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In The Last Debate Before The Election...

President Obama and Mitt Romney tackled foreign policy issues down in Florida. Turns out, there’s little difference between the two men when it comes to what we should be doing in the Middle East. Romney’s strategy heading into the debate was to put all of those war mongering foreign policy advisors, who used to work for George W.

President Barack And Mitt Romney Square Off Tonight...

In a pivotal third and final debate in Florida. The focus of the debate will be on foreign policy. On the table are the recent attacks in Benghazi, nuclear capabilities of Iran, the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, and the implications of the Arab Spring.

EU Pushing for Privatizing Natural Resources

The Nobel Prize winning European Union is trying to force indebted nations to privatize critical natural resources. The European Commission is insisting that privatization of municipal water supplies must be a condition to receive future bailouts.

There's Another Audio Tape Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You To Hear

In the last few weeks – several corporate CEOs have been exposed for compelling their employees to vote for Mitt Romney – and warning them that should Barack Obama win re-election, then they might lose their jobs.

In Last Night’s Presidential Debate...

Mitt Romney told 31 lies and half-truths during just 41 minutes of speaking time. That’s according to a report out this morning from the Center for American Progress. Romney managed to beat his previous mark of telling 27 lies and half-truths during the first debate – which he won. The only difference this time though…President Obama called out those lies.

President Obama And Mitt Romney Are Preparing to Square Off in Their Second Debate Tonight...

And the stakes are high. Polls now show a dead heat between the two men – and even swing state polls show a much tighter race. Mitt Romney has already made his debate strategy very clear – which is to lie every chance he gets – and run away from every far right position he’s taken over the last year in hopes of painting himself as a moderate.

Corporate CEOs Are Turning Their Employees Into Republican Foot Soldiers

Over the weekend, labor reporter Mike Elk with In These Times magazine revealed that the Koch brothers sent political fliers to all of their 45,000 employees at Georgia Pacific – hinting that their jobs might be on the line if they don’t vote for Mitt Romney. The letter warns that if employees elect Barack Obama, then “many of our more than 50,000 U.S.

So Much For Keeping The Momentum Going

The Romney/Ryan ticket walked into a buzz saw Thursday night during the Vice Presidential debate. That buzz saw was named Joe Biden. In stark contrast from President Obama’s debate performance last week – Joe Biden was the aggressor all night – not letting one convenient lie from Paul Ryan go unchallenged.

Will The Real Paul Ryan Please Stand Up...

Vice President Joe Biden will square off against Paul Ryan in tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. If the first presidential debate last week was any indication, then expect Paul Ryan to act just like Mitt Romney and to run as fast as he can from the radical positions that he’s taken.

When It Comes to Outside Election Spending This Year...

You ain’t seen nothing yet. A new report by Open Secrets reveals that non-Party SuperPACs and “dark money” groups with mystery donors have spent more than a half billion dollars this election cycle – more than the total amount of spending by non-party groups in every election since 1990 COMBINED.

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