CHARLIE ROSE accused of sexual harassement and fired from both CBS and NPR where he'd been a respected interviewer for decades, a deacon of good society. One of the eight women who filed a complaint, said he returned to his own living room in a slightly revealing robe and she was offended. Culturally in the past if that had been the reverse and a woman, it most likely would have been seen as being sexually flirtatious even invited. But for Charlie it was a death sentence for his carrer, a case where the punishment far exceeded that required as a deterent for what has now has become socially unplatable. I have no doubt there are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of men who are searching the history of their minds wondering if they too will be caught up in what has now become a 'sexual hysteria'.

We've seen this societal collective hysteria before many times. The last time multiple sexual charges and public interest arose to this extent, there were accusations coast to coast against DAY CARE workers accused of sexually assaulting children. In the end the charges had no validity whatsoever, but not before these charges had ruined the lives and the reputations of good people ,made their lives living hell in communities they resided in. Even after all charges being proven false and without merit , these poor defendants still had the dark cloud of accusation hanging over their heads and could never fully recover their lives. I'm sure academics would call this hysteria 'collective insanity' and its upon us again.

Make no mistake I'm in no way condoning behavior of sexual predators especially people who target children, those who use drugs to get their way, stalkers, strangers , anyone continually sexually harassing women or people who have in no uncertain terms been told the answer is NO who persist.

But in most cases these women coming forward were friendly acquaintances of the accused. Almost in all cases before these charges had been leveled the accused were considered respected, productive good citizens. As offensive it may seem to many I feel in many cases these women weren't without guilt.

Do all these accusations get tared with same brush? Does grab ass now deserve years of hardtime in jail, the loss of good careers, banishment from society, if it does, line up the paddywagons in Italy where it's an accepted national sport.

Almost in all cases these woman were adults and could have nipped these advances in the bud the very first time anything offensive happened. There are manipulative women, who knowingly lead men in false directions knowing most men biologically have have a high libido's , the case of knowing getting control of the little head overrules the big head and therefore can be easily be controlled by any pretty face. Perhaps they wanted something from these men, who really knows. Tell me an adult woman who dresses provocatively, flirtatiously, and is touchy friendly, even goes as far to go a mans home alone, drinks and schmoozes in the wee hours of the night, that isn't equally guilty of the potential of what might happen, unless of course it is forced or violent ,then nothing excuses that behavior.


Outback 2 years 6 days ago

ABSOLUTELY and RIGHT ON!!! Thank you! I've run the gamut at this age. I've seen both sides. To be sure, there are predatory male assholes out there, taking advantage of poor, hapless women. And for every one of them, there are four women, pushing the limits of civil "intercourse". Dress down, bitches, if you don't want to be come onto. Show a little less leg. Stash the Chanelle #5. lighten up on the eye makeup, please. But don't you sit there and tell me you're collectively "innocent". There was a great readers comment in the NYT this weekend in response to an article on this subject. The commenter stated that "some men use power to obtain sex; some women use sex to obtain power." Has a familliar ring, doesn't it?

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 2 years 6 days ago

THANK GOODNESS at least one positive reply. I had expected a firesstorm of accusations and indignation, that i would be so cocky as suggest that in most cases it takes two to tango in most of these accusations. In fact I was even wondering if Thom and his representives would even allow this post to be seen, but to their credit and sense of fair play they have. " The commenter stated that "some men use power to obtain sex; some women use sex to obtain power." Has a familiar ring, doesn't it? "

FUELED BY THE MEDIA. This new SEX HYSTERIA smacks of 1950's McCarthyism, when under the guise of tracking down communists , everyone came under the spot light, lives and careers of good people were ruined.

lefaivre's picture
lefaivre 2 years 6 days ago

I get the hysteria but I have a suggestion for sorting it out. There are two problems that show up in most every case. 1) the accused tells the accuser that he or she is lying and 2) we have a hard time understanding how serious the "sexual harassment" really is.

My suggestion is to have a program to sort out the differences in the "he said, she said" dynamic.

First we could have a scale assigning a number to the seriousness of the offense. Luring a 14 year old into a sexual situation would get a 10. Brushing a ladies butt during a hug might be a 1 or 2.

