Canada and the world have a lot got more to worry about with Trump in the White House than trade agreements and Tweeting. The nuclear launch command lies solely at his discretion, if one morning he wakes up and decides to launch nukes at North Korea , there are no provisions by law that can stop him. He doesn't have to through Congress, or his Secretary of State, the only thing that can STOP a Trump ordered nuclear launch, is if somewhere in the launch system an individual refuses to follow his orders, for which he or she can be immediately shot.


jason13's picture
jason13 8 weeks 5 days ago

This is true for any US president, so what's your point?

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 8 weeks 5 days ago

TRUMPS a LUNATIC with 7000 nuclear war heads at his whim and disposal .

Kilosqrd's picture
Kilosqrd 8 weeks 4 days ago

I remember when the lunatic left said the same things about Reagan.


DdC's picture
DdC 8 weeks 3 days ago

That's Rayguns kilo.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 8 weeks 3 days ago

KILO , you still trying to pretend REAGAN was a good president. The man that committed treason against his own country just to win over Carter. The man that funded Central american death squads , that killed over 300,000 mostly civilians. The man that tripled Americas debt while in office , while preaching just the opposite. The man who had the most criminally fellow republicans , most being convicted. The man who was SENILE for half his presidency. NICE TRY , tell us MORE FICTION ,Kilo

rs allen 8 weeks 3 days ago

President rayguns! There's still people that think he was any good for anybody?

Where's a small run down of a chief orchestrator for and under rayguns I ran across this morning.

To read it should bring tears to anyones eyes. Now then where is rayguns grave, I need to take a piss.

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