Voting right wing TODAY has LONG TERM economical consequences that will effect us all. Do you really think it will be BUSINESS as USUAL when climate change turns up the dial in the middle latitudes to oppressive hot house heat, these early stage worldwide wildfires increase and intensify, worldwide torrential rain storms become the norm, along with biblical super storms and hundreds of millions of climate refugees are crashing all our borders trying to escape the killing heat. The first casuality of this coming climate change will be your job and if you're receiving social programs , broke governments can't fund help for you or anyone else for that matter.




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Kilosqrd 46 weeks 11 hours ago


Please give it up with man-made CC. The bloom is off the rose. The people protesting the loudest against AGW DO NOT give one rat's rear end about the climate. It is capitalism they really want to destroy. I suspect you are one in the same with them.

Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other form of economic system. And has done it faster than anything else. Sorry but capitalism is here to stay.


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zapdam. 46 weeks 8 hours ago

Qoute Kilo "Please give it up with man-made CC" Kilo if you really believe what you his posted ,you're as much of a moron as your hero Donald Trump. Kilo some people are just too pigheaded and uniformed to ever reach, so from now on ,just ignore my posts and don't comment ,because you're not worth the time to try and reason with. Or as my dear grandma would say "youte not worth the gun powder to blow you to hell". Kilo you're the ugly 'American' the rest of the world mock's and laughs at for being the stupidest fucking electorate on the planet. But on the outside chance you're not as stupid as you appear and are actually being paid to post such dribble, would prove to me you're as corrupt unprincipled as any 'human being can become.'

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Kilosqrd 45 weeks 5 days ago

"Kilo some people are just too pigheaded and uniformed to ever reach" Zap

Well at least you admit your own short-comings. But then, canadians were never the sharpest tools in the shed.


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