It ISN'T Vlad that's the boogieman. This one and ONLY time I will agree with FOX NEWS because like FOX , I like Vlad , he has made Russia strong again, made Russia GREAT AGAIN, which is the only counter to unrestricted American capitalistic economic colonialism of the world.

IF I had to choose between Vlad or Donald Trump , I think it would be Vlad , he's potentially less dangerous ,a lot more intelligent, more fit , athletic and more emotionally and mentally stable. If I was given the chance to shake either mans hand, it would be Vlad, Trump would get the 'bird'.

At least Vlad's state control of the media is more HONEST than the BED BUDDIES of Americas wealthy corporate owned SIX media empires and the US government OWNED by the rich oligarchs.

It isn't VLAD'S Russia that has the highest incarceration rate in the world and has one in every 32 citizens in JAIL or under the supervision of the penal system and the rest under 24/7 domestic electronic surveillance. That's America.

It isn't Vlad that has government policy 1033, which authorizes the military equipment weaponizing of local police forces to be used on its citizenry . That's America.

It isn't VLAD'S policies that is FRACKING our countryside pumping hundreds of thousands gallons of toxic chemicals into the ground right next to our aquifers and ground water. It isn't VLAD that's poisoning our food supply with GMO Frankenstein food .

It wasn't Vlad's capitalist policies that in 175 years have turned our once pristine blue planet into a radioactive overheating chemical cesspool ,near death. It isn't Vlad's capitalistic policies that have created SIX people who own MORE WEALTH than four BILLION people.

It isn't VLAD that has MILITARY BASES in 160 countries. For all those condemning Vlad as evil personified , it wasn't Vlad's DRONE program that was killing thousands of innocent bystanders each time a 'suspected' terrorist was targeted for elimination. For all those condemning Vlad as evil personified ,it wasn't Vlad who invaded Iraq that caused the death of over a million civilians. In fact it wasn't Russia that killed Four million people in Vietnam or nuked Japan. AND it isn't Vlad that just threatened to use nuclear weapons and wipe North Korea's 26 million citizens from the face of the planet.

It isn't VLAD'S RUSSIA that surrounding another countries borders with nuclear weapons and carrying out provocative mock war games. Again that's America and American funded NATO.

It isn't Vlad policies that ARMS and supports ISRAEL unconditionally ,that keeps millions of Palestinians held hostage of a Jewish occupation while expansionist apartheid Israeli settlements steal Arab land for 60 years . No that's America.

It isn't Vlad's country that through its policies ARMS a psycho who kills 59 innocent people and maims anther 527 using government sanctioned military grade weaponry and has over one mass murder a DAY , everyday.

Am I a closet COMMIE, NO. Would I like living in PUTIN's RUSSIA probably no, plus I don't like COLD weather.

It ISN'T Vlad who is undermining elected left wing governments in South America and using government funded right wing extremist cells to topple these governments.




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rosscjr 50 weeks 2 days ago

so do we just ignore the more than 40 journalists that mysteriously died? do we pretend that vlad didn’t became a billionaire after becoming president? i’m confused. are we supposed to look past evil so we can benefit?

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 50 weeks 2 days ago

rosscjr ' i’m confused. are we supposed to look past evil so we can benefit? '

You're an American, you need to ask yourself that. Bush/Cheney illegal invasion of Iraq has now killed over one million innocent civilians, 'must we look past the evil so we can see the benefit'. President Obama's Drone program killed thousands of mostly innocent bystanders, stats were telling him for every 'suspected bad guy' he ordered killed, 50 innocents died for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, 'must we look past the evil so we can see the benefit'. I could go on and fill this page.

You say 40 journalists have disappeared, I'm not saying its not true, but how do you know this, how do you that this isn't just US propaganda, they've lied to us before , hundreds if not thousands of times. You just parroted information you've learned from the corporate media , a corporate media owned by the same 1/10 of one percent that own your government and most of your judiciary and most likely are the war profiteers..

'rosscjr ' i here you , I'm on your side, but we've all got to stop lying to ourselves. You say you like learning , then start by questioning everything ,because America has no credibility whatsoever, they've more than once lied the world into wars and subjugated people for profit all over this world. America is worlds biggest purveyor of terrorism , but you see your country as righteous people, with nothing but good intent, protected by God. Most of the world sees America military and its leaders as mass murderers , who are getting away with murder. TRUMP in one of his more sober moments, said America shouldn't act so righteous, it has done more than it's share of killing, I'd add most of it unjustified.

Thanks for your comment.

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zapdam. 50 weeks 1 day ago

I'll quote your HERO Donald TRump, its 'FAKE NEWS'

gumball's picture
gumball 50 weeks 1 day ago
Quote zapdam.:I'll quote your HERO Donald TRump, its 'FAKE NEWS'

Not my hero. As I have stated in the past, I did not vote for him.

