PURE LIBERAL, from 1933 to 1969, America seen the greatest growth of the middle class in history, fought and help win WW2, brought their country out of a depression ,became known worldwide for their compassionate aid and landed a man on the moon AND during that period ONLY ONE conservative government was elected by the people and that Dwight D Eisenhower government by today's right wing standards would be considered liberals. Those a facts.


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JessieV 36 weeks 3 days ago

I lived in those years. Eisenhower had vision as to what to do when those Korean War GIs returned and needed jobs. He established the national highway system to provide jobs for those returning vets. This, I believe, was Eisenhower's greatest legacy. I voted for Eisenhower even though I did not like Nixon. However, Nixon was a good vice-president....he opened trade with China which had been a closed country and, during his presidency, he established the EPA, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Air Act, OSHA. Republicans today have forgotten their history and lost their humanity.

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