Want to watch your favorite news program sources like FREE SPEECH TV , FSTV , suddenly you'll have a hard time connecting , but your internet provider like COMCAST will give you the 'option' of FOX NEWS as a source.

Just think about it, want to search the past history of a politician you feel is dishonest yet the darling of corporate America or Canada, you'll be given that circling the drain on your screen until the search times out.

ATTACKING NET NEUTRALITY is really the Wealthy billionaire's who OWN all of the MAJOR NEWS sources , making sure your ability to FACT CHECK news sources is ELIMINATED.

In America internet providers like COMCAST will be given to POWER to CENSOR what you SEE.

This ISN'T just about money, this is as much about control of the 'MESSAGE' ,because whomever has control of the MESSAGE controls SOCIETY.

Since the advent of the printing press, people of WEALTH have always controlled the MESSAGE, the internet changed all that and its a THREAT to their wealth and DOMINANCE of SOCIETY.

Force YOUR government to pass legislation ,making INTERNET ACCESS an ESSENTIAL SERVICE by law.



Coalage3 1 year 1 day ago

Of course, everything should be available to everybody and the price should be the same to everybody for everything all the time.

I'm surprised Walmart isn't crying to the government (like the net neutrality supporters) about Amazon underselling them for certain items. That just isn't fair to Walmart shoppers around the world. Every retail outlet must learn to do it the Amazon way. Its only fair.

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