What Americans and in some cases Canadians should FEAR is NOT the Russians , but their own governments , almost certainly they've been overrun by lobbyists paid for by the likes of corporate special interests , the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson or the Mercer family, This new Russian scare is nothing but a diversionary tactic to deflect the rality of the moment.. America real enemy is Trump government and the right wingers run by millionaires and billionaires, that are at this minute eliminating all legislative government obstacles to their wholesale looting of America.

It's NOT the Russians correctional industry who have 1 in every 32 Americans in the US behind bars, on parole or on probation and the REST of America under 24/7 electronic evesdropping.

RUSSIAN HACKING that rich, Americans already KNOW their under 24/7 surveillance by the OWN GOVERNMENT and their tax dollars are going to corporations owned by the same 1/10 of one percent who own these companies that have been given hundreds of billions dollars in no bid government surveillance contracts.

The number one ENEMY of America again ISN'T RUSSIA, it is these mega corporations owned by the same 1/10th of one percent who control all Americas wealth. What we are seeing in America is a CORPORATE COUP D' ETAT the take over of Americas democracy, their government and Judiciary, supported by a massive propaganda campaign coming from a thousand plus right wing hate radio stations and the six corporate media empires all owned again by the 1/10 of one percent , that control 90% of everything Americans see, hear or read..

For those SMUG Canadians that think that's Americas problem , not ours. CANADA should be AFRAID very afraid , the same corporate players in the take over of America have business tentacles in Canada and once they've secured the coup d'etat of America government and judiciary . WE'RE NEXT.

Time To Expel Rep Steve King From the House?

Thom plus logo Congressman Steve King, in a new Internet meme, says that red state America has 8 trillion bullets and blue state America is still debating who can use which bathroom.