The weave of right wing deceit and hypocrisy could never be more glaring as the case of Hobby Lobby, who went all the way to the US Supreme court and won citing religious convictions that they could not in good conscience provide or be part in providing contraceptives to their female employees or as Hobby Lobby called 'these abortion devices'. While the religious right wingers were on their religious crusade to save humanity from the evils of liberalism , we now find these same god fearing righteous right wing Americans were paying criminal groups like ISIS to steal ancient artifacts from the public domain, knowing full well this money would be used to further their 7th century brutal religious war of enslaving peoples and the carnage it entails and was against one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS 'thou shall not steal'. As usual the wealthy criminals get off with what amounts to a light fine, a slap on the wrist, for multi multi millionaires, therefore making a mockery of our laws and justice.


RIGHT WING deceit and hypocrisy NEVER more GLARING


PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 1 week ago

Since corporations are supposedly people, put the cuffs on Hobby Lobby and its Christian zealot owners and put them away like they would a petty drug seller. Lady Justice not only has a blindfold on, she has plugs in both ears. It is looking like the Republicans and their court appointees have also given her a lobotomy.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 2 years 1 week ago

PhilfromOhio, the comment is so well done, so perfect as usual, i've got no comment, other than I'm going to steal it and use it in Canada.

gumball's picture
gumball 2 years 1 week ago

The weave of right wing deceit and hypocrisy could never be more glaring as the case of Hobby Lobby, who went all the way to the US Supreme court and won citing religious convictions that they could not in good conscience provide or be part in providing contraceptives to their female employees or as Hobby Lobby called 'these abortion devices'

The objection was not to contraceptives, it was to drugs the ended the pregnancy after conception. Contraceptives, by definition, prevent conception.

rs allen 2 years 1 week ago

As usual gumbie is factually wrong.

Specific contraceptives contested by plaintiffs[edit]

The Green and Hahn families believe that life begins at conception which they equate to fertilization, and object to their closely held for-profit corporations providing health insurance coverage to their female employees of four FDA-approved contraceptives that the Green and Hahn families believe may prevent implantation of a fertilized egg (many doctors and scientists disagree), which the Green and Hahn families believe constitutes an abortion.[16][17][18][19]


humanitys team's picture
humanitys team 2 years 1 week ago

Do you think god has a preference in what humans are doing and how they are acting with one another?

Most humans think god is on their side ? Because she is .And all creatures have an intuitive knowing of this .This is just another way of saying "Your will for you is My will for for you"And that is just another way of saying ,I have given you all free will.

There is no free will if to exercise it in certain ways produces punishment.That makes a mockery of free will and renders it counterfeit.

So with regard to abortion or war ,buying that car or marrying that person,having sex or not having sex,doing your duty or not doing your duty ,god has no preference in the matter.

We are all in the process of defining ourselves .Every act is an act of self-definition.This is called evolution .So we are creating god as we go ,this is holy work what we are up sacred ground We walk ...there are no punishments only choices ....we are the expression of god .

Life has no beginning and no end merely extends ;creates new forms endlessly .People want a definite answer on the abortion issue when does life begin life as they know it ?

Perhaps the body is enveloped by the soul .....let that be the question of the day ? Perhaps everything is alive look at a rock through a microscope the atoms are moving ! Life if you call it an energy (god) the essential essence is always there .It is never not there .Life never ends ,so how can there be a point when life begins ?

What we need is discussion pro choice and what's in the best interest of each of us and the collective called humanity .The laws we have turn against us create justifications for terrible behaviours .

It's impossible to go against the will of god if it was why is it happening .Is this not obvious...when their is only One of us Life and all that is occurring ,is an expression of Gods will-read that ,your will-made manifest .

Some will find this difficult but look closely it is arrogant beyond measure for us to believe that we can affect the universe in a way with which the universe does not agree.

We are dealing with mighty forces here we are no less and no more than the mightiest force .So let the Force Be With You !

humanitys team's picture
humanitys team 2 years 1 week ago

Keep on Zap keep on turn the apple cart upside down that's what has to happen .


zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 2 years 6 days ago

humanitys team

" turn the apple cart upside down " , i've spent my life calling bullshit on those that deserved it, for the most part i've been treated with indifference. Never undeterred i carry on. Plus it's good therapy.

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 6 days ago

The new country the G-20 Neocons aim to rule is called Earth. Dividing the continents into states. United Statians will live in Mexamericanada. Imagine there's no countries,
It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too. Imagine Whirled Peas!

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful,
and so are we. They never stop thinking about
new ways to harm our country and our people,
and neither do we.” ~ George W. Bush

The Proudly Ignorant, Adoring Fanatics
of the Fool on the Hill

Some Trump supporters thought NPR tweeted 'propaganda.
It was the Declaration of Independence.

The self imposed moralists never think they can get caught. Rubbing their little Geeeeezus foot bringing them holy luck. Slot Machine Bennett, Jim Bakker ruining Tammy Fay's clown make up. Calvina's sister? Or the various scammers taking SS checks from lil ole ladies. Oral Roberts was Building a Stairway to Heaven. Then selling it to Led Zeppelin for the lady who wants to buyyyy one. Did he say Oral? Hobby Lobby to forfeit illegally smuggled Iraqi artifacts in settlement with US Department of Justice.

"The Technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more CONTROLLED society. Such a society would be dominated by ELITE, unrestrained by traditional values."
- Zbigniew Brezhinsky , Advisor to 5 U.S. Presidents
- Executive Director Trilateral Commission. "Between two Ages"

I'm cornfused. I didn't realize receiving stolen priceless artifacts was up for negotiations. Most just get busted for stealing. The so called Justice Dept. had to show probable cause to have them "forfeit" the stolen merchandize? Aren't they leaving out a rather important part of the so called Justice System by circumventing the courts and "settling" with BS, Beauregard Sessions? Did they say they're sorry and pinky swear to never do it again? People are denied organ transplants for just being a medicinal cannabis patient, decades sentenced for growing plants people obviously go out of their way to have. While Sheriff Buford T. Justice tries his damndest to bust sick people or at least make it his mission to fight dispensaries and patients in order to make pot use or pain relief the most expensive, unpleasant, risky, and disreputable form of remedy a person could have."

The easiest way to gain control of the population is to carry out acts of terror.
The public will clamor for such laws if the personal security is threatened.
- Joseph Stalin

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