Obama's Presidency was supposed to be the Presidency of the sane .

What a sad tragedy the Obama presidency turned out to be, from hiring old Reagan/Bush neocons to populate his office, to his first term inner circle being dominated by the thug Rahm Emanuel.

Perhaps the beginning Americas present moral rot started here. Obama's refusal to open investigations into the war crimes of the previous Bush/Cheney regime , saying America for its own good needed to forget the kidnappings, torture, disappearances and injustices, look forward, that tinvestigation into these crimes would ultimately damage America. Wonder if the Nazis could have used this logic to escape their war crimes and the Nuremberg trials.

Most Americans being good sheepeople never questioning the obscenity of his proclamation. Even good Liberals in the euphoria of their White House win, cowardly refusing to challenge the new presidents unjust decision. Bush and Cheney walking the streets of America, war criminals that in any decent society would have been arrested and been turned over to the courts for trial. All given blanket forgiveness by Obama , as if he had the moral right. The million plus Iraqi citizens killed under the Bush/Cheney illegal invasion, the torture, receive no justice. Under Obama's presidency, Bush/ Cheney a 'get out of jail free' . Human life only matters if it's born in the good old USA.

His fevered push of corporate 'fracking' of America and allowing the energy to be shipped to world markets to the highest bidder, then pocketing the money. Allowing corporate raiders to poison US ground water and aquifers forever, placing citizens health second to the pursuit of corporate profits. The OBAMA 'time bomb' those million plus fracking wells for an eternity poisoning the drinking water of Americans. Obama's a sell out of America, making him a corporatist mole.

Obama's eight years of refusing to arrest and put on trial admitted crooked banksters. teflon banksters laundering money of murderous Mexican drug cartels, only to be finally convicted of minor crimes ,then slapped on the wrist with tax deductible punitive fines.

Obama's weekly sessions , his drone kill list, hunting humans with lethal technology as if playing the newest video game, knowing full well that 90% of those killed in these attacks would be innocent bystanders.

Accusations from award winning journalist and author Seymour Hersh , that the Bin Laden killing was a deliberate ' hit' by the Obama administration to silence his criminal involvement with America , a paid CIA informant. That the 'official story' told Americans a romatic lie of justice, an Obama lie.

Obama's destruction of Libya and the murder of its President, a once modern country turned into a hot bed of terrorists, thugs and corporate oil thieves, Libyan oil stolen by western oil thieves, sanctioned by the Obama regime. Obama use of brutal fanatical Saudis as Americas unaccountable proxy attacks on Yemen and the murderous use of internationally banned 'made in America cluster bombs.' The US military under his leadership 'bombing hospitals' killing doctors, nurses, support staff and innocents trapped by the viciousness of war.

Obama's failure to close GITMO and release innocent prisoners, innocent men scheduled for release by officials almost a decade before. Obama more interested in his political image than the freedom of innocent men.

Obama's arrest and imprisonment of whistle blowers, his attempts to capture Edward Snowden for blowing the whistle on Obama's domestic surveillance , continued pressure on the British to arrest Julian Assange for telling the world overnments double speak. Obama's deliberate attempt to muzzle and intimidate and jail journalists who speak out against his presidency,

His multi billion dollar domestic spy apparatus, turning everyone into an enemy of the state, using their own technology to rob people of their privacy. Using private corporations to spy on innocent people. Creating tens of thousands of new corporate surveillance jobs billing billions to the American tax payers .

Domestically Obama saved the US from a catastrophic financial meltdown, actually he saved the ass of his establishment overlords who really run America, the rest of the 99% got the trickle down of not now being in the middle of a great depression. Americas eight years of rebuilt prosperity all going directly into the pockets of the rich one percent, thanks to Obamas refusal to challenge the establishment , allowing greatest income and wage disparity of any major country in the world.

Obama, who made a private deal with big pharma for their silence on Obamacare, hundreds of millions of tax payer hush money paid for Pharma agreement not to oppose him. Billions of dollars in high priced medications passed on to those that can least afford it.

That health care fraud know as Obamacare, the use American tax dollars to subsidize the hundreds of billions in the profits of HMO , CEO's. The media trumpeting the 15 million new additions to health care, while no mention by the corporate media of the 30 million Americans that still had no health care.

Obama's failure to legislate the break up of a corrupted corporate media owned , controlled and monopolized by the same 1/10 of one percent that control all the money.

Obama the corporatist and his major push to enslave America with TPP. Secret talks with the worlds largest corporations and Americas so called elected representatives, the minutes of which the public are forbidden to see. Leaks by unknown whistle blowers and internet hackers who warn us all that these new 'deals' are undermining democratic rights, health care, social programs, even the judiciary , even trumping the power of elected officials. Apparently of the 24 or so chapters of this corporatist agreement, only 4 deal with trade, the remainder deal with undermining elected governments. Obama was selling America lock stock and barrel to big business. He was using the power of his position to subvert the sovereignty of the country.The whole process the very essence of the definition of treason.

Trump: His "Very Fine People," & The Killer in New Zealand are Connected

Thom plus logo Trump is claiming that renegade cops and skinhead bikers will back him up (as sheriffs are doing now, refusing to enforce new gun background check requirements). The white nationalist terrorist in New Zealand thanks Trump for giving him and his ilk "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose."