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The other way we're subsidizing Walmart...

Most of us know how taxpayers subsidize Walmart's low wages with billions of dollars in Medicaid, food stamps, and other financial assistance for workers. But, did you know that we're also subsidizing the retail giant by paying the cost of their environmental destruction.

Politifact left the house without their pants on

Liar liar pants on fire…or are they?

We Need to Act Now to Save the Post Office

Congress has a lot on its plate this lame-duck session. It has to pass a bill to continue to fund the government by December 11, should fill a number of judicial vacancies, and, at least according to the Constitution, must either authorize or put an end to the war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But those are just the major headline-grabbing items.

Why aren't we doing more to save our planet?

Considering the stark warnings that scientists have given about climate change, it's hard to understand how another round of new climate-deniers got elected to Congress. Well, neuroscience may have finally solved that riddle.

Why the MSM Is Gung-Ho On War & Silencing Anti-War Voices

Corporate media’s addiction to infotainment is stifling debate in our country.

Unequal... and we don't even know it...

The United States is the most unequal society in the developed world, but most Americans don't even know it. According to a new article by Les Leopold over at Alternet, most Americans think that the ratio of CEO to employee pay is about 30 to 1, despite the fact that it's more than 10 times that amount.

Conservatives Lie About Net Neutrality for Big Bucks

When it comes to net neutrality, conservatives are absolutely clueless.

George W Bush Killed Tomas Young

George W. Bush has killed again.

Veterans...we're sorry for how our country treated you

It’s time to stop saying thank you, and start saying sorry.

Time To Say Goodbye To Judicial Overreach

The Supreme Court has turned America from a republic into a constitutional monarchy.

Last week, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear yet another conservative-fueled challenge to Obamacare. This time, the attack on Obamacare focuses on the phrasing of one sentence in the Affordable Care Act that talks about who can receive subsidies under the healthcare law.

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