This now TWO for TWO ,the last TWO Republican governments have been DISASTERS.

Putin and the Russians don't need nuclear weapons, they just need to harness the stupidity of the American voter.


cjgarrett 35 weeks 19 hours ago

It is terrible that Asad is gassing his people and the children are dying, but it seems hypocritical to consider bombing Syria for killing their children when we are not doing anything in this country to stop the killing of our children by gun violence. Instead of risking starting WWIII, we could save more children simply by passing reasonable gun control legislation. Death toll from Syria chemical attack: 72. Death toll from gun violence in this country this year: 3961. Number of mass shootings this year: 63. Death toll from 9/11 Attacks: 2606. These numbers put things into perspective. Instead of bombing and declaring war on countries, we should address gun violence in our own country if we are truly concerned about innocent people dying. If we want to confront terrorists, we should take on the gun industry.

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zapdam. 35 weeks 18 hours ago

cjgarrett ...excellent post my friend, it's receiving comments like yours why I even bother to post here anymore. Thank you again.

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Alberto Ceras 2 35 weeks 16 hours ago

Yes, cjgarrett, a fine post. More of them, please.

And Israel, bombing Syria meanwhile killing unarmed Palestinians.

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