Obama's speech was actually more poignant and targeted than I expected.

"Boner's" sarcastic distortion of reality, messaged at least on par, if not to advantage, with low-info types.

Obama dropped the ball right out of the gate of his presidency, by not commanding the contextual perception and origin of the economic meltdown.

The subprime home ownership program--the brain child of the Bush administration.

In 2002, Bush initiated an economic time bomb by promising ANYONE who wanted a house, particularly poor, low FICO minorities, could get financing.

Listen carefully as he sows the seeds of economic destruction.


Through Fannie and Freddie, he put $500 billion of tax payer money on the line for subprime loans that would eventually default.

Interesting, how he gave the very investment institutions; those doing the slicing and dicing and wheeling and dealing of these toxic instruments, a $700 billion "no strings" reward for their duplicity.

As fast as the banks could issue these "liar loans", brokers on Wall Street gobbled them up.

Unsuspecting investors, worldwide, bought these tainted products, spuriously labeled as AAA rated investments.

Except for Bernie Madoff, no one was ever indicted, no less convicted in this, the greatest financial scam of all time.

I can't say the rest is history, since the after shocks are still threatening to take down the economy and the country.

The big question never asked: was this an elaborate, neo-con strategy to implode the government for its' ceremonial drowning in the proverbial bath tub.

And isn't it Interesting, how Grover Norquist has assumed a timely Godfather status, especially in the "Beserker" wing of the republican party.

Also interesting is how the economic meltdown was relatively contained to Bush's final days in office, just in time to hand off to a (black) democrat (Two Santa Claus Theory?)

Bush legacy: stolen election, asleep at the switch: 9/11, sub prime housing debacle, two wars and a Medicare drug bill off the books, empowering of the theocracy, $trillion dollar revenue short fall from tax cuts, lowering the thresh hold of republican leadership, and a $700 billion going away present to the infamous "Bankster's"

By any standard of malevolence, quite an impressive resume.

Obama lacks the capacity to define the situation (message) he finds himself in, and unfortunately, the situation will now (be used to) define him and his (one term?) legacy.

The Neo-Con strategists could not have planned it out better.

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.



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