I'm starting to think you are one of those paid Russian Trolls that I keep hearing about.

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zapdam. 50 weeks 1 day ago

I wish someone would pay me for this. Not Mr Putin though or anyone on the right wing, who I despise. There's no meeting of minds when you're dealing with cult lunatics. Its only the right wing who'll cough money, even Thom ,Stephanie and Free Speech TV have to go hat in hand ,because apparently the wealthy multi millionaires so called left wingers, the leftest posers, finance nothing and then complain the message is not getting out.

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DdC 50 weeks 1 day ago

Zap, you can't say one leg of an octopus is better or worse than the others. I agree the spy crap is a red herring and drumpfs deals with Pukin are profits. He's KGB, or x if you buy its a democracy now. Hostile take overs and journalists poisoned and gone missing are status quo. Don't slide into a GOPerversion like swift boating or tits for tats. btw You are an American, just not a United Statesman.

Bush nepotism is how that post turtle got on the post and cheney has been a bush hatchetman with rumsfeld since Nixon. Who coordinated his southern dixiekrat strategery as jr would say. Bush CIA RNC President and Kristols Neocons with Blue Dawg Dems for the war, Dixiekrats against civil rights joining Nixon after Wallace was removed with a hail of bullets. and behind the scenes fabricating the multi Trillion dollar drug war eliminating his "enemies", black radicals, white radicals and hippies all with a common denominator of smoking pot. Corporatism, removing competition lumping in Hemp. Since Eisenhower and before him was daddy Prescott laundering Hitlers money.

The G-20 Neocons have no allegiance to the Constitution or the Queen or political Parties or boundry lines on a map. Profits over people, their symbols and their health or safety. Other than a member of a Global Board of Directors. Banksters, Fossil Fools and revamped Nukes and Coal. Imagine all the people serving the elitist. Its obvious how slowly but surely the middle class is dwindling. Less collective bargaining power.

Dude, the last communist was Jesus. Communalism has no dictators, its more of a communal volunteering, not by force. Capitalism is a convenient barter system. Both of what you blame and claim are Fascism. Dictators either In Industry ordering legislation to maximize profits or Government owning industry. Both profitting on foreign and domestic, unsanctioned police actions the media misnomers not for profit "war". Same difference to the soldiers. For profit actions policing with rules different than WW2, declared and fought at cost.Unlike Korea and Vietnam or Declared pure business bullshit like Kuwait or Iraq pulling Halliburton out of massive restitution debt for their ownership of Asbestos maker Dressler poisoning workers 20 years without telling them it was highly carcinogenic.

Big Ag and Big Pharma straight out of Berlin, along with NASA. So what is the point? Canada profits on the same corporations and sells the same pollutants. Defending the left hand while condeming the right? You really think Trudy or his son were anything more or less? Harper was little George's lackey, giving him dictator experience. Jeb was supposed to get a turn if billionaire Mercer didn't buy Trump's campaign. Pence and the Fortune 700 Club top priority after gutting health care is shutting down clinics. Another branch of the Justice Department, The Vagina Police.

At the end of the day both were counting their coins the same as Monsanto. Smoking pot and keeping it illegal. With all of the decades of New Deal band aids what has changed in life for the poor? Now the GOPerverts would let them die and pop a few pills and sleep fine. The liberals have become addicted to making band aids and both mistrust is so great they need oversight on each others oversight. Until the designated funds don't reach the destination with sufficient assistance, be it health care, disabilities or schools. Its insane. So GOPers see 100 and whine its too much but the patient only recieves 60% after taxes, and oversight. Soothing the irrational mindset that the poor cheat and must be tested and inspected and given rules. While the wealthy buy laws to cheat legally.

Bypassing the Constitution the same as corporations who happen to be property management companies, owning 20,000 homes. Molding lifestyles or evictions at will. So the division of the people is administrated and you are a part of the New Neocon map called Mexamericanada. Get a grip dude. Cad Sad Vlad is as slimey as the Drug Czar and fascist herding of the masses with making examples like the Prohibitionist propaganda clearly brought into the light for their years of deceit and diversions about Cannabis. Manipulating the conversation with the corporate media in control of the message the people heard. Why the internet has been under attack since the 90s with censorship bills and the latest pay to play crap. Now 90% of the total population see the medicinal benefits even though the corporate Congress is still trying to stall and divert.

Vlad is one or the wealthiest, for lack of a better term, humans on the planet via murder and theft. Killing journalists is a crude form of censorship. I'm not talking about RT, or most of it. I don't know behind the scenes or why several journalists left due to Vladdy. Bashing the harmful US policies and crooked politicians and wall st pentagon and pollution exposure is important and neglected on mainstream. But they are in the same game as Bush buying land in Paraguay over a large fresh water aquifer after cheney gutting the clean air and water act to exempt Halliburton fracking our water.

