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RIGHT WING deceit and hypocrisy NEVER more GLARING

The weave of right wing deceit and hypocrisy could never be more glaring as the case of Hobby Lobby, who went all the way to the US Supreme court and won citing religious convictions that they could not in good conscience provide or be part in providing contraceptives to their female employees or as Hobby Lobby called 'these abortion devices'. While the religious right wingers were on their religious crusade to save humanity from the evils of liberalism , we now find these same god fearing righteous right wing Americans were paying criminal groups like ISIS to steal ancient artifacts from the public domain, knowing full well this money would be used to further their 7th century brutal religious war of enslaving peoples and the carnage it entails and was against one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS 'thou shall not steal'. As usual the wealthy criminals get off with what amounts to a light fine, a slap on the wrist, for multi multi millionaires, therefore making a mockery of our laws and justice.


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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

Thom plus logo The one thing that scares Donald Trump more than anything else is impeachment. Impeachment will lay bare all of his crimes, including his crimes before he came into the White House.