In third world countries it the norm to want large families. But these are countries with little or no social programs and a high early death rate. If you live in one of these countries, big families assure parents when they get old they'll have care, since the state does nothing for them.

Truth is trying to curb overpopulation is kind of hopeless. India is one if those third world countries I was talking about, where survival for families means having as many children as possible. Its estimated that one child is born every second. As for whites now becoming a shrinking minority, For those that are racists like Trump where birth control becomes a race issue, your beliefs are being overrun by biology , nature is color blind .

The conundrum of course has science created our own doom on this planet, should we have let nature take its course in population control. Trouble is the answer to that at this point in humanities evolution comes down to race and wealth.

With scientists warning of the coming apocalyptic world due to climate change , overpopulation will be corrected by coming events. And of course the poor in third world countries will suffer the most. Its already happening in micro climate events world wide with millions dying of crop failure starvation or disease. If you're living in a first world country don't be too smug, your life or that if your children is on a destruction path also, you'll just be one of the last casualties of an overheating planet.

Overpopulation will be trumped by the coming worldwide devastation of climate change. The world as we know it is about to change in biblical terms. There will be no where to hide as the planet heats up, crops worldwide will fail, water will become more valuable than oil, starvation and disease take over. Economies already fragile will collapse like domino's. Borders will become uncontrollable ,unprotectable as the hoards of millions of climate refugees flee the killing heat of the planets middle latitudes.

We're all living in the prelude to the coming real life climate change movie. Population growth will continue for awhile, then be brutally snuffed out by coming climate change events, as our planet continues to slowly warm. We are all the frog in that proverbial pot as it heats and won't know that were all cooking to its too late.




Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 48 weeks 1 day ago

Zapdam, the tragedy is not that we're doomed (we are, after all, individually doomed) but the way that doom arrives. As humanity approaches its inevitable end humans seem hell bent on ever more killing and destruction while they ignore or deny what ought to be obvious. Once more:

Stephen Hawking: Humanity Only Has 100 Years Left on Earth Before Doomsday

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zapdam. 48 weeks 15 hours ago

"Over the past century or so, humanity has accomplished a great deal of innovation. We learned to fly (at least with the help of airplanes), built huge machines, cured diseases, and developed computers, the Internet, and smart devices. At the same time, we’ve caused our fair share of destruction, too: in the form of several wars — two of which were world wars — and, of interest as of late, man-made climate change. Now, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking thinks we have 100 years left before doomsday — and we need to get off Earth long before that comes to pass."

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Alberto Ceras 2 48 weeks 58 min ago
Quote zapdam.:

".....Now, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking thinks we have 100 years left before doomsday — and we need to get off Earth long before that comes to pass."

And what are the odds that we'll "get off Earth"? If it means survive, colonize, reproduce then it's zero, nil, 0. And why the hell would reasonable people want to?

Coalage3 47 weeks 6 days ago

And what are the odds that Hawking is wrong? Pretty high I would guess, since all of the doomsday scenarios presented since the beginning of time have proven to be incorrect.

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jason13 47 weeks 6 days ago

Arguably, Trump did more for the environment than any other president before him by getting us out of Obama's TPP. Hopefully he can get us out of Clinton's NAFTA.

zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 47 weeks 6 days ago

The BOTS are BACK, Coalage3 and jason13 , paid provocateurs of the extremist right wing , part of co-ordinated world wide assault on media and social web sites. Like Art Linkletter used to say' KIDS SAY the DARNEST THINGS'. We could be sweltering under 140 F -150 F and these cult members would still be trying to score political points.

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zapdam. 47 weeks 6 days ago

Alberto, I totally agree with you my friend , this whole man made planet ending scenario is insanity. Trouble is those old wealthy rich bastards who control the world will be long dead before the bill comes due and they bloody well know it . We could piss on their graves, but we'll all be probably be too dehydrated,

The wealthy don't care about ANYTHING but MONEY, they are consumed by money. A new movie that underlines this is about John Paul Getty , it's called ALL the MONEY in THE WORLD. Based on a true story about the kidnapping of his 16 year old grandson and despite being told the kidnappers will kill the boy, Getty doesn't want to part with his money.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 47 weeks 6 days ago

Thanks for your many thoughtful posts and your equally thoughtful comments, Zapdam. As for those "paid provocateurs" I think ignoring them completely, no response of any kind, would best serve everyone.

Yes, the great and growing disparity in wealth has created many - I believe most - of the problems that we commoners encounter today. It will take a revolution, peaceful or no, to change it.

I've long advocated a healthy wealth tax and a near100 percent inheritance tax but people are either too dumbed down or too passive (scared?) to demand that their elected representatives consider and enact these two measures.

The u.S.A. desperately needs to address two urgent issues: (1) repair and overhaul of its infrastructure and (2) creation (or renovation?) of a modern, uplifting public education system that would provide the basis for its citizens to thoughtfully, acrtively engage in governance while insuring, to the extent possible, a decent standard of living for all.

Where are the courageous, honorable, public spirited leaders?

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GCohen891 42 weeks 5 days ago

Would controlling the population in a Chinese way (one child policy) would fix anything? I don't think so. AFAIK there is enough place for at least 3 times more humans on our planet. The problem is how the goods should be distributed and how do we stop a majority of people that are not giving a single damn about the natural enviroment.


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