Donald J Trump is a dangerous loose cannon being manipulated by alt reich billionaire zealots intent on taking back Palistine for Jesus, who in their warptness think he rightfully owns it. Has a whole book written about it when he foreclosed on the jews and before the Islamic and Christians were fabricated. They seem to be into the Christmas Story and especially the manger scene in all these places that should be controlled by the United States and their nuclear arsenal. Armagettinoutahere. Mostly GOPervert backers with the Church fronts for covering up the Fascism.

When Russian Hippies and rockers joined with 50,000 Russians and Bonnie Raite and Jackson Browne marching to Red Square. It was the beginning of the end of Gorby's dictator rule. Year or so before Rayguns stole the show as if the very lucrative cold war profits to Dyncorps meant nothing. Putin was fighting to keep it fascist. Then after a good start with elections and investments, he started taking over companies and silencing witnesses. I've heard one guy who was poisoned testimony on FSTV if memory serves, and then poisoned again. Everyone saw the Puttin rivals assination and now an endless pukin rule in the name of 'free and open" elections, far more crooked than ours. There is no Russian middle class to dwindle. Back, back, back in the USSR. The worst part of the thread is putting me in a position to agree somewhat with Gumball.

Everybody should get their own shit together and stop packaging yourselves as left or right. Its closer to reality to think of it as top and bottom. With the left and right supporting the top 1%, including Vladdy but probably not Drumpf the arrogant ignorant puppet. Small "d" dems and small "r" reps have more in common than they know. The media wants to keep us divided, the same as 45 years of reefer madness and over a Trillion dollars in tax money spent keeping Ganja banned. Or that most of the money spent went into Prohibitionists pockets the same as money spent in Iraq went to Cheney and Bush. Howard Hughes made a mint on Vietnam supplying aircraft the same as the NRA sells guns and profits regardless of the carnage they cause. Or the wingnuts using them. If guns are the inanimate objects NRAts believe then so are doobies and possession should not bring NRA bought mandatory minimum sentencing or cruel and unusual punishment for an inanimate object and intangible beliefs it is harmful. ☮

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zapdam. 50 weeks 16 hours ago

What do you if you are Vlad. Vlad who grew up under a system he believed in, much like Americans and a system he swore an oath of allegiance too. Suddenly everything collapses and your country is left floundering, your people suffering economically your once proud powerful nation but a shadow of itself . Starvation ,social unrest, extremist factions threaten to take over your country and further destroy it from within.

Now don't go reciting the bullshit that the system was born to fail. Communism gave hope to a people who had for centuries lived under the tyranny of brutal monarch's. Communism was the Russian peoples first attempt at self government. Along the way it was hijacked by monsters and psychopaths like Stalin whose cruelty undermined his own country . The only saving grace the prick finally died and most of Russia have now learned of his evil.

America the righteous hypocrite shouldn't be pointing fingers, books could and have been written on the long list of crimes you've committed, which continue to this day. In six decades, four million souls killed by the US in Vietnam, the million plus killed in Iraq, the quarter million killed in Afghanistan, and the hundreds of thousands killed with US help by American friendly right wing thugs in Central and South America, most of these thugs trained at the infamous 'School of the Americas' . An American military academy in Fort Benning Georgia, whose mission is to teach these right wing thugs the fine art of torture, diapppearances and terrorizing their own population into submission. And now there's the petulant sociopathic dimwit Trump threatening to nuke North Korea and kill all 25 million inhabitants.

Getting back to Vlad , now the leader of his country, facing all the problems I just outlined previously and much more ,with the huge additional problem of being continuously and relentlessly under attack by capitalists of America . Vlad knew he must restore order and security in the country and sheild it from outside relentless corrupting influences. Sometimes you have to do distasteful things for the greater good, because doing nothing was not an option. I'm sure at times Vlad had to be ruthless. Job one was 'making his country great again.'

As for Vlad being a billionaire, I'd call bullshit, Most likely its disinformation spread by western agents trying to undermine his integrity as a leader and disrupt his country . Even if he was guilty of a little pilfering, its nothing US politicians aren't doing. If he was staggeringly wealthy as the west claims,why haven't western countries seize his assets, which i'm sure aren't keep in Rubles. Wealth gives power and can insulate people from prosecution, just ask Trump. Am I a big Putin fan , no not really, he's probably as bad as the rest, but certainly no worse.