Second why not have the parties involved take a lie detector test. They are not totally accurate and are inadmissible in a criminal trial, but it would at least put a different light on the accused calling 12 or 15 women liars. If they all pass and he fails, you have a pretty good idea who is telling the truth - same with vice versa.

Coalage3 2 years 6 days ago

The truth telling system is already in place.

If the accuser is pointing the finger at a conservative, then she is automatically assumed to be telling the truth. If the accuser is pointing the finger at a liberal democrat, well then she must be scrutinized much more thoroughly as the accuser is probably just a gold-digging bimbo looking for either money or publicity (or both).

See...problem solved.

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 6 days ago


Yours is the reasoning of a possible predator or an pathetic apologist at a minimum. This is why courts do not allow in information about the accused that is NOT directly related to the charge at hand. Your approach is to give this pervert a total pass based on some unrelated grievance that YOU have about the past.

Based on this mode of reasoning, every pervert should be believed (particularly conservative ones), despite credible information to the contrary, and to top that off, based on the reality that in the past where someone was falsely accused.

All you trolls like dragging Bill Clinton out of the past and assume that anyone who is not a conservative is a Bill Clinton defender. That's bullshit and you should rewind your brain and see this for what it is. The statute of limitations works in Moore's favor as far as the court system goes, but that has nothing to do as to whether this dude should be a senator. There are heaps of good reasons that don't involve old Bill that make this loser unqualified to server in any elected office.

Your comments are quite pathetic and resonate perfectly with your *president. You would, I am sure, find him to be great company, and be honored to meet him in the Oval Office.

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 6 days ago

NO human should be victimized. Procreation does not entitle rape. As for dressing down, bullshit. Contain yourself man, you're out of the caves. Civilized people don't power trip or stigmatize or physically advance once it is shown it is unwelcome. That isn't hard. Yes hysteria is the wrong place to legislate. But it is never the wrong time to expose control freaks, child molesters and rapists. Especially child molesters like Roy Moore that has nothing to do with sexual harassment of adults or adult consensual BJs.

This issue has been bubbling a while and blew up with Fox' O'Really and Ailes. The Fox news Gretchen Carlson's book and then Weinstein. Its time to clear the cobwebs, its not hysteria. Its bad behavior by the same wealthy good old boy bigots and second generation brats buying their way in. Expose it and more will feel safe enough to come out of the closet. Nudity is not permission to rape. I personally am against fashion and home decorating pollution. But fashion is also not permission to attack. Even if a woman is consensual to start. IF at any time she changes her mind, its over. There is no legal merit for rape even if its during the act. We are not animals and only religionists promote propagation. Sex is hyped to sell products. So the primitive state of love to propagate the species is long past or necessary with 7 billion. Control is a psychological issue that shows up in many aspects and is not healthy.

Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer are not exempt from justice for victimizing women. Women victimizing men is more scarce presently. With stigma to keep it even farther underground. Power can make sweet ladies war mongering profit seeking mass firing old men. Wrong direction, but pays the bills. So all of the dysfunction needs aired and we have cronyism worse than anything since the 30s. So dealing with it is probably not prudent at this juncture. Mostly democrats admitting wrong behavior and fired while goperverts win at all cost ends justify means just say NO until overwhelming evidence starts losing profits.

No integrity. Shame the 14 year old girls from exposing these perverts for political gain. Now Alabama is the Pervert State. Talks of boycotts are taking place. I believe in victim restitution. I also believe in evidence and as with alt reich's fake videos, fake witnesses should be prosecuted for creating a victim with Constitutional rights, for political reasons. 50 witnesses to Moore's predatory behavior with minors is a criminal offense. Creepy 32 year olds are not something most fathers would vote for if it was their daughters. Kelly Ann Conway has broken the Hatch Act several times and has been made the Opium Queen, again no experience. Has a polling company named Polling Company. HUD was a brain surgeon and FDA headed pharmaceuticals. EPA and SOS oil mongers. Killing people with golf coarse poisons is a lower priority than what 90% of the MSM airs and is controlled by 6 corporations. 9 Goldman Sach's, 5 generals and a slew of billionaires representing the will of ordinary people?

