TWO DEGREES is the battle cry of the 'do gooders' but the truth is the scientists and planet care givers in reality have no idea if TWO DEGREES will stop or arrest this overheating process, because mankind has never really dealt with a crisis like this. What learned people worry about is the trillions of tons of frozen methane stored in our oceans and tundra regions could still be released into our atmosphere and methane is 80 times more potent at trapping heat in our atmosphere than CO2. If the trillions of tons methane begin to release the heating process will accelerate and there will be NOTHING we can do to stop it.

This past winter, a string of days 60 and 70 degrees warmer than normal baked the North Pole, melting the permafrost that encased Norway’s Svalbard seed vault — a global food bank nicknamed “Doomsday,” designed to ensure that our agriculture survives any catastrophe, and which appeared to have been flooded by climate change less than ten years after being built.

Unknown to mankind at the time of the advent of capitalism as we now know it, was in fact perhaps a 'death walk' for our planet. The sociopathic system of capitalism of 'greed being good' has over the last 150 years an evolutionary blink of an eye, seen our once pristine blue planet devolve in a century and a half into a radioactive chemically poisoned 'hot house'.

In CANADA had the right wing NOT FRUSTRATED our current PM's( Justin's) father, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's attempt to NATIONALIZE our OIL RESERVES , Canada like NORWAY who did nationalize their oil reserves, would have a trillion dollar (a million million dollar)nest egg to deal with coming calamities of climate change AND in doing so been more responsible in its use and extraction of this product. INSTEAD these right wingers gave it all away for virtually FREE to the multinationals that fund their party. Canada could right now have a thousand billion dollars of revenues in the bank, but these bloody right wingers betrayed us ALL and gave away decades for literally FREE.

Recently NINE YEARS of Stephen Harper in power fiddling while our planet BURNED , NINE YEARS of denial by him and the right wing he represents, just so his overlords , BIG OIL could steal more of Canada's wealth.

Well if these wealthy buggers who played and manipulated us all at the expense of our planet just to line their pockets a little bit more, think we're all going to stand buy and suffer the consequences of a hot house world, their in for a very rude surprise. We the people still in 'theory ' control this countries destiny and those that offend it.

Propagandized Canadians still believe Tar Sands oil gives Canada energy independence, when the TRUTH is every drop of Tar Sands oil is shipped outside it's borders to be refined and then sold on the open market to the highest bidders. ALL proceeds are pocketed by multinational oil companies. Not one drop of Tar Sands oil is used by Canadians and not one cent of its sale comes home to Canada. Canada gets to keep the environment damage and the notoriety of being part of a worldwide cabal of climate offenders putting so called profit ahead of all other concerns.

Canadian's falsely believe that the inevitable coming hot house of climate change is 80 years down the road and won't affect them, when the TRUTH is scientists now believe their predictions have been too conservative and we are NOW on the verge of uncontrollable yearly catastrophic climate and weather events that will push an already fragile economic world into worldwide depression.

The US is in a worse state than us. These rich who have a strangle hold on their government and judiciary, are through tax cuts deliberately bankrupting the country so there's no money left for social services when the coming climate catastrophe happens. 350 million guns in the hands of angry and desperate Americans isn't going to be pretty in a land that has one mass murder a day . Civil unrest and violence will be one of the major concerns in all countries as their societies unravel from the stress of climate change and all of the overwhelming challenges it presents.

President Donald Trump and his administration’s continue their assault on the climate science community , the Washington Post reported, the elimination of a 15-person advisory committee which helps translate federal scientific research into policy.

ONE degree of world temperature change so far has resulted in violent super storms, extreme rain and flooding worldwide, worlwide wild fires ,crop losses and desertification of regions once farmland, both that now will become the norm. Temperatures so hot that planes can't fly, record breaking heat that has already killed tens of thousands worldwide. Violent conflicts placing governments under stress.

Both Poles are now melting as well as the ice fields of Greenland, which climate scientists now say has guaranteed an unstoppable sea level rise of around ten feet or as one blogger put it ,means most of Vancouver will be lost, add Manhattan to that. ONE DEGREE and unless the world as ONE do something the scale of mass war mobilization we are headed for a six degree rise and at that point ALL BETS are off at our chance of our survival.

For EVERY ONE degree Celsius we increase the temperature on the planet we see 7% more moisture in the atmosphere. We are heading to and beyond the IPCC worst case scenario of 6C minimum which will generate another 40% of moisture in the air. resulting in biblical SUPER Tornadoes.

The truth is for decades big oil's own research has told these multinationals that their product was damaging our planet and if continued would ultimately place our planet in peril . Greed and money , the root of all evil and men in power doubled down at hiding this information. IN fact we now know for decades people likes Trumps secretary of state , deliberately paid for a misinformation campaign to buy more time to sell their product while filling their pockets. And by doing so have now placed all mankind and all living things on earth at the cusp of a mass extinction.




lena33's picture
lena33 1 year 35 weeks ago

On the discussion of BLOOD OIL vs pipe maintenance to protect precious groundwater reserves. What a great business idea! Someone could invent an early leak detection system and repair service for Canadian oil which passes thought the KXL pipeline. This would be done with dollars which would otherwise be spent sending troops to "defend" US oil interests in the Middle East. This is a sustainable project which could create jobs in the newly emerging KXL energy sector and could be viewed as an valuable investment in of some of the redirected public monies in a sustainable "retraining" or "job creation" program. The current true cost of a barrel of crude which we import from the Middle East includes the blood of troops sent there to defend it. Oil leaks and greenhouse gasses aside, since oil harvesting and consumption damages will continue to occur and cross borders. We can definitely do much more to cut fossil fuel consumption down with cleaner technologies that use fewer resources. We can design earthquake and leak resistant pipes and ways to detect and resolve leaks. We can reduce consumption AND harvest oil from Canada rather than OPEC. It is less costly in human suffering and taxpayer dollars. It will require less maintenance than supporting endless wars in the Middle East. It it the best temporary measure available until we are as close to completely oil free as possible. As the writer at I believe it takes a while to break any addiction...and permanently change disastrous behaviors of consumption. Let's hope we use the least toxic approach in the meantime. No to OPEC oil, yes to KXL pipeline (leaky as it may become at times).

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 1 year 35 weeks ago

lena33, Personally as a Canadian I'd be happy if these Multinational oil conglomerates just cleaned up the pollution they create at the point of extraction in our far north. Right now and since they started extracting the dirtiest oil on the planet, these Big Oil companies have been allow to dump their effluent on the ground untreated. Which is par for the course in corporate behaviour if allowed. Toxic pollution that contains over a 100 chemicals , including arsenic, mercury, cadmium, pollution so poisonous that its impossible to clean up. SO in the pursuit of money and staying in power, all previous conservative governments have set the standards of just letting them pollute. This pollution like all pollution now is migrating into the water table , aquifers and rivers and poisoning EVERYTHING from Fort McMurray to the Arctic circle and eventually killing everything that eventually comes in contact with it. SO powerful and pervasive are the Oil Companies that they have used the media to brain wash Canadians, especially Albertans and apparently bought off Canadian politicians. Truth is if these mutinationals were forced to clean up their pollution as they create , they couldn't make a profit, so for future Canadians who will pick up the bill for the environmental damage, the cancers , the neurological diseases , the whole thing is in truth revenue neutral. But in the madness of this millisecond of time , selfish powerful Canadians are selling out the safety of future Canadians.

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