America needs a South Africa style Truth and Reconciliation, let it all out. If America wanted to set an example, perhaps it would start by paying cash reparations to black and native Americans who have throughout Americas history been brutalized and revise its history books so young Americans are taught from day one the horrible lives these people have endured under racism. Maybe America stop refusing to pay for the clean up of Agent Orange part of the 8 million tons of bombs dropped on Vietnam, that to this day is still causing deformities and elevated cancers. For that matter America could clean up Iraq which they've contaminated with radiation by using Depleted Uranium weapons, again causing horrible mutations in new born, along with soaring cancer rates . America join the world and sign declarations against the horrific use of cluster bombs and land mines which US still manufacture. Cut ties and refuse to be 'allies' with countries who have terrible human right records like Saudi Arabia. Perhaps go sign the Paris agreement on Climate Change, but this time really take the lead and do something. Perhaps you could open your prisons and release the million or so non violent offenders you incarcerated for minor drug offenses, jailed for political showmanship. Perhaps you could come clean and explain to the American people why at the end of WW2 , you hired some of the worst German and Japanese war criminals then helped them escape justice or how you seized the State of Hawaii by holding a bayonet to the throat of its Queen. America your atonement list is much too long , because despite your creative PR and outright deceitfulness, you have been an evil people.

Until you try to atone for your sins ,please drop this fraudulent veneer of righteousness and stop lecturing the world on how we should all live and who the good and bad guys are . And stop with all this delusional religious baloney , because even if there is a God, HE most certainly knowing your 'real history' wouldn't want any part of you.

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DdC 50 weeks 12 hours ago
What do you if you are Vlad. - Starvation ,social unrest,
grew up under a system he believed in, much like Americans

Dude wake up, the USSR was a dictatorship, they conquered countries and used them as slave labor. No BoR to abuse. Torture and extracting information without mercy. Not that it is exclusively religious. Just humane and Pukin can whine about universal soldiers just following orders like the Nazis but it still doesn't wash. He made choices.Siberia and the Gulags pumping in high doses of fluoridation in the water to calm down the inmates. Because he "believed" in a system much akin to alt reich religionists, ends justify means and fiction trumps physical laws and intelligent conversation. Sometimes in the name of Science. Not much like the Western countries who have the ability to protest injustice even if no one listens. I wouldn't exclude common sense to prove a point burning a flag in front of an Antioch Baptist Church.

Political inmates. I played baseball, rode bikes and went fishing. 50s and 60s were the good old days for a suburbanite caucasian with blue eyes and a rigged real estate system legally letting me have K-12 without ever meeting a person of color. Until we formed a garage band and needed a drummer. Then moved to central FL where they weren't sure about long hairs and went to the segregated section of the factory. We all smoked pot and got along just fine. I had a ghetto pass to the jukes in the quarters.

Much like where in America? Even the South voted, played baseball and went fishing. Most of the South I lived in was between the Klan rule of the 50 and 60s and the recent anti gay anti abortion hooks to invigorate the bigotry and hate. But if a journalist disappeared during an investigation or election, 50 hounds would be on the trail. Some have gone to jail for not giving up sources and some have gone down mysteriously. Probably not as many as rock and rollers in small aircraft. Also true I was raised with a bias media. But Democracy Now FSTV and open conversations isn't your typical journalism.

your people suffering economically your once proud powerful nation but a shadow of itself .

zzzzzzzzzz ah what? Oh. Yes but dude those suffering were due to the KGB protecting the Kremlin. Once powerful nation on the backs of its citizens while they waited in long lines for scarce vittles. I don't feel sorry for Nazi's or Trump's staff dealing with a homicidal wingnut. But the Constitution gets trampled on time and time again and as long as its there. We can find an unbought judge to enforce it. We have gerrymandered jim crow that takes out good people like Kucinich. We have a corporate media with no journalism outside of gossip you can find in grocery store check out rags. We do have elections every 4 years and limits on terms. Vlad goes back to his roots when he was a proud KGB killer. How many years will he serve, how many journalists, novelists and nonconformists will it take?

Another magic number? Once proud nation threatening nuclear war. Like Dylan says, we were taught to fear the USSR mostly called Russia. Those who migrated here from Slovakian countries had nothing good to say about losing their homes and family members lost. Neither did the corporations taken over by Putin and his government accumulating the wealth. Dude, once proud openly proud imperialist and dictatorships in the name of democracy and open elections. Like the bible, what you don't read that you should is as important as what they print. No voices doesn't necessarily mean nothing to say, it means no means to say it. Hows that Russian internet going eh? How many are speaking out about Ganja and getting people benefits from it in spite of the government Czars. The fact we still have open music festivals and suggestive and controversial lyrics sung outloud and on the airwaves tells me there is a bit of difference. Propaganda is to serve a group, not the whole body of politics.

