Sue's daily stacks

  • Tuesday 23 June '15 show notes

    • TPP: It's the end of the world as we know it... do you feel fine?
    • Why is racism considered patriotic?
    • Neil McCabe, Gravis Insights/Townhall: Is the NRA's Wayne LaPierre going to burn in hell?
    • Sam Daley-Harris, RESULTS/Reclaiming Our Democracy: The Bernie revolution is underway...
  • Monday 22 June '15 show notes

    • How is The Council Of Conservative Citizens Different From ISIS?
    • Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: Is the Constitution in danger from the TPP?
    • Professor James K. Galbraith, LBJ School of Business-University of Texas at Austin: Will Greece Leave the E.U. to Save Their Economy?
  • Friday 19 June '15 show notes

    • Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL, 9th district): TPA vote yesterday / TPP
    • Sonali Kolhatkar, Uprising With Sonali/KPFK 90.7FM/Free Speech TV: Endless War & Illegal Surveillance... Our New Normal?
    • Baboon democracy - plus your calls on any topic you choose!
  • Thursday 18 June '15 show notes

    • Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT): Brunch With Bernie (special edition)
    • Domestic Terrorism...Trump...Trade Treachery...and the Pope Calls For Climate Action NOW...
  • Wednesday 17 June '15 show notes

    • Bankers Bail, You Can't Swear, & Phyllis Schlafly has joined us!
    • Neil McCabe, Gravis Insights/Townhall: 2016 GOP Candidates...And Trump Makes 12
    • Swearing a crime? - another form of Jim Crow
  • Tuesday 16 June '15 show notes

    • Mayor Adam O'Neal, Republican Mayor of Belhaven, NC: Why Mayor Adam O'Neal Walked 300 Miles to DC Again!
    • Bob Zellner, The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: A White Southerner in the Freedom Movement: Walked With Mayor Adam O'Neal
    • Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, Interfaith Power & Light: The 'Church Lady' speaks out on climate change
    • Stephanie Miller, The Stephanie Miller Show/Sexy Liberal: Of Me I Sing: Everything You Know Is Wrong: About America's Sexiest Liberal
    • Trickle Down has failed, plus there's more on Rachel Dolezal
  • Monday 15 June '15 show notes

    • Is Rachel Dolezal Trans-Black?
    • Jeff Stier, National Center for Public Policy Research: Transfat Ban...What It Means For Our Food
  • Friday 12 June '15 show notes

    • In for Thom today, progressive commentators Danielle and Shane-O
    • Professor Harvey Kaye, The Fight For The Four Freedoms: What Made FDR And The Greatest Generation Truly Great/University of Wisconsin-Greenbay: Hillary, FDR and the Fight For the Four Freedoms
    • Thom weighs in on the TPP
    • John Nichols, The Nation Magazine: Are We About To Be The United States of ALEC?
    • Hal Sparks, The Hal Sparks Radio Program MEGA World Wide-WCPT Chicago's PRogressive Talk: Anything Goes!
  • Thursday 11 June '15 show notes

    • In for Thom today, progressive commentators Danielle and Shane-O
    • Igor Volsky, Think Progress: What does the Supreme Court's ACA ruling mean for you?
    • Hedrick Smith, Who Stole the American Dream: Who Stole the American Dream...and Can We Get It Back?
    • Ari Rabin-Havt, The Morning Agenda (SiriusXM Progress 127)/The Benghazi Hoax: We Still Have Time to Stop the TPP!!
  • Wednesday 10 June '15 show notes

    • The Aden Sisters - Pamela & Mary Anne, The Aden Forecast: How do we protect ourselves from the Crash of 2016?
    • Simon Rosenberg, New Democrat Network: Is There A Democratic Case For the TPP?
    • Tim Molina, Courage Campaign/Bottled Life: The Truth About Nestle's Business With Water: How One Corporation Is Privatizing Our Water Rights

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What’s the Difference Between Cancer and Donald Trump?

So-called “free market" or "unregulated capitalism” is really nothing more than the cancer-stage of capitalism. And that uninhibited cancerous growth has spread, so that now even our political system is infected with the cancer of corporatism.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is an example of how our political system is being eaten alive by the cancer-stage of capitalism.