" We hug each other a little tighter': Tense times in Guam after North Korea missile threat" We've seen this war propaganda coming from the west before, especially the US.

This GUAM nonsense, these so called quotes of terror by those living there , is nothing short of deliberate inflammatory war mongering by the Americans and their propaganda right wing controlled media.

WHY is it EVERY TIME these right winger get in power , there has to be another war, another mass killing .

TRUMP'S been accused for decades of being a racist, could it be that Trumps threat of nuclear attack on the North Korean's be motivated by racism.

YOU could see this day coming for years now, the US has been designing and building smaller tactical nuclear weaponry and they are itching to try it in live time.

Are we about to witness ANOTHER mass murder by the American WAR MACHINE.

Don't be surprised if the US military under TRUMPS control tries a so called 'preemptive' nuclear attack killing hundreds of thousands of North Korean's and then try to justify it by saying this was the ONLY way of protecting their 50 thousand troops stationed there and the South Korean's especially in Seoul.

Apparently it looks like Trump and the US military answer for confronting a so called 'North Korean madman' is to nuke the whole region and kill millions and contaminate all of north and south east Asia with radioactive fallout.

WONDER if all those that voted Trump into power to punish the 'system' are now saying what the hell have we just done.

So IF this North Korean leader is a madman as the western media claim, WHY would the west ,especially TRUMP be taunting him into an irrational act of aggression ,where nuclear weapons could be used by BOTH sides. Where are the cooler heads to defuse this situation.

Is Trumps ego so enormous, that he would grandstand in front of the world taunting a nuclear armed unstable leader ,knowing this could lead to the possible death of millions.

Between TRUMP and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, who do you think spends more time each day doing his hair?

Between TRUMP and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, who is more egotistical and vain?

Between TRUMP and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, Who do you think is more petulant and childlike?

Between TRUMP and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un,who you think is more mentally unbalanced?

Between TRUMP and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, who do you think is more dangerous having access to NUCLEAR weapons?


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Alberto Ceras 2 44 weeks 3 days ago

Thanks for the post, zapdam. As to which one, trump or Kim Jong-ugh, is more psycho I'd say it's pretty much a toss-up.

I recommended a short movie "The Original Child Bomb" in another post. YouTube has the film in Polish from TVP Kultura, the Polish Arts and Culture organization, with a few English sub-titles. However, for the most part, the visual is enough. See it here:


This note, in Polish, precedes the film. Here in translation:

Published on Apr 22, 2017

This document touches on the eternal history of American bombing of Japan in 1945. More than half a century has passed since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima (August 6, 1945, 8:16 am) and Nagasaki (August 9, 45, 11:58) and the event cannot be forgotten. As a result of the outbreak and irradiation in Hiroshima, 130,000 people died, while Nagasaki lost 75,000. The film describes the current nuclear situation. It talks about constantly conducted nuclear tests and the arms race. It shows how fragile our planet is in the face of such a terrifying force. In the end - it asks the question - what's next with us and will reasonable sense top the emotion?

Reasonable sense? Just look at the number of unreasonable psychos at the head of governments. We can expect the worst.

Coalage3 44 weeks 2 days ago

Nothing will happen in Guam...nothing will happen in N.Korea. Just a lot of bluster and big talk.

After all, apparently the US cares not a bit if other countries have nukes. Even a muslim country like Pakistan. Iran will also have a nuke before long (even if they say they are not developing one....wink, wink). And nothing will happen but a lot of bluster and big talk.

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