CHARLIE ROSE accused of sexual harassement and fired from both CBS and NPR where he'd been a respected interviewer for decades, a deacon of good society. One of the eight women who filed a complaint, said he returned to his own living room in a slightly revealing robe and she was offended. Culturally in the past if that had been the reverse and a woman, it most likely would have been seen as being sexually flirtatious even invited. But for Charlie it was a death sentence for his carrer, a case where the punishment far exceeded that required as a deterent for what has now has become socially unplatable. I have no doubt there are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of men who are searching the history of their minds wondering if they too will be caught up in what has now become a 'sexual hysteria'.

We've seen this societal collective hysteria before many times. The last time multiple sexual charges and public interest arose to this extent, there were accusations coast to coast against DAY CARE workers accused of sexually assaulting children. In the end the charges had no validity whatsoever, but not before these charges had ruined the lives and the reputations of good people ,made their lives living hell in communities they resided in. Even after all charges being proven false and without merit , these poor defendants still had the dark cloud of accusation hanging over their heads and could never fully recover their lives. I'm sure academics would call this hysteria 'collective insanity' and its upon us again.

Make no mistake I'm in no way condoning behavior of sexual predators especially people who target children, those who use drugs to get their way, stalkers, strangers , anyone continually sexually harassing women or people who have in no uncertain terms been told the answer is NO who persist.

But in most cases these women coming forward were friendly acquaintances of the accused. Almost in all cases before these charges had been leveled the accused were considered respected, productive good citizens. As offensive it may seem to many I feel in many cases these women weren't without guilt.

Do all these accusations get tared with same brush? Does grab ass now deserve years of hardtime in jail, the loss of good careers, banishment from society, if it does, line up the paddywagons in Italy where it's an accepted national sport.

Almost in all cases these woman were adults and could have nipped these advances in the bud the very first time anything offensive happened. There are manipulative women, who knowingly lead men in false directions knowing most men biologically have have a high libido's , the case of knowing getting control of the little head overrules the big head and therefore can be easily be controlled by any pretty face. Perhaps they wanted something from these men, who really knows. Tell me an adult woman who dresses provocatively, flirtatiously, and is touchy friendly, even goes as far to go a mans home alone, drinks and schmoozes in the wee hours of the night, that isn't equally guilty of the potential of what might happen, unless of course it is forced or violent ,then nothing excuses that behavior.

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