I once had this supervisor, who would express his rantings in strings of negated negatives.

"You didn't, not tell the UPS driver not to, not show up, you didn't, did you?"

That memory is but a grain of sand on a beach of unrelenting assault being run against Obama, the party, the Left and the 99% in general.

In their quest for absolute power, the plutocrats, corporatists and theocrats have collectively financed a GOP/FOX PsyOps against the current government and a dispossessed and displaced american society.

As brilliant and astute as Obama is, he never envisioned this labyrinth of multiplexed depravity that would befall him and his administration.

Not a shred of initiated gun control legislation; translates into his imminent revocation of the 2nd amendment.

Wall Street profits go into uncharted territory; that means he's a practicing Marxist collectivizing all the wealth.

If he stimulates the economy, he's borrowing and spending up the national debt.

If he doesn't stimulate enough, he's not creating enough jobs.

He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

A GOP Fatwa served by FOX has been issued.

While that's rather obvious to anyone paying attention, the scope of the Fatwa is much broader.

It's actually convenient that republicans are perceived as racist.

It distracts from the ultimate objective; the privatization and deconstruction of functional democracy.

Gold plated campaigns, voter suppression and the familiar irregularities in the vote count that will take Romney into the end zone.

The diffuse Left will continue to pop off bird-shot from 100 yards away expecting to do some damage.

The negro in the White House is a convenient punching bag, on the road to absolute power; already corrupted absolutely.

They are not only playing chess in the GOP war room; they're playing three dimensional chess.

Unbeknownst to the Left, american society has been in an active civil (class) war for a long time.

The Right has already advanced, unopposed, on the battlefield.

You can't prevail against an enemy when you can't or won't comprehend the epic implications of the conflict.

Will Obama ever exclaim an unequivocal unifying battle cry to (re)unite and compel his dispirited base to action?

Does his extensive literary repertoire include Sun Tzu's "Art of War"?

Who and where are our Carl Rove masterminds?

Who's directing our political (counter) PsyOps and assassin teams?

Why are religious institutions allowed to profusely proselytize Right wing politics, in direct violation of 501C's primary condition for tax exception?

How much sympathy are we expected to emote for an impotent and cowardly AG, left vulnerable by his own lack of foresight and proaction to Right wing machination?

WHEN is the administration going to play high level chess; ALWAYS contemplating: "if we do this, they'll do that" and the converse, out to three or four moves ahead?

Why are we always being broad sided, with that "deer in the headlights" look just before impact?

Why doesn't Obama properly reclassify pot as a non-opiate substance?

Why is he continuing this ridiculous and exorbitant drug war?

We all heard "W" mangle the saying: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me".

Does the administration understand the folk wisdom implying the addressing of learning curves, as impossibly steep as they may be.

Obama needs to be more Borg-like; suffer the hit, but adapt and be more resistant to future hits.

Time is running out for adaptation.


Alberto Ceras 5 years 16 weeks ago

Brilliant and astute? Bull shit, unless you consider his hypocrisy, his deceiving and trashing the public (the 99%) to be so.

Zoktoberfest's picture
Zoktoberfest 5 years 16 weeks ago

Note the context, I was describing the intrinsic qualities of a man coming to office. How those qualities translated (or not) into a successful presidency, considering the burden of unprecedented animosity and circumstance was beyond my intention. My commentary, however, does imply delayed and derailed policy, and too little and too late initiative. The most powerful, wealth endowed entities on the planet have decided to crush democracy and install a post modern, corporacratic feudal system. And god help, anything or anyone that gets in their way. As for Obama's impediment, any such supernatural phenomenon has remained impartial.

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