The Drug Czar job is to prevent substances from the hands of wimpy legislators who might try legalizing it. They are sucking up Trillions of dollars to lie, stall and do what ever means necessary to maintain prohibition. A small faction as well as Cabinet departments having their own cop shops. To maintain the monopolies Pukin and the Neocons depend on. Legislating morality or profits or slanted politics is what the people can still rise up and speak out too. Not sure about Russia. Haven't heard much. RT sided with Trump and Fox over Hilary and Obama. I thought it was refreshing to hear the realities but never thought it wasn't bias. MSNBC and CNN are 24/7 versions of programmed news. But they didn't outlaw free journalism. We got the word out about scams and Neocons have been slashing environmental regs and safety nets. But we have them too slash. We have the means to stop the slashing, we elected a half black man for christ sakes.

Starvation ,social unrest, extremist factions threaten to take over your country and further destroy it from within.

Starvation leads to unrest. Its a good thing to have unrest when your proud country is starving its citizens. Like GOPers did to Okies during the Grapes of Wrath days. FDR fixed it with a band aid we should have replaced with incarcerating the mad slashers. Tax the rich and feed the poor until the middle class can pursue happiness. Those extremist factions were the starving. The recent conflict as well as killing NATO is to get back to where you once belonged jo jo, back in the USSR. Where Pootin didn't see the starving or put up with the unrest. Extreme factions? Who in modern times is more extreme than silencing journalists and maintaining an impoverished citizry as the most wealthiest person on the planet, from being a KGB agent. The Russian Dream proving that even the starving unrested can grow up to be the richest man in the universe. then they lived happily ever after, now shut off the lights and go to sleep.

Destroy what from within? Starvation of the people or Poots world of luxury, deceit and getting rid of obstacles.Yes most humans probably would if they had the chance but it doesn't assure me of good things to come.

Now don't go reciting the bullshit that the system was born to fail. Communism gave hope to a people who had for centuries lived under the tyranny of brutal monarch's.

Communism never was and now never will be because its obsolete. When Unions started sliding into better bucks with government agencies sideing more with corporations workers producing war products to do harm to other people. They lost ground and corporations brought in right to work and now want dues free coverage. Unions had their time and place and share of corruption. But they excluded minorities and non unions were brutalized making ends meet while corporate truckers could afford strikes. I've lived most of my childhood with Cold War hysteria and bloated egos on both sides. I was taught a lot of things I found to be untrue and some I thought were for the greater good. Being afraid of Russians may have left me bias but nothing will justify censorship and dictators claiming they are "saving the people" they are responsible for putting into the condition.

You never get a bureaucrat to clean up the mess they made in the first place.
~ Richard M Nixon

and a system he swore an oath of allegiance to.

Could have warned me before I took a drink and read this. lol seriously? Murder because he swore an oath to murder and torture and pledge allegiance to the flag and waterboard and all kids of inventions to extract what they want to hear or get signed. Sorry, he made a choice and choices are tough and sometimes deadly. To sacrafice your life to stop people from starving is nothing to do with starving people because he was paid and signed a contract and pinky swore to his dying mother.

Communism was the Russian peoples first attempt at self government.

But it wasn't any thing different than Monarchies, still a dictator, Democracy was sorking when the people revolted for it in the 80s and 90s. Then Putin killed the spirit and scared the populous into the gray dire straights they are in while he is manipulating opinions around the globe. Call it what you will, The New Word Order, Global Economy or G-20 Neocons. Its not even that insane if it feeds the people and finds housing for them. The boundaries and sovereignty has been abused while map lines are changed after each war or occupation. Communism is a buzzword for Fascist other than Nazi's called Socialists. All Fascist or Free. Various combinations but there is no Communism outside of convenience for headlines and bogeymen. USSR was a dictatorship and so was Hitler and Mussolini and Napoleon and Pol Pot and Castro and China. If the masses are too ignorant for what ever reason, including dumbing down on purpose. Then logically there is no other means to extend their lives. A dictator is necessary and outside of propaganda not always has to be mean or brutal. But a dictatorship none the less.

Along the way it was hijacked by monsters and psychopaths like Stalin whose cruelty undermined his own country .

Lenin and Trotsky was brutal too and his great granddaughter heads up NIDA causing millions of Americans to suffer needlessly. Under orders from the Czar. You're not giving me warm fuzzy feelings so far, I'm not that keen on Lenin, other than John with a different spelling. But like I said after WW2 Russia and the misnomered "Commies" became the rival gang to fight. They learned their lessons from non profit declared wars so Korea and Vietnam made both American and USSR big bucks producing weapons and transport. The cold war was required the same as the drug war to profit Prohibitionists. The people benefitted from a hoax, as we did and built the middle class on high taxes from the rich making money selling war toys and exploiting third world countries.

