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'Charlie Brown Christmas' and all the rest of these seasonal programs that are trotted out each year on cue, please enough already.

Lets examine what Christmas for many Americans and Canadians is really all about. High suicide rates, depression, for many an increased awareness of individual loneliness , guilt, a vulgar orgy of consumer spending, more crippling consumer debt, but for most it's just an annoyance they must put up with each and every year.

Walk through any store at Christmas, which now starts at the end of October and lasts to mid January and listen to the songs being played , dug up as emotional markers, designed to tug at your heart strings , for no other reason than to get at your purse strings. I can't count how many elderly people I've talked to, who missing their other half must endure painful reminders of love ones lost, brought on by deliberate emotional manipulation campaign orchestrated by our consumer culture for no other reason than to sell us another product or leave us with the guilt of failing to do so.

Christmas for way to many is a dark emotional time of year. For others it's trying to overcome the corporate and cultural guilt campaign, by buying their way out of it. Personally i think if you really love and care about someone close to you, you shouldn't need Christmas to remind you of your duty to show that love or kindness.

For Christian's claiming they are celebrating the birth of Jesus, even that is contrived because no one really knows the true date on which He was born. Christmas is a cultural fraud and we are all guilty of perpetuating it.

What i'm saving is being as good a person as you can , shouldn't be relegated to one day a year, due to cultural bullying, because if one day a year is all you've got, then you're failing yourself . Sometimes I think Christians treat Christmas like a seasonal 'confessional' of sorts, where if they 'occasionally' atone for their sins and show remorse for their behavior and indifference , the rest of the time they can be heartless cold and uncaring and feel quite at ease with themselves.

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