I agree, for now, unfortunately, women should be smarter than going to hotel rooms for job interviews. But that doesn't mean she should be victimized. Or disregard it or allow it to continue. When men can prove they can be civilized, then maybe the women can do their jobs without knuckle draggers in suits or uniforms traumatizing them. Society should stop the directors couch's and board room quickies. Advancing a career by sexual behavior is the same as nepotism and why the institutions are corroding. Women have rights to the same pay and respect. Advancement based on merits. Constitutionally we the people are individuals and marriage doesn't mean slavery. Religion has no authority over the Constitution even if spousal rape wasn't outlawed federally until the 1980s. So its a learning process the same as choosing not to be a racist or harass homeless people. Or grope women.

Same absurdity of flashing a guest in your own home based on an invitation unrelated to consensual sex is perverted as excusing it. Charlie Rose should read.


Coaldust you should seek professional treatment. Your obsession with hate of "liberals" only clouds the issues and without Ganja I think you are heading for a stroke or complete nervous breakdown. Your fear centers are inflamed to the point of paranoia. Why do Americans with a Constitution become trolls or slaves to idealists with selfish motives? Weak and Pitiful.

☛ Using Pot To Save Brains!
☛ Conservatives Have Larger 'Fear Centers' in Their Brains

gumball's picture
gumball 2 years 6 days ago

There does seem to be a bit of a rush to judgment, there certaily has been cases of false accusation; Duke lacrosse, "Jackie" of Rolling Stone infamy, Lena Dunham and "Barry the Republican"

PhilfromOhio's picture
PhilfromOhio 2 years 6 days ago


The obvious urgency to deal with this is that this prick is up for election in less than two weeks. What are you waiting on, divine intervention?

Coalage3 2 years 6 days ago

I'm just stating the obvious. Ask Broaderick, for example,

Either you have some due process in all of this, or you don't. Right now, we don't.

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 6 days ago

50 witnesses came forward on Moore's behavior as a creepy old dude stocking teen age girls in Malls. That's more than enough probable cause to remove him from entering a Senate race. The partisan GOPerverts winning at any cost will do more harm to GOPers in the long run. Like Drumpfy, no credibility. If they would elect a child molester, where do they draw the line? Looks like they follow orders on who to vote for. What a waste of good Liberty. I think Drumpf should build a wall, around Alabama to keep their perverts out of Washington DC.

gumball's picture
gumball 2 years 6 days ago
Quote PhilfromOhio:


The obvious urgency to deal with this is that this prick is up for election in less than two weeks. What are you waiting on, divine intervention?

I should clarify that I was not referring to Moore, just the general climate. When I heard snippets of his Hannity interview I thought he came across as guilty as hell.

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 5 days ago

50 witnesses, and he continued groping 8th grade girls and stayed at his job as DA? Even his co-workers thought he was creepy. I think Alabama has bigger problems than a democrat taking the Senate seat. He went into programmed denial after Handity gave him 24 hours to come up with a better answer than maybe. But then they all climbed on board, ends justify means. Party line regardless of dysfunction the make America hate again crowd does what they are told and no backtalk! Like I said, a waste of good Liberty. I think authoritarians would be more comfortable in China or North Korea. I'll chip in to pay the airfare.

☛ @MooreSenate
@WomenforTrump is now Women Proudly for Republican Child Molesters. Own that title, ladies!

☛ Hey Roy! I hate to break the news to ya, but "women" usually implies 18 and over. Bummer for you, huh bud?

☛ "Women for Trump" have no problems with sexual predators!!

☛ How many fathers would let Moore near their own 14 year old daughters? Sexual predators don't cure themselves. Especially in denial.

☛ Those women should be willing to let you spend the night with their children.

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Coalage3 2 years 1 day ago

Party line no matter what? Of course...they are taking a page out of the democratic playbook. Its right there on page 11, subsection 3...."the ends justify the means".

DdC's picture
DdC 2 years 2 hours ago

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake writes check to Democrat opposing Roy Moore

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islandmu 1 year 51 weeks ago

Radical feminism challenges us to be better than our patriarchal culture asks of us — to reject patriarchy’s glorification of control, conquest, and aggression.

DECEMBER 10, 2017 by

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