White privilege no doubt. But it ain't got a damn thing to do with me. I learned to not be a bigot except I like doing it to other bigots. Same shit different day so when Puttyboy bilks his own people out of billions in revenue and taxes and uses his KGB tactics and thugery to stay in power. Spending a billion on the olympics while people are in bread lines. No doubt either in business with Trump or is holding a big debt over the King of Debts head to win favor or profits. The election wasn't sabotaged as much as apathetic voters. It was manipulated as always with programmed debates and now they should all wear a price tag on their ears. But come on, we're not crude enough to poison journalists or political opponents. Not with hundreds of millions of guns floating around. I just don't want Military weapons and I don't believe cops couldn't collect them from criminals if the NRA didn't defend their right to have them.

America the righteous hypocrite

And their Chihuahua Canada. Sending Tar through Indian burial grounds to NO to sell to China giving Americans poorest pollution. Oh yes it was the US bought off politicians but who makes the money, Canucks. Now threats of border crossing snarls harming Detroit trade with Canadian auto makers and tree killers. If Trudy legalizes as they cowered to the US under Harper.

I'll overlook you making it personal saying I had anything to do with Manifest Destiny. There probably isn't anyone on this forum condemning US actions both domestic and foreign than me. But you want to forgive KGB and pre Putsky invasion of Afghanistan because the US fascism? Dude show me a Russian speaking out half as nuch as Americans and I might take you more seriously. In spite of American Imperialism the people built the country everyone wants to immigrate too and be part of. In spite of the behind the scenes reality kept from the citizens. What are any human to do, give it up? Your pipe dream of dictating no ownership and everything equally applied is not happening. These are not a bunch of happy campers coming to CA in the 80s. Those protesting the KGB winning a chance to have free elections and businesses was killed by Vlad Putin. Then there was no one left to speak out. I point fingers at corruption and blood thirsty greedy people where ever they call home. Don't try to dictate to me bubba, I don't buy the broshure when I can see the results and hear the stories of those who escaped.

I also didn't say YOU were a murdering asshole, I said Pukin was. Whereas you seem to think Americans are responsible for the actions of fascist with a corporate media not informing the people of things they don't want to inform them of. But I fucking killed all these Vietnamese you idiot? Get a fucking grip.

So again now Iraq? I was on the streets against HW and Kuwait and jr so fuck off. Russia was on the other side of Vietnam raking it in selling war toys. Iraq too. Eastern Europe and I don't think you can be held for what happened before you were born. I or anyone can only speak out or make change if they are in a position. I've seen information change views about Vietnam and Cannabis so take your blind rage against the empire and shove it up our ass. WTF have you done to save the world chippy? You read my post and then use it to blame me or any citizen speaking out or not. Same as blaming North Koreans for jung un or Putter. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

'School of the Americas' is training drug warriors most so called informed shun or run from. Most of the money made for covert actions is from drug war forfeitures, confiscations and tax bilking and still where are the revolutionaries and liberal whiners and patriotics? Where were you? Still shunning and hiding behind reefer madness or keeping quiet if its a sale in jeopardy. Spare changing and I get a calendar and commie cards to hand out to my friends? I gave at the office. Still no interest in reality. Same old arms reach big guv bitching and help the poor and what have they printed about Hemp jobs and poor trimming buds threatening tourist traps and motels bilking them out of living wages. Not a front burner item while continuing to blame capitalism. Russian fascist are Neocon fascist are Nazi and Italian and Roman fascist dude. The US didn't start Imperialism, ask Yugoslavians. I'm not repeating history of brutal conquests just the murdering thug Putin, Chill.

Getting back to Vlad , bla bla bla under attack by capitalists of America .

Ok, this infomercial is over, I had such high hopes for you dude. Sorry Chihuahua, I ain't interest in sales pitch especially the syrupy sappy sweetened with Saccharin artificial sugar. You keep clinging to the old ways and still don't wonder why the people are starving. Or why Pukey has accumulated so much wealth in such a fairly short time? Or his background you dismiss by comparing it to US global policing. Then how wonderful it is because they didn't have the people to create such inventions. You got the nukes from us and the rockets from us, after we sequestered them from the Nazi's. How many states in Russia have entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Dispensaries that deliver.

I don't think of Russia for vacations or freedom to do much of anything. Not a happy society as far as I have heard and seen. Same with the pipe dream of communism over bartering with money. Its easier than trading a horse for a washing machine. Corporatist is fascism but capitalism is not a political system, its a monetary system. Russia buys bread with money. Russia builds cars with money. Fascism is political and the only connection is money and distribution of it. To the rich or to the Putin oligarchy, the people suffer in both ways. You blaming the one side and whining about your side is not truth, its football. you'll never convince me of a lesser evil and Vlad is the subject so stick with it, not divert like a GOPer on climate change.

