For years RT NEWS used to be a good news source , it was my daily go too channel for world news and information. I certainly preferred watching RT over any America's news sources or even over my own countries Canadian Broadcasting network, especially knowing full well the US oligarch controlled corporate news media were bed buddies of US military, especially the military Psychological Operations.

For years RT won hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide by doing nothing more than holding a mirror to the westen powers especially America. Telling the truth would become revolutionary, the people RT used to tell this truth were westerners, Americans themselves and this truth was devastating. Much more effective than Ruskie fiction or propaganda and much more believable because most could easily be fact checked. By hiring western presenters, from the the US and Great Britian they made RT news feel familiar that combined with shows made by westerners, the use of western documentaries banned or marginalized in places like America or Great Britain, that mirror became quite stark and brutally condemning. I knew instinctively there was a Russia secret agenda, but fair enough i was seeing things that my own society hid from me, so accepted and filtered this secret agenda as the price of admission.

About the beginning of the American Presidential race i noticed a very hard line shift in the approach of RT News, i assumed the Putin government became impatient with the damagingly slow drip by drip exposure of the secrets of the west. I wondered if the current RT management had been replaced by a ideologically driven clumsy new leadership. This became the beginning FOX newsification of RT News. This new face of RT News was being beamed around the world without any realization by the Russians of the shame they had just brought to what was considered a stellar and reasonably fair minded news source. The reason for this hard line shift didn't quite click until Donald Trump, the vulgar, crude, racist right wing Presidential long shot candidate suddenly suddenly won the Presidency, followed by howls of Russian interference and tampering.

I very seldom watch RT NEWS now, although there are still wonderful news and information shows to be had, most far far superior to anything that you can find on US corporate faux news. RT News has degenerated into nothing more than a crude unsophisticated propaganda arm of the Putin government which is a shame because i so miss it . RT News USED to be a good counterbalancing world news source, NOT anymore




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gumball 30 weeks 6 days ago

It has always been a Putin propaganda arm, it just reinforced your own world view so you did not recognize it as such.

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