothers 100 thousand million dollars (100 billion), should be a cause of extreme concern to all societies. Instead of reducing taxes on these individuals as the 'drain the swamp' Trump government intend to do at the expense of the elderly , the disabled, children and health care, SOCIETY should be capping or taxing these individuals into proportion with the rest of fellow citizens.

The wealth of these individuals should be CAPPED to protect OUR society from anyone having disproportional power , that individuals with such wealth are capable of being menace to OUR society and should be treated as such.

One way to stop much of the millionaire and billionaire criminal activity is to tax their wealth at high taxation rates, this would force these normally greedy sociopathic individuals who own most of the businesses to pay higher wages, give employee benefits, create better working conditions, spiff's like company cars and paid vacations, free health care like they did at 1950's under the ninety percent taxation rate of the republican Presidency of Dwight D Eisenhower government. Because we ALL know these individuals would rather give away the money than give to the government.

One of the reasons our runaway global warming can be traced back to the these wealthy oligarchy is the LACK of proper fair and equitable taxation. Right now there is a mad rush by these wealthy individuals to stuff the bank accounts at ALL costs before the looming HOT HOUSE catastrophe, before mass hysteria desperate people and military rule is imposed on ALL of us to keep some form of order.

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

Thom plus logo The one thing that scares Donald Trump more than anything else is impeachment. Impeachment will lay bare all of his crimes, including his crimes before he came into the White House.