Vlad knew he must restore order and security in the country and sheild it from outside relentless corrupting influences.

gag me with a spoon.

Sometimes you have to do distasteful things for the greater good, because doing nothing was not an option. I'm sure at times Vlad had to be ruthless. Job one was 'making his country great again.'

Now sign that Donald J Trump, he said the same thing and I ain't buying it. So you are just a US basher with no interest in reality anymore than the other Denialists. Save your bedtime story for kids, Putin is not excused for poisoning journalists or opposition candidates and if there is an ounce of guts and justice anywhere near Russia he ould be on trial and not just a typical Rusky Kangeroo Kourt. How many blacks are in Putins government? Jews? Hispanic? I think you have more in common with the white supremacists than the Russian or Ukranian people he attacked. Not that its a high priority with me. I have a ego tripping thin skinned twitter junkie to worry about.

As for Vlad being a billionaire, I'd call bullshit

You can call night day but it won't make it so. You stick your head in the sand and bitch about American corruption that is fixable, letting me think you care about justice and humanity but your only selling Russian girl scout cookies for fat mama vladdstock. lol, no thanks lil girl, too much gluten.

Am I a big Putin fan , no not really, he's probably as bad as the rest, but certainly no worse.

Then the paragraphs of putty commercials were an exersize in futility? Hes an asshole regardless of other assholes. Live with it and stop protecting filth with other examples in a one upmanship of stupidity.

America needs a South Africa style Truth and Reconciliation

Sorry dude, I can't trust your judgement. I certainly can't believe you're objective and i ain't gonna learn truth from a used car salesman. Not trump or vlad and his groupies. end of transmission, Maybe America can and maybe Neocons will prevent it but so far its been a hell of a ride with its ups and downs but never as low as the USSR and Putin dictatorships. Our depression was fixed with the new deal and all the Putin comrades in Congress and WH won't stop the American peoples spirits to say fuck off and do it as we have with Ganja and now with Hemp and again leading the world with ingenuity while Puttin is countin his capital gains. The capitalist bastard.

Until you try to atone for your sins ,

I have no use for them sport. Like your nonsense and passing false judgments and accusations and goofy rants. I don't judge you, I state realities you can't explain. I judge actions that have taken place and I do it to my own people. Given opportunity to do right and failed. So shove your bullshit into Putins ass and seal it with American duct tape. I will critique any dictator and any of his Chihuahuas as I do US fascism in line with Putin caging sick people for pot. So Влад Импалер платит вам тролль? Или вы просто наивный побежавший неудачник, и никто не утешал вас, как добрую русскую леди с большой чашей из конопля. tsk tsk tsk еще один кусает пыль.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 50 weeks 7 hours ago

DdC quote "Dude wake up, the USSR was a dictatorship, they conquered countries and used them as slave labor." "Siberia and the Gulags". DdC do realize what you're saying my friend. Slave labor, that was America where over six hundred thousand mostly blacks were chained up, treated as chattel and worked to death. Gulags, Americas Gulags were called Reservations , where proud First Nations people were forcibly rounded up humiliated, subjagated, many starved to death and kept in these open air prisons for life.

Do you want to compare body counts? It is estimated, that when first white Europeans landed in what is now called North America, there were eighteen million First Nations people, within decades mostly thanks to American government genocidal policies such offering bounties for 'Ingun scalps', those numbers had dropped to less than a couple of million. Of those, as i mentioned , they were systematically hunted down by the US government, killed and or imprisoned in reservations. Meanwhile their lands which stretched from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts were taken forceibly by white settlers. The first 12 US Presidents were racist slave owners, your White House was built with slave labor, your national anthem written by a devout racist.That was America teething at creating a nation. So before you go condemning Russia's failed attempt at freeing it self of hundreds of brutal monarchies and setting up a peoples government, you should reflect a little.

Not that ancient history again you say, well Americas history of war, mass killings isn't all that old. As recently as sixty years, Americans policies have killed four million in Vietnam, hundreds of thousands in nuetral Cambodia, over a million Iraqi civilians , a quarter of million Afghani's, tens of thousands in Pakistan and hundreds of thousands Central and South America and we haven't even touched on Africa or the million or so filipino's killed by the American colonialization of the Philippines. Trouble is my friend , you like almost Americans don't know their own history.

It isn't VLAD'S Russia that in 2017 has the highest incarceration rate in the world and has one every 32 of its citizens either in JAIL or under the supervision of the US penal system and the rest of the country under domestic electronic surveillance 24/7. That's America with 4.7% of the worlds population.

Quote DdC "So again now Iraq? I was on the streets against HW and Kuwait and jr" DdC I'm sorry to tell you that if you and your buddies were being shot at or killed, that's something you need to take up with your government and George W Bush, for putting you there.

