SpiceJet a bargain commercial carrier out of INDIA just signed a deal with Canada's Quebec based BOMBARDIER for 50 planes at a cost of nearly 2 billion dollars. CONGRATULATIONS Bombardier, you're driving these right wingers up here crazy with your success story.

It's a marvel of french Quebec business genius, that they've taken a company that started a few decades ago making snowmobiles and turned the business into a world class aerospace company on a industry comparable shoe string budget.

Boeing is trying to sabotage BOMBARDIER SUCCESS, along with Canada's right wing anti French. Delta Air Lines, which has ordered 75 Bombardier CS100s wants deliveries beginning next spring, Boeing is complaining about sales that haven’t occurred yet, of a plane that doesn’t compete with its own models.

US carrier JetBlue is siding with BOMBARDIER in trade dispute with Boeing, says the Canadian planes are superior and they don't compete with anything Boeing offers. Thankyou JetBlue.

Obstinate Boeing may be be cutting off its nose to spite it's face. Get Tough Prime Minister Trudeau has said he will cancel Canada's multi billion dollar jet fighter order and I'm 100% behind him.

These right wingers up here like their cousins in the states are so ideological driven they would undermine the welfare of Canada to score political points. Right wing ideology comes before Canada or Canadians, just like in the States..

This IS NOT the first time these right wingers have tried to destroy Canada's aerospace industry. In the late 1950's conservative right winger John Diefenbaker's newly elected government killed the Canadian made AVRO ARROW jet fighter program, a fighter jet designed and built by Canadians that even in the 1950's could fly twice the speed of sound at 60 thousand feet.

The conservatives decision killed Canada's aerospace industry for decades until BOMBARDIER. 14 thousand brilliant high tech Canadian industry workers, scientists and engineers were forced to look for jobs elsewhere including NASA putting men on the moon. NOW Canadians are forced to buy American made fighter jets for hundreds of billions of dollars and EMPLOY Americans with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

The Avro Arrow fighter jet was so far ahead of its time technically that Great Britain offered to buy the planes that had been manufactured, instead the conservative government ordered ALL planes destroyed, cut up and sold for scap metal prices and ALL blue prints and research destroyed with it.

So deliberately thorough and destructive was the right wing orders of the Diefenbaker government to eliminate all traces of Avro Arrow jet fighter program and Canada's first attempt at the aerospace industry , including the destruction of all blue prints scientific data that had at that time cost tens million to research using Canada's brightest minds, you have to ask yourself WHY no inquisitive reporter ever publicly asked the question why and who benefited. And since Canada had NO other aerospace industry, the only beneficiaries would have been corporate America.

The fraternity of right wing politics, the cult ,has no borders.




TRUMP imposing 220% DUTY on Canada's C SERIES PLANES


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zapdam. 1 year 2 weeks ago

Now if only i could correct my spelling error from 'inposing to imposing'

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chuckle8 1 year 2 weeks ago

Is there anyway you can differentiate between ideology and greed? In other words, are there any Canadians receiving bribes from Boeing?

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chuckle8 1 year 2 weeks ago

I missed something. What does tRump have to do with this? tRump is supposed to protect Boeing and its workers.

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zapdam. 1 year 2 weeks ago


I know you being a pig headed right wing America, that you could NEVER grasp the concept of FAIRNESS as in Free Trade or HONORING agreements made under NAFTA , a trade process created by Reagan and the republican party in the 1980's. Boeing is using tRUMP( i like that) bully pulpit to try to intimidate everyone whether its Americas continued economic colonialism of the planet or a simple deal that threatens in this case Boeings domination of the aerospace north American market. Boeing the BULLy haven't tried to intimidate Europes aerospace industry because Boeing knows they're big enough to push back.

As for your comment 'are Canadians taking bribes' , the answer is probably YES and unfortunately like America, our right wing politicians will be the first ones with their hands out.

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chuckle8 1 year 2 weeks ago

There is no fairness in free trade. The fairness is in fair trade. Free trade was designed by and for billionaires. Interestingly, Canada is probably the only trading partner of the USA that we have fair trade with. My metric for fair trade is neither a surplus or deficit in the trade balance. tRump's 220% tariff will probably destroy the fairness.

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zapdam. 1 year 2 weeks ago


My last comment was abusive towards you and i want to apologize. Actually i agree more with your comments than i disagree.

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