What could INSTANTLY raise TRUMPS approval ratings in the low 30's to the high 70's and secure his loony administration BUT WAR.

My god these American right wingers are psychopathic savages. IF TRUMP and the US think that China is just going stand by and watch as the US war machine pummel North Korea , the US is in for a big surprise. IF the US tries to NUKE Iran, they'll have a billion and a half raging Muslims to deal with.

If the US thinks the Chinese haven't got nuclear capabilities they are either hiding the fact or are so incompetent that should be removed from their positions. The US under TRUMP tries the old game of massive destruction, there WILL BE A WORLD WAR.

The hatred and distrust of the US by North Korea is understandable. The last active fighting between South Korea and the US seen EVERY building in North Korea leveled to the ground by America carpet bombing.

When the US had carpet bombed North Korea till there was virtually nothing left standing , the US turned their bombing to infrastructure like dams , power utilities and water purification systems, the result hundreds of thousands died of water born diseases and busting the dams flooded the growing fields and caused mass starvation.

General MacArthur the guy that said in South Asia ' I will return' now in charge in North Korea with the advice of the psychopath General Curtis Lemay wanted to set off a series nuclear bombs creating an uninhabitable zone to pen in the North Koreans, the ONLY reason it didn't happen was the democratic President refused to OK it.

Speaking of defensive nuclear weapons, if any country should claim the right to defensive nuclear weapons it should be the 80 million people of IRAN . The last time and ONLY time in the 4000 year history Iran tried governing its country by democracy , the US CIA overthrew its government for attempting to nationalize its own oil, then installed an brutal American puppet regime till the people had enough and in 1979 overthrew the US backed dictator the Shah of Iran.

Most likely the US military have been dying to try one of their new smaller nuclear tactical bombs and are crossing their fingers this unstable North Korean leader will give them the excuse.

DIDN'T see the US complain when ISRAEL was building their NUCLEAR bombs. It is now believed that Israel has in its possession hundreds of nuclear bombs. Perhaps that's why they are so tone deaf to the United Nations demands of Jewish settlements and occupation be removed from Palestinian lands.

Further to ISRAELS nuclear arsenal which they 'officially deny' to this day, Israel the bloody hypocrites ,for decades lied to the world Nuclear inspectors and watch dogs and i have no doubt the American CIA knew they were lying but turned a blind eye..

America having got away with killing millions , mostly defenseless civilians in global conflicts since the second world war now have intchy fingers for the final mass destruction using the nuclear weapons.


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Alberto Ceras 2 49 weeks 3 days ago

Thanks, zapdam, another fine post. Israel, a festering malignancy.

From Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History by Eduardo Galeano

See my blog "God's Bomb"

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