As for America, as George Orwell the creator of the book 1984 once wrote, " On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 50 weeks 6 hours ago


And you're correct trying to defend the indefensible rule of Vlad Putin is an exercise in futility.

DdC's picture
DdC 50 weeks 4 hours ago

Zap, I'll go over this in length later, just one quip. You can't defend Pootin and the USSR by continuing to compare them with the US imperialism or drug war fascism. Two wrongs don't make a right. You can't even say lesser evil when both have records of equal citizen bashing. I'm not defending Drumpf over Putin, I'm condemning both. Instead of defending one side over the other. Maybe try fighting what both are doing. Stick to the issues and stop this open bromance with Vlad the Impaler. ☮

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 50 weeks 2 hours ago

Vlad the Impaler, that's very funny. And you're correct we're both on the same side. There just this three year nuisance of Drumpf that gets me ranting how pissed off I am at Americans for electing him, and worse still listening to these empty talking heads on your corporate News.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 50 weeks 1 hour ago


I'm surprised the esprit de corps of the right wing nabobs of negativity haven't been here spouting their normal preprogrammed diarrhea.
DdC be heads up, when I originally posted my diatribe about America ,I condensed it and posted on here. It hasn't shown up yet,maybe Thom and company will find it to critical and block it , but either way just be aware, because this is not me being pigheaded and ignoring our exchanges.

Gaius's picture
Gaius 49 weeks 4 days ago
Quote zapdam.:IF I had to choose between Vlad or Donald Trump , I think it would be Vlad ,

If I had to choose between Trump and Charles Manson, it would be Manson. But if I had to choose between Trump and Pence, it would be Trump.

As usual Zap, you are right on the money. Few Americans realize how much Psyop propaganda they have been fed and absorbed. For seventy-five years US propaganda has been sophisticated and comprehensive; the US overthrew at least two democracies, Honduras and Iran, with very little more than propaganda alone. And, thanks to the Cold war, few Americans know much about Russia or the U.S.S.R. Americans think it was they who defeated the Third Reich, and are prone to swallow whole any lie the Psyop bureau can concoct.

Now for some good news.

It appears that poseur Thom has been kicked off RT. So now he can sulk in his Fortress of Rectitude and Solitude and hope his radio program will last for a while longer.


zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 49 weeks 4 days ago

For years RT NEWS used to be a good news source , it was my daily go too channel for world news and information. I certainly prefered watching RT over any America's news sources or even over my own countries Canadian Broadcasting network, especially knowing full well the US oligarch controlled corporate news media were bed buddies of US military, especially the military Psychological Operations.

For years RT won hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide by doing nothing more than holding a mirror to the westen powers especially America. Telling the truth would become revolutionary, the people RT used to tell this truth were westerners, Americans themselves and this truth was devistating. Much more effective than Ruskie fiction or propaganda and much more believable because most easily be fact checked. By hiring western presenters, from the the US and Great Britian they made RT news feel familiar that combined with shows made by westerners, the use of western documentaries banned or marginalized in places like America or Great Britian, that mirror became quite stark and brutally condemning. I knew instictively there was a Russia secret agenda, but fair enough i was seeing things that my own society hid from me, so accepted and filtered this secret agenda as the price of admission.

About the beginning of the American Presidential race i noticed a very hard line shift in the approach of RT News, i assumed the Putin government became impatient with damagingly slow drip by drip exposure of the secrets of the west. I wondered if the current RT management had been replaced by a ideologically driven clumsy new leadership. This became the beginning FOX newsification of RT News. This new face of RT News was being beamed around the world without any realization by the Russians of the shame they had just brought to what was once considered a stellar and reasonably fair minded news source. The reason for this hard line shift didn't quite click until Donald Trump, the vulgar, crude, racist right wing Presidential long shot candidate suddenly suddenly won the Presidency, followed by howls of Russian interference and tampering.

I very seldom watch RT NEWS now, although there are still wonderful news and information shows to be had, most far far superior to anything that you can find on US corporate faux news. RT News has degenerated into nothing more than a crude unsophisticated propaganda arm of the Putin government which is ashame because i so miss it . RT News USED to be a good counterbalancing world news source, NOT anymore.

Gaius's picture
Gaius 49 weeks 23 hours ago

Sorry Zap, I must disagree. While RT does have some problems, like trying to stretch sixteen hours of content over a whole week, the claims of "Russian Tampering" are less substantial than the allegations in Salem. The whole "Russian Tampering" thing is just a tantrum by the unelectable Empress wannabe who did plenty of tampering herself.

Now that Thom is gone I think RT may be better than ever. Now if Tyrel and his bimbo would follow him out the door it would be all good. When Thom would poorly "debate" some real knuckle draggers I would recall the Buckley - Gore